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$822 pledged of $8,000 goal
$822 pledged of $8,000 goal

Cancelled Darwinning! relaunch 24th Feb.

We’ve probably never written an update that will be read by so few people. 

If you’ve backed any of our other projects you know that we try to own our mistakes and we’ve really made a big one this time around. We’ve been busy getting the Perdition’s Mouth: Revised Edition material ready for production, after that campaign finished in late November. Of course, we also had all the interruptions of the holiday season since then as well. We have also had more than our fair share of unlucky breakages, illnesses and what not in the team within last month, slowing progress.

Despite our best efforts, contacting reviewers, getting our videos and the rulebook completed, etc, our campaign launch seems to have largely fallen on deaf ears. The first 24 hours are critical to the success of any Kickstarter campaign and we can’t pretend that this has been successful. 

We’re going to cancel the campaign, regroup and prepare better for a relaunch on 24th February, at 5PM UTC. We hope to see all of you and many more there, then. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for how we could improve our campaign then please do let us know.

- Timo, Lee, Tinsku and the DDP team.


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