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The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Survival: a streamlined Second Edition!
The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Survival: a streamlined Second Edition!
The Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Survival: a streamlined Second Edition!
2,533 backers pledged $187,307 to help bring this project to life.

August EP2 Update!


Hey everyone!

We hope you're all having a great summer. Ours is, to say the least: busy. Since the EP2 Kickstarter project funded, we've had a lot going on. Two of the three active Posthumans have moved in the last month -- one, Jack, across a city; and the other, Adam, to a different country. Adam also got married at the end of July. Achievement unlocked!

And we're also a month away from Gen Con 50. We hope to see some of you there!

This update is going to cover the following subjects: Release Dates: Quick-Start Rules, Core Rulebook; Gen Con; Playtest Updates; BackerKit; and Artwork!

Release Dates

Development in response to playtest feedback and art direction duties have eaten up more time than expected since the Kickstarter project closed. We have two EP2 books currently in production: the core rulebook Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, and the first Quick-Start Rules release, featuring a new adventure by Marc Huete and Rob Boyle: Acrimony.

Quick-Start Rules

We plan on debuting the EP2 Quick-Start Rules in print at Gen Con 50 (August 17-20), and they'll be available electronically shortly after that.

The EP2 Quick-Start Rules will be available to and from local game stores later in the year.

The QSR and Acrimony is 24 pages long and designed for a group of one GM and four players to play in a couple hours.

Core Rulebook

We are behind schedule on the core rulebook. Art-wise, 90% of the art is finalized. Some chapters of the book have final drafts that are in layout. Other chapters are still in the writing/game design/playtest stages.

With Gen Con on the horizon and associated work/travel for it, we'll be losing roughly 10 days of work time on EP2 in August. We had hoped that "break" would come much closer to final proofing of the rulebook, but that's not the situation now.

We still intend to print and ship Eclipse Phase, Second Edition to backers by the end of 2017.

Gen Con

We're at booth #357, basically the exact same spot we were in the hall last year.

Our Gen Con presence will be strongly based around demoing Eclipse Phase, Second Edition. Most of our scheduled games are already sold out, and we'll be running EP2 demos at the booth throughout the day every single day!

If you're interested in running a few EP2 games at Gen Con for us, please get in touch at -- we're looking to fill a GM slots and have some backups!

Playtest Updates

The response to our playtest documents has been spirited, and we're still working on compiling feedback, making changes, and getting additional material ready. Our next playtest update is planned for August, before Gen Con.

As a reminder, you can download the playtest package on DriveThruRPG: and you can provide playtest feedback on our forums:


We were planning on launching BackerKit in early August, but with the core rulebook behind schedule we are going to continue focusing our time on the book. BackerKit is more likely to launch in September, now. Once it launches, you'll be able to lock in your shipping, order extra books, and all that good stuff.


Here's a peek at a couple pieces from EP2:

Resleeving, by Anna Ignatieva
Resleeving, by Anna Ignatieva


Gear, by Radial Studio
Gear, by Radial Studio


Torus Habitat, by Maciej Rebisz
Torus Habitat, by Maciej Rebisz


Seeker Weapons, by Jessada Suthi
Seeker Weapons, by Jessada Suthi

Thank You!

Your support of the EP2 Kickstarter was awesome, and we're hard at work on EP2 and then moving onto the stretch goals and other rewards!

One Hour left in EP2 Kickstarter!


Hey fans—with just over an hour left, you crested two milestones for us. Over $185,000 in funds, and 2,500 unique backers.

No last minute stretch goals. Thanks so much for your support! We'll be around to answer questions about the campaign and EP2, in the comments here!

And one more sneak peek at art from coming in for the book:

Mind Hacking by Pixoloid Studios
Mind Hacking by Pixoloid Studios


Eight Hours left for Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Kickstarter!


Short update! We're entering the last eight hours of the campaign, and this morning you smashed us through the $175,000 Official Eclipse Phase Wiki stretch goal, which means we'll be putting all of EP2 online in a wiki format, free for everyone to access!

We're in sight of unlocking Jack Graham's Introductory Adventure at $185,000. Many people have asked for us to release more adventures, and we're working on it!

As of the time this is posted, there is one Immortal level available:

PDF + Print + Stretch Goals + Immortal

Core book in Print! PDF! All digital stretch goals! And your character likeness used in a future Eclipse Phase book (not EP2).

You should snatch that up if someone hasn't already! :D

Thanks for your support, everyone. Please give the campaign a last couple shares with your friends and fellow gamers during the last eight hours!

Any questions? Sound off in the comments!

Tuesday Afternoon Update + Guanxi Professionals Team


Hey everyone! You just crashed through the $160,000 stretch goal, and that brings Xenovore and Xenovore's Fate to everyone backing at levels that grant all digital stretch goals!

Next up, the goal to conquer is $175,000 for us to create an official Eclipse Phase, Second Edition wiki; which will be available for everyone to use for free, containing both setting material and complete rules. As a stretch goal, the Eclipse Phase wiki continues our mission of broadening Eclipse Phase's availability and accessibility!

Beyond the Official Wiki, we have an new introductory adventure for Eclipse Phase, Second Edition in the wings. You can unlock that adventure at $185,000!

Another little cool thing: over 100 backers on this campaign are backing a Kickstarter project for the first time. That is super cool—welcome to Kickstarter, and thank you for choosing us and EP2!

New Backer Level

At 9:00 PM MDT tonight, with 24 hours left to go into the campaign, we'll be opening up a limited number of five slots at a new backer level:

$375: PDF + Print + Stretch Goals + Immortal Persona Installation

At this backer level, we'll work with you to integrate your character, faction, location, or other non-mechanical item into Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, NPC File Volume 2, or another upcoming title. (Subject to our final approval.)

Guanxi Professionals Team

Gathered from criminal gangs, semi-legal occupations, and underclass clades, teams of professionals come together through shared contacts in the Guangxi underworld and its associated reputation network. On a professionals team, stealthy combat, social manipulation, and larcenous technical skills are key competencies. Maintaining cred with a variety of factions beyond the big criminal gangs is important, because no professionals team is complete without drawing on the specialized skills of scum, scavengers, and other marginal groups. Teams like this may or may not be associated with Firewall. Let’s take a look at the characters making up our archetypal team of professionals.

Guanxi Professionals Team
Guanxi Professionals Team

Amuru Timoti

Guanxi Fixer

Timoti is a networker and covert operative par excellence with a deep network of criminal contacts. He’s adept at both negotiation and intimidation, and complements this with skills in tradecraft, stealth, and surveillance. His exalt morph, with its balanced array of mental and physical improvements, is the choice of operators who need a morph that can keep up with situations ranging from a business negotiation to a break in.


Neo-Octopus Spacer/Scavenger

Pivo is an uplift rights advocate and TITAN expert whose business activities range from innocuous salvage missions to highly illegal black market dealings. He’s skilled in piloting, breaking into things, and taking stuff apart with extreme prejudice. Able to fit into extremely tight spaces and manipulate many tools at once, Pivo’s octomorph body is ideal as a scavenger’s morph.


Infolife Enforcer

The wild child of a distinguished Titanian AGI codeline, Berk left the safety of the Commonwealth for a life of adventure with her friend and business partner, Pivo. Coming from the bodiless world of AGIs, Berk, while not a sadist, is fascinated by physical violence and thus has made it her specialty—be it with drones, guns, or martial arts. Her synth morph is basic but tough and has the advantage of not drawing as much scrutiny as more combat-specialized bodies.


Scum Techie

Not exactly a criminal but not exactly not a criminal, Elis is the “I fled my indenture, and now I’m an anarchist I guess whatever” member of the team. Elis is the team’s most skilled hacker, its hardware nerd, and the person you go to when you need gear printed. Her splicer morph was the best on hand last time she egocasted, and she’s got it personalized, but if she ends up sleeved in a neo-bonobo or something next time she goes back to her scum swarm, Amar Pelos Très ou Mas, she won’t mind.

Thank You!

As always, your support is appreciated so much. Please drop us a line in the comments if you have any questions as we head into the final day of the project!

Eclipse Phase 2017-2018 schedule, Open Playtest, Music Preview, and more!


Hey everyone!

Quick housekeeping: our backer numbers -- that's you! -- are now over 1,900 strong and we just broke $145,000 in funding as we head into the final few days of the campaign. Please share the campaign with your friends over the next few days: those Facebook shares, tweets, and Tumblr posts all make a difference.

We updated the Open Playtest documents today, so if you haven't checked them out, you can download them on DriveThruRPG — if you've already grabbed them, check your Library on DriveThruRPG for the updated files! 

You just unlocked Scott Fox's ambient album, and then we're moving onto Xenovore and Xenovore Fate. And after that: The Eclipse Phase Wiki, official and containing all of the material in Eclipse Phase, Second Edition. Free for everyone when we hit $175,000!

Music Preview

Scott sent us over the first in progress track from the Ambient Album today, totally by surprise! Take a listen to the rough cut of Pandora Gates:

Eclipse Phase Schedule

We're going to talk about the Eclipse Phase schedule for the remainder of 2017 and 2018. We've mentioned all of these projects already, but we wanted to summarize them so you know what's coming up for the game line! Please note that the release order is subject to change.

We will continue to release all of our books electronically via DriveThruRPG and under a Creative Commons license. Books that we designate as "print" will be sold through distribution to game stores, and also directly from us. Books listed as "print on demand" will be sold via DriveThruRPG and to game stores via Indie Press Revolution when possible. Of course, we'll keep releasing digital Hack Packs of artwork and other material, and experimenting with other styles of releasing material.

2017 Releases

Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Quick-Start Rules

The EP2 Quick-Start Rules will contain the rules necessary to play, sample characters, and a short adventure. We'll be releasing it electronically and in print this summer, available at your local gaming store for free, and directly from us at Gen Con.

Eclipse Phase, Second Edition

Hardcover, 400+ pages The reason this Kickstarter project is running! Just over 400 pages, full-color, with a spot-gloss cover and smyth-sewn binding, Eclipse Phase, Second Edition is the complete core rulebook for second edition, for both players and gamemasters.

EP2 in print will ship to backers in October, and in stores shortly after that. The electronic version will be available in August. MSRP will be $59.99 in print and $19.99 digitally.

Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Player's Guide [Stretch Goal, digital version free to backers with Digital Stretch Goals in backer level]
The Player's Guide is a drastically cut down version of EP2 designed to be used by newer players to create characters and get playing quickly; also as a table reference for groups that don't have multiple copies of the EP2 core rulebook. MSRP will be $9.99 digitally; print version TBD.

Your Whispering Muse, Series 1 [Stretch Goal, digital version free to backers with Digital Stretch Goals in backer level]
An exploration of oddities and niche subjects that don't fill a full sourcebook or sometimes get mentioned in passing, Your Whispering Muse will be a series of eight PDFs, each of them 3-5 pages, and then compiled into a print or print on demand version, MSRP TBD.

We'll be making an open call for Your Whispering Muse submissions in the near future.

Xenovore [Stretch Goal unlocks at $160,000, digital version free to backers with Digital Stretch Goals in backer level]
A gatecrashing adventure for Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, written by Jack Graham! How much can we tell you about an adventure without spoiling it? Vishnu! XP Recordings! Bad science! Available via PDF and POD, MSRP TBD.

Xenovore's Fate (final title TBD) [Stretch Goal unlocks at $160,000, digital version free to backers with Digital Stretch Goals in backer level]
Also written by Jack Graham, this ports Xenovore to Transhumanity's Fate! Available via PDF and POD, MSRP TBD.

Scott Fox's Ambient Album [Stretch Goal, digital version free to backers with Digital Stretch Goal in backer level]
A full length album from Scott Fox (iVardensphere), our regular soundtrack artist! (Preview near the top of this post)

2018 Releases

Starter Adventure Series (Final title TBD)
The Starter Adventure Series will be a set of three adventures that introduce Firewall to a new team of characters. We'll be releasing it initially in PDF, then compiling it into a print or print on demand book.

NPC File Volume 2 [Stretch Goal, digital version free to backers with Digital Stretch Goals in backer level]
At 48 pages, NPC File Volume 2 is more than three times the size of the original NPC File book. Volume 2 will include material from Volume 1, updating it to second edition, and adding specific NPCs in addition to archetypal ones! MSRP $9.99 digitally; print version TBD.

NPC File Volume 2
NPC File Volume 2

Please leave comments in this comment thread about ideas for NPC File Volume 2!

EP2 Gamemaster's Screen & Plot Hooks Booklet

The Gamemaster's Screen will be a sturdy hardcover three or four-panel reference screen, with a companion booklet of plot hooks and encounter ideas for the busy gamemaster. MSRP TBD.

Solar Gazetteer

The Gazetteer is a hardcover release exploring the known solar system edge-to-edge, from the heat of the sun to the always-frozen outer rim. MSRP TBD.

Crime & Coercion

We delve into criminal enterprises in this hardcover title: how they operate, how law enforcement and other entities push back against them, and how they relate to other factions. Will include writeups on specific organizations, their leaders, allies, and enemies. MSRP TBD.

Space Combat

A short sourcebook covering space combat for Eclipse Phase, Second Edition. MSRP TBD.

Thank You!

Thanks for all your support during this Kickstarter project. If you have any questions or comments, hit us up in this thread and stay tuned for a couple more updates in the last 48 hours!