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Welcome to DCS WWII: Europe 1944, the start of an exciting new flight simulation series!
2,553 backers pledged $158,897 to help bring this project to life.

Friday April 25, 2014 Development Update – Taking Flight

Posted by Ilya Shevchenko (Creator)
Hello folks,

Today’s update is a small miracle. 

By late night Moscow time, as we decided to take some screenshots, we realized that the game’s WIP render stopped working for everyone. Programmers responsible had already gone home hours before. I began writing an apologetic update, and then, somehow, someway, our ingenious junior aircraft programmer managed to get the game working on his machine.

So, I’m very happy to present to you the 109 in combat.

(please note that his version of the 109 has many animations not working, such as landing gear and propeller arc, and has a lot of other system stuff showing. We decided not to mess with his development environment because time is very precious)

On the development front, most of the tasks this week had to do with the cockpit and the sound. The 109 is beginning to sound very mean and very authentic. Our wonderful sound engineer also wrote an incredibly rousing theme for the 109, but I won’t be posting it just yet. The wonderful composer, talented but naïve in the ways of the world, submitted the latest version with a background sound effect of a certain historical leader reading a speech to a rousing roar. We’ll make sure it is removed of course, but this being late Friday night in Moscow, it won’t happen today.

Other than that, the tasks remaining for the 109 are, in that order: finalize and test cockpit procedures; finalize sound; DB 605 engine tuning for medium and high altitudes; finalize manual; overall testing; finalize external animations; finalize damage model visuals; finalize flight performance; create game interface.

The plan will likely change, especially in the smaller sub-tasks that I am not listing for each major step. However, the first two tasks (sound and cockpit) should complete next week, and DB 605 tuning, unless something goes horribly wrong, should take be done, well, so quickly that I cannot even force myself to write out the task duration publicly. And then, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll just need to test this here thing for serious and crash bugs for as long as it takes that to ensure they do not exist.

The biggest task for the coming days for me personally is to finish up the 109 manual. There’s not much work to be done, just write out all cockpit procedures and make sure all the buttons and checklists are correct. Shooting to have the manual finished by, oh, May 10th.

I’ll wrap this up with a couple of beaaautiful diagrams done for the 109 manual by our very talented graphic artist.

The manuals are looking very spiffy. Cannot wait to see them in print!

Have a great weekend!

Friday April 18, 2014 Development Update – Landing the 109

Posted by Ilya Shevchenko (Creator)
Hey everyone,

Here’s some more on the Bf 109K-4.

We’re pretty much done with the cockpit and external animations. The last remaining set of cockpit tasks should take no more than 2-3 days; plus we’ve compiled a final list of fixes and updates needed to the cockpit and external models based on internal testing, which should take no more than 10 days or so for the modeler to implement.

We’re having an internal discussion on what exactly to consider an alpha stage for the 109. Obviously we owe our backers an alpha version. My own feeling is that we’re pretty much at alpha, while some at ED feel that this is very far from a version that can be given out. Next week, our plane will look like a 109, sound like a 109, and all the gauges and internal systems will operate as those of a 109. However it will not fly exactly like a 109. The engine model and the aerodynamic model is what takes the most time to perfect in DCS.

We’ll have another big internal discussion on this on Monday.

For now, here’s some screenshots of some more cockpit animations, working AFN2, and a near-perfect three-point landing.  

(please note that the new render is still in development, so you're seeing some glitches in trees and shadows and other components)

 Have a great weekend!

Friday April 11, 2014 Development Update – The Two Messerschmitts

Posted by Ilya Shevchenko (Creator)
Hello folks,

Ooh, how the time flies, another Friday already? My job is the least predictable of all in the project it seems. I tend to have a huge variety of tasks in my lap, all with five alarm bells ringing, and with no one to give them to. I’ve spent all week doing emergency translations and documents. Doing that while also trying to be a single father to two young kids means that there’s literally no time for anything, especially sleep. 

When Friday comes around, Friday morning my time, Friday evening Moscow time, that means a very sudden silence. The kids go to their mother, and there’s no urgent work that has to be completed by tonight – Moscow’s off until Sunday night my time. 

Then it’s time for me to relax, sit back, and write a Friday update – and after that, most incredible of all, I can finally go and catch up on some z’s. 

Work-wise, we’re moving ahead full speed getting the 109 to a stable alpha stage. Tasks are getting smaller, while the results are becoming a lot more noticeable. We’ve spent all week on the cockpit, on animating the gauges (about a third of all objects now move properly), recording new sounds for Dora and Kurfurst, completing an authentic electrical system, writing out the entire set of keybord shortcuts for the K-4 mostly based on the Mustang. Runway take-offs are finally nice and straight. 

The new render is still a bit wacky, and that’s completely outside our control, ED guys are putting crazy hours into it as well. 

So, the best we can show on screenshots is a couple of interior shots with needles properly pointing at things other than zeroes. 

Also, here’s where we are with the Me.262 external. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Friday April 4, 2014 Development Update - The 109 is Fun!

Posted by Ilya Shevchenko (Creator)

Evening folks, The 109 is a lot more mature.

Game development is always a funny process. For the longest time, everything is in pieces, really moving slowly, and you have no game, just the ingredients. Then you get to the stage where you put things together, and that’s where you begin to encounter various annoying and unexpected obstacles, and nothing seems to move forwards, and sometimes it even seems like you’re moving backwards, like the light at the end of the tunnel only seems to get dimmer.

And then, suddenly, wham! Things just begin to work, and all of a sudden, in a very short time, you have something tangible, something that actually feels solid.

You’re nowhere near the finished product yet, but at least you have a product and not a bunch of disjointed parts.

With the 109, we still have ways to go. Most animations are not working yet, especially cockpit animations. If it seems trivial, here’s a few brief excerpts from our cockpit animation spec.  

This all takes time to spec out, to code, and especially to test.

And there’s also some screenshots in our closed Backers Forum.

If you’re one of the very few remaining people affected by access issues to the beta version of our Backer Section, please bear with us! We did uncover some unexpected bugs in the system which do unfortunately affect a few backers, and we’re working on them as fast as we can. Some just ended up needed more work than we hoped.

Hope you have a great weekend!

The Backer Rewards Section is Finally Here – in Beta

Posted by Ilya Shevchenko (Creator)
Well, it took way, way more blood and guts than anyone could ever imagine, but we finally have it.

If you’re a project backer, you can manage your rewards here: 

We also have a closed Backers forum here: 

This is currently in beta – feel free to play around with this as much as you like. 

Please note that this only shows the rewards from the rewards matrix. 

Anticipated problems

  • Log-in and email mix-ups;
  • Wrong reward selection;
  • Wrong tier selection;
  • Bad logic when selecting eclectic reward combinations.

Missing features: 

  • Not currently showing Completed Rewards for those of you who have already received your product keys;
  • Not showing non-matrix rewards for higher tier backers, such as custom aircraft paintschemes. 

Here’s how this works. 

Whether you backed on kickstarter or via paypal, you should be able to use this system. 

Please note that the DCS site requires two separate logins, one for the site, and the other for the forums. 

The Backer section is linked to the email address you used for your pledge. 

  • If you already have a account linked to that email, you should be able to log in and immediately use the Backer Rewards page. 
  • If you do not have a account linked to that email, please create one. It will give you access to all features on the site, including the Backer Rewards page. 
  • If you already have a account linked to a different email address, unfortunately we do not have an automated way to deal with that. Please email from the email address currently on your DCS profile (not the kickstarter backer email address) and let us know which email address you used to back the project. We’ll be changing the backer email address to your DCS account email address (not the other way around). 

Same goes for the forums. 

  • If you already have a account, and it uses the same email you used to back the project, you should be able to log in and get access to the backer forum automatically. 
  • If you do not have a account, create one with the same email you used to back the project, and you should get access to the backer forum. 
  • If you already have a account, but it uses a different email address than the one you used to back the project, unfortunately we do not have an automated way to deal with that. Please email from the email address currently on your forum profile (not the kickstarter backer email address) and let us know which email address you used to back the project. We’ll be changing the backer email address to your forum account email address (not the other way around). 

Now, if you are using one email for the account and a different email for, then unfortunately we won’t be able to link them. You’ll have to create a new account with a matching email address in one place or the other. 

We'll be adding the missing features in the next couple of days. Hopefully no serious issues will be found in beta, in which case we'll be going live ASAP.

For any issues, please post in the Backer Forum, or email