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Expanded and optional rules plus roleplaying guidelines for Eclipse Phase, the Creative Commons sci-fi horror RPG.
Expanded and optional rules plus roleplaying guidelines for Eclipse Phase, the Creative Commons sci-fi horror RPG.
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    1. Shawn on

      Any chance we'll see the reference sheets?

    2. Shane Phillips on

      Got all my books in the mail today, everything looks fantastic as always. Thank you!

    3. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Stephen: Just posted an update about the Transhumanity's Fate shipments:

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on

      Guys, my local gaming store is stocking Transhumanities FATE for sale this week, I still don't have my backer copy or any information related to shipping or when it would be expected to arrive. Any chance of an update?

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on

      Print copy of the FATE guide anyone? Still waiting here.

    6. Jason Middleton on

      Excellent! I was just coming to the comments section to ask about exactly that.

    7. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Transhumanity's Fate did indeed get delayed, but all of the books have now been stickered. We'll be posting an update about the street date and the status of the KS backer shipments soon!

    8. Paul Bachleda on

      @Shane Philips
      I didn't get any response on that from Adam but at Posthuman's booth at Gen Con, Rob said that the books were delayed because of a misprinted UPC and that they should be shipping soon. They had copies there, so I can only hope they'll be sending them out shortly.

    9. Shane Phillips on

      Has Transhumanity's Fate shipped?

    10. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Jeremy is correct, Doctrine was renamed MYE and released some time ago. We've had a few issues with Argonauts -- our original two writers had to drop out of the project -- but it's in progress and my goal is to get it finished one way or another shortly after Gen Con.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Frost on

      Paul Hayes, I believe that adventure was renamed Million Year Echo. So the only outstanding reward at this point is Argonauts book and considering they have put out two major source books since this campaign it would appear to be rather low on their priority list.

    12. Paul Hayes

      I may have missed the notification, but one of the stretch goals was an adventure called 'Doctrine', and I was wondering if this had been released yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Frost on

      Any further news on the progress of the Argonauts book?

    14. infomorph 2-time creator on

      For those that backed at a level that didn't provide Transhumanity's Fate, it is now available to everyone as a PDF:

      Print version coming in the summer.

    15. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Gustavo: The "Autonomist" level provided only the Transhuman PDF as a reward, no stretch goals. --AJ

    16. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Iglesias on

      Hi! Just got the message for Transhumanity's Fate, but not the coupon... and TBH it's been a while and I'm not sure I'm eligible -- I backed at the Autonomist level. Who's eligible? Thanks!

    17. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Transhumanity's Fate is now available to backers!:

      It will go on sale to the general public on March 16th (PDF) and later this summer (Print).

    18. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Transhumanity's Fate (what we're calling the Fate Conversion Guide) is currently in layout/proofreading. It's getting close!

      Check for future updates here:

    19. Shane Phillips on

      Any news on the Fate Conversion Guide progress?

    20. infomorph 2-time creator on

      The final public playtest for the Fate Conversion Guide is now available:

    21. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mortimer on

      Hi Guys, as we are at the end of another month, could you please provide an update on the, long delayed, FATE conversion guide? Is it going to be produced this year? Or are we going to have to wait until 2016?

    22. infomorph 2-time creator on

      The second round playtest for the Fate Conversion Guide has started, details in this post:

    23. Missing avatar

      MattHarrop on

      Is there an update on the Fate conversion rules?

    24. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Shawn: The modifier cards are unrelated to the reference sheets. We'll be posting about them soon.

    25. Shawn on

      Any connection between modifier cards that were at Gen Con and reference sheets unlocked In the KS?

    26. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Argonauts book: we're still working on the draft, hope to have a complete first draft soon.

    27. Missing avatar

      Lee DeBoer

      That should be any not I, oops

    28. Missing avatar

      Lee DeBoer

      I word on the Argonauts minibook?

    29. Missing avatar

      MattHarrop on

      How goes the FATE conversion playtest?

    30. infomorph 2-time creator on

      @Achille: We're working on the second version, which will be made available for open play testing in May. --Adam

    31. Achille Mazzola on

      when will be out the final conversion for fate ?
      bye bye

    32. Missing avatar

      Slow Joe on

      Re: previous comment: I won "It's Not Exactly an Elder God"...
      Sent 2 ideas in 2x e-mails to sprite e-mail, but no reply, so hopefully not in your junk filter.
      To-do item checked.

    33. Mark Sponholtz on

      Still waiting on my Morph Recognition cards, sent a private message.

    34. Missing avatar

      Slow Joe on

      I won "It's Not Exactly an Elder God". Is this going to go thru? I was happy to contribute the amount for what I've already received, so I'm not insisting that it culminate so much as wanting to check it off my 'to do list' one way or the other.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nathan Roberts on

      Is there anyway to track the Morph Recog cards in transit? I haven't received mine yet.

    36. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Achille: We aren't releasing a PDF-only version of the Morph Recognition Cards. With 114-double sided cards (each card has a unique front/back, so 228 sides), hand-assembling a deck would be time (not to mention ink!) consuming. Much cheaper and faster to order the final printed cards! --Adam

    37. Achille Mazzola on

      Hello , but with the pledged of 20$ I will recive the pdf of the morph card ?

    38. Peter Richard Brooks

      Adam, Thank you very much!

    39. Damien G on

      Please put me down for a replacement box as well...

      Thank you.

    40. infomorph 2-time creator on

      @Peter, @Jason: I'll have the printer ship you a replacement box. That request to the printer will go in late this week / early next week (So they can process them all as one batch) -- Adam

    41. Peter Richard Brooks

      My cards arrived today in the UK. The cards look great but the box was damaged in transit. Do we contact DriveThruCards directly to get a replacement?

    42. Missing avatar

      Clunker on

      My cards also were shipped on 1-23, and arrived today. Cards are GREAT, but the little storage box was badly damaged, effectively breaking off one of the top-piece's latching sections.

    43. Daniel Grota on

      Morph Recognition cards came in the mail today! :D I didn't know DriveThru did cards. I'm very impressed by the quality.

    44. infomorph 2-time creator on

      @Achille: We're getting closer and closer to the public playtest for the Fate Conversion Guide. We did some internal playtesting and some games at Gen Con and now we're working on additions and revisions before it goes public. :-) --Adam

    45. infomorph 2-time creator on

      Morph Recognition Cards are still in layout. Adam just wrapped up layout on our next adventure, so he'll be finalizing the cards next.

      Ryan Macklin is wrapping up a new draft of the EP-Fate Conversion Guide; we hope to have it out to playtesting soon!

    46. Achille Mazzola on

      news about fate conversion ?

    47. Damien G on

      Any ETA on the Morph Recognition Cards?

    48. Missing avatar

      Euclides Pereyra on

      Greetings. I just noticed that I answered the final question in the Survey with "Singularity #30" instead of $30, and this might explain why I never saw a Beta invite. Would it still be possible to have the pre-order part of the pledge honored? I kind of forgot about the Beta and wasn't paying attention in general, otherwise I'd have caught this sooner. Sorry!

      And to echo Brett Dixon, the Morph Recognition Guide totally rocks. :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Robert McCuaig on

      Hi singularity 1.0 was released to backers but I do not have access to the download (its not available on my user files section) can you please assist in this regards? (the email for the eclipse phase website is the same email for my kickstart account).

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