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A gritty, ruthless, co-op dungeon crawl with high replay value that's easy to learn. Elegant mechanics support deep tactical decisions.
A gritty, ruthless, co-op dungeon crawl with high replay value that's easy to learn. Elegant mechanics support deep tactical decisions.
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Answers to a question about funding levels

Posted by Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union (Creator)

Hello everyone!

We’ve been asked some interesting questions since this project became public, and today we want to share one of those with you that is a little too complex to simply be put in an FAQ. 

Q: “Why not make the campaign goal something much lower, like $25,000? This would result in a “Funded” campaign more quickly, which will attract more backers and result in reaching our “real” funding goal. 

 A: There are two primary reasons we didn’t take this route: 

First, it would have been a very risky move for a small company to take. For example, the miniature molds alone cost $17,000 dollars. If we’d actually funded at a lower level than we’re asking, but then the campaign lost steam, it would be impossible to deliver a satisfactory product to our backers.

Second, even the current $75,000 dollar goal will only cover bare production costs. As a small company we don’t have the leverage of our bigger counterparts to negotiate the price of producing one full game box. The question is not only about the amount of money raised, but also the number of game boxes ordered from the factories.

The hard truth is that if Perdition’s Mouth doesn’t fund then there is a high chance it will never be produced. This campaign is not a glorified pre-order system like you sometimes see on Kickstarter. It’s really the kind of project Kickstarter was originally created for: helping a small company make a dream come true. And dreams are more expensive to produce than products.

Let us assure you that the current funding goal was a result of a lot of deliberation. Funding at the base goal will allows us to create Perdition’s Mouth, which is the dream we’ve been working so hard to achieve. It will be a full, feature-packed game offering hours and hours of fun and challenge.

Thank you all so much for your support on this project, dream makers.

:-Dan (Editor for Perdition's Mouth)

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    1. Dejardin Thibaud on

      Well, Slaughterball had 56 minis (8 from stretchgoals) and 70 cards for 99$.
      Perdition's Mouth already has 42 miniatures, 2 rondels, and 200+ cards, so that's already a good amount of content.

    2. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 8-time creator on

      We have well functioning team full of dedication, but that doesn't directly translate to funds. Like I said in the intro video, the production will really require funds. And all extra that might come after the funding provides tangible benefits to the backers - some truly cool stuff.

    3. Byron Campbell

      Very nicely explained, Dan. I definitely think this is the way to go.

    4. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 8-time creator on

      No worries, Cador.

      You are far from the only who have asked this. We chose to explain our reasons to all, as we believe that it's better to be straighforward and open.

    5. JKP

      I know nothing about the process but you could ask the creator of Slaughterball how he did it. Look at all the content, including tons of minis, that he included with a $30k goal and $56k ending. He is a one man company. He might have ideas?

    6. Cador

      Oh that was my question :) it was not meant Bad! I just thought that more People World Perhaps back a Funded Game. But of course i understand why you did it!

    7. Wes, Atalantes Ekdromoi Hoplite

      Fully agree with your approach to this project...

    8. Tristan Hall on

      Hey Dan, I was in a similar position to you guys when launching Gloom of Kilforth on Kickstarter: i.e. I needed to hit the goal to fund, no less, and dressing up the figures by lowering the funding goal would have been disingenuous and potentially harmful to my project. I understand why some companies like to pretend they have over-funded by X% on Day 1 because the appearance of success can draw in more backers, but I have seen first-hand how wrong that can go, and the sacrifices that companies then end up making in the quality of their products because of it. I admire you guys for your honesty and wish you the best of luck in the campaign. And it looks like you're on track to fund a hell of a lot faster than I did too! :) I hope more small companies present their KS figures realistically so we can manage backer expectations more effectively and produce better content overall. Keep up the great work and hold on tight for the rest of the ride!