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We're shooting a feature film in Argentina. We need your help to get the best helicopter shot ever for the finale of the film.

THE STORY so far...

5 years ago we came up with an idea for a film.

Shallow Grave meets In Bruges:  an action packed adventure film about the perfect revenge gone wrong. 

We made a teaser trailer.

To our surprise it won awards at international festivals and was even nominated at Cannes for Best Short in the short film corner.  We realised we were on to a bit of a winner...

Since then we've been developing the story, pulling together the team and raising the money.  This took about 3 years.

A year ago we began to search the globe for the perfect location. Wales just wasn't going to cut it.  It was too difficult to make it look like our characters were in the middle of nowhere.  Everywhere we looked, a sheep got in the way, or a lost tourist wandered into shot.  

After many months of searching, North West Argentina was by far and away the winner! Not only does it have fantastic scenery, but also amazing crews and top of the range equipment.

We've spent the last year changing the script to give it some South American flavour, and continuing to raise the budget we need. 

We're now ready to go.  We have everything we need - cast, crew, equipment, stunts, accommodation, catering, locations, props, costumes, blood effects, minibuses, lights, flights.... 

....The one thing we can't afford is the helicopter shot.  It costs $1500 an hour to rent. Not only would it make a huge difference to be able to get a few shots of the landscape from above but, crucially, it appears in our grand finale:

Picture the scene: the final reckoning at the top of a peak surrounded by blood red mountains, rising up as far as the eye can see, suddenly a helicopter appears from below and saves the day!

The more we raise the longer we can shoot in the helicopter - the more epic shots we can put in our film.


Clockwise from top left: Jack Gordon, Charlie Bewley, Mike Noble, Obi Abili and Jack Doolan
Clockwise from top left: Jack Gordon, Charlie Bewley, Mike Noble, Obi Abili and Jack Doolan

THE PRODUCTION TEAM - this is who we are:

Director: Ed McGown is a graduate of the MFA Film Program at Columbia University, New York where he studied as a Fulbright scholar and won the school’s top prize, the FMI Fellowship for directing. He's made loads of films - our favourite is this one.


Sam Michell came up with the story 5 years ago.  He's a radio comedy writer and producer for the BBC and Chris Hill joined the team a year later and is a graduate of the MA Screenwriting Programme at the NFTS. He was picked up as one of four writers on the EON Screenwriters' Workshop. His other credits include, Skins, script consultant on The Last Station, and loads of other films.

Director of Photography: Lucio Bonelli is one of the most well regarded Directors of Photography in Argentina. Most notably he shot Everybody Has a Plan starring Viggo Moretensen which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2012. He has been nominated twice for the Argentine Film Critics Association Awards.

Executive Producers: Tracey Adam and Sascha Hecks (Lex Filmed Entertainment).  Currently oversee a slate of twelve commercial feature films ranging from kids action-adventure to thrillers and dramas to romantic comedies but somehow find the time to help us out with making our first feature film - we love them.


North-West Argentina
North-West Argentina


Pre-Production is go go go!  We're flying to Argentina on the 30th April ready for our shoot in May and June.

We're gonna update you along the way with what locations we find, what helicopters we have at our disposal and how all the preparation is going.

We get back to London on the 9th July ready to start editing the film and getting all your prizes ready!


The photos and scripts will all be sent out in August except for the premiere tickets which are scheduled for around March 2014.

Nick Hayes - who has donated his lovely print - is a fantastic illustrator - the roe deer skull has been a logo for The Rules of the Game.  You can see it here.


Thanks for checking us out.  If there's any way you can help us that would be great, even if it's just sharing the link with your friends. 

Facebook and Twitter

You'll be able to see what we get up to throughout the shoot on our blog, twitter and facebook pages - it's gearing up to be quite a journey!

Got any questions? 

Contact us:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risks to making any feature film can be the weather, the equipment breaking down, an injury on set, the cast or crew getting ill - and all the unknowns that come from travelling to a remote part of the world.

We've not only covered ourselves with insurance but we've chosen the best crew so that everyone treats the project with the utmost safety and professionalism. We've also prepared the shoot within an inch of it's life to deal with any surprises that come our way.


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    TERMINATOR 2: A special thanks credit in the film and a digital download of our 'making of' film with exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and of course, the making of the helicopter shot!

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