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A Cultist turned traitor offers to help the Heroes. New scenarios, a new Hero and expansions to every aspect of PM:AR.
A Cultist turned traitor offers to help the Heroes. New scenarios, a new Hero and expansions to every aspect of PM:AR.
A Cultist turned traitor offers to help the Heroes. New scenarios, a new Hero and expansions to every aspect of PM:AR.
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New Kickstarter - Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift (Revised Edition) 

Great news for new and old PM fans alike! On October 21st 4PM UTC we will be launching a new campaign for a second printing of the original Perdition’s Mouth board game! This will be a “revised” edition, meaning error corrections and new content, but no changes to the fine-tuned gameplay we all love. So fans that missed the first campaign can join the fight against the Cult, and we’ll have too an “upgrade” pledge level for those who have the first printing for a nice price.

DDP on Tour and A Brand New Game 

Dragon Dawn Productions, publisher of Perdition’s Mouth, Black Hat, and more, is hitting the road! We’ll be on tour for the next year, hitting more than 20 game conventions all around Europe. Some of our team can also be seen in US and Australia! Check out our travel blog for updates as we get to meet fans from all over.

Our annual default destination is Essen Spiel, where this year we’ll be showing off our brand new game, Darwinning! It’s an innovative, language-independent card game that appeals to families and hobby-gamers alike, where you will play a species trying to adapt and evolve through four eras. Darwinning will be kickstarted early 2018!

Perdition’s Mouth: Traitor Guard Update 

Our latest successful Kickstarter title, the mini-expansion to Perdition’s Mouth, is now available for pre-order in our EU webshop.

And speaking of the Traitor Guard, production of the miniatures has just been completed, right on schedule, and they are looking great! We’ve even made a short video showing the custom packing forms that will ensure your highly-detailed miniatures arrive in great shape.

Most of the rest of the materials for this expansion are past the design and approval stages, so we’re well on schedule for production.

And as we noted before, we have also completed the second-to-last scenario’s play testing. Here’s Nikolas explaining the brand new “Cattle run” scenario.

Perdition’s Mouth:Traitor Guard Backerkit 

There are still 70 backers who need to fill out their survey. Please do it now!

Here’s the link to the Survey if you lost it:

Revolution in board game learning? 

A cool team of fellow developers from Finland aims to revolutionize the way we learn to play board games. Check out their already-successful campaign and get in on the ground floor. Use our referral link so they know we sent you. 

Perdition's Mouth team of DDP


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    1. Eli on

      Just got my copy of Abyssal Rift Gamer's Bundle yesterday :D

      Wow, what a beauty filled to the brim with goodness. Really like all the material ... now on to the sorting .... :)

    2. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 6-time creator on

      Andre, yes, it will have new material. You'll have to just wait a bit to see the page. We will again share the KS campaign page for existing backers a few days in advance.

    3. Missing avatar

      André Sigurdsson

      I got the replacement cards for PM during this kickstarter, as I already own the game. Will the reprint have anything new for me?

    4. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 6-time creator on

      Hi Mictlan, as I believe we said: There will be new content, but massive expansions like Soul Spire. Soul Spire, once it comes is another 5kg of stuff. We aim to have that done ready for KS by later part of 2018. The revised edition is badly needed, as the old version retail has been sold out for over 6 months already. And IF we're ever to get reprint of Hideout, we need more base games. But naturally we have to cater also our existing game owners.

    5. Mictlan

      Is there going to be new content for this second printing, or are you waiting for the next installment for PM for it?

    6. Timo Multamäki @ Arctic Union 6-time creator on

      Hi Matthew, like me said: There will be affordable way of acquiring all updated material for existing game owners and you got now content that will not be reprinted. The Witches Grotto expansion that you got with PMTG is not going to be part of the reprint, no matter what. And make sure to notice that PMTG is *NOT* part of the "Revised edition", either.

    7. Matthew Bair on

      So if I picked up the Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift as part of this KS, am I missing updates that will be present in this new Revised Edition?