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Very easy for beginners,better and creative for middle level users and at least 30% faster for professionals! A MUST-HAVE for everyone!

Very easy for beginners,better and creative for middle level users and at least 30% faster for professionals! A MUST-HAVE for everyone! Read More
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Special dedicated editing Keyboard for Photoshop ®  and any other most used graphics and video software. 

One keyboard with optionally interchangeable graphic surface ( overlay ) for the most used software.

Very easy for beginners, better and creative for middle level users and at least 30% faster for professionals !

Compatible with all Photoshop ® ( CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and later ) or any other graphics and video software Editions  for PC's and Mac's.

Please read this ! Very Important !

We developed now the first graphic surface ( overlay ) especially for the most used and popular photo editing software-Adobe® Photoshop®, but we will develop on the same keyboard such a graphic surface ( overlay ) for other popular creative and editing software too, like Corel Draw ®, Adobe ®,Premiere®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Final Cut®,Lightroom®, and so on. You can vote here ( through the comment section ) or directly on official website ( ) for  what software should we develop the graphic design after we close the Kickstarter Campaign. Than you will get the SHORTCUT-S keyboard with the desired graphic surface in order to work very easy and fast with your software. With the same keyboard and another interchangeable graphic surface ( overlay ) you can use in seconds another desired software.

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 The story of the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard

 In 1936 when the computer was invented, he needed an external device like a keyboard which was designed just to input and edit text for programming and write software lines. This regular keyboard with letters and numbers is still there even today at every single computer. In the last decade when the computer and the digital technologies run so fast, a lot of companies developed also software to draw, create, design and edit the digital formats. But the device you work on the computer with is still the regular keyboard with letters and numbers. The companies that developed those very complex software found the solution to use the regular keyboard and get all the tools, functions and menus over hundreds of combinations between keys such CONTROL- COMMAND - SHIFT - ALT and every single letter and number key. They called it : shortcuts.

But who knows every single shortcut for all those tools, functions and filters in order to use the software at entire capacity ?

Who remembers all this shortcuts and under what key combination are they hidden on the regular keyboard? There you can see just letters and numbers !

We are a group of professional photographers and designers in Romania, Austria and Canada and we edit our work over 15 years long  with the most popular editing software Photoshop. Even after so many years we still discover new different shortcuts for tools, functions and filters. Photoshop is a very complex software, that offers a lot to edit your photos for amazing results. So we came to idea to have a dedicated keyboard where you get everything you want from this software with just one finger instead guessing shortcuts on the regular keyboard and make them with 2, 3, 4 fingers or even with both hands due to the distance between the keys. Over 18 month we worked very hard to obtain the perfect design and functionality for this special dedicated keyboard. It has 319 keys for the most important tools, functions, filters and everything you need to get the best results. The final design is very comfortable to work with, has a very slim design and is just 8 mm thin, so you can put it in the bag and take it everywhere. 

What's special about our design and technology ?

Now the Photoshop and other editing programs will be very simple for everyone ! You have everything under your eyes! In order to find very fast the tool, the function, the filter you need, we put them in different groups of colors, so that became very intuitive. It is not anymore necessary to take off your hand from the mouse to get shortcuts with both hands !

Take the tool with just one click !

We think that everybody knows all the advantages for such a keyboard, especially today when everyone has a camera in their pocket and wants to use such a software to edit photos, or make design. Using this dedicated keyboard is very very easy for a beginner to start working with Photoshop, increases the creativity for a middle level user and the professionals will be at least 30% faster. Of course you can also keep the regular keyboard, just to input text.

We have not tried to revolutionize the industry but just wanted to provide you with a very complex but cheap device which would give a new way to use easier, better and faster at the maximum capacity the most popular photo editing software like Photoshop and bring new results.

Over a year ago we had the first prototype in our hands and it works excellent even today. With some electronic skills, we’ve done the first prototype manually piece by piece. We produce already in China 50 SHORTCUT-S keyboards as pilot-batch and we assembly the electronic components in wood-enclosure that are made on CNC Machine because the tooling for plastic enclosure are very expensive.

This is how the first prototype looked like.

We've been testing our prototypes with early users, and here's what they had to say:

William Stanford – Professional Photographer – Florida – „ I edit my photos using Photoshop for over ten years and I could never imagine that with this SHORTCUT-S Keyboard can do my work so fast. I truly believe it is a – must have - ...”

Kurt Schneider – Photoshop user – Vienna – „ I’ve always wondered where I could find all editing shortcuts on the regular keyboard. Now I have everything in one place and only need a finger to get everything I want. So simple!

Karina Cullmann – Vienna-„ I learned a lot with this new gadget . I just got it and i can’ t stop editing my photos . It is very helpful and i am very happy about it , it made my life easier .... It’s fast and made me discover new tricks about Photoshop ...”

EASIER for beginners !

BETTER for middle level users !

FASTER for professionals !

Please follow the difference between a regular keyboard and the SHORTCUT-S keyboard for the same work.

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The SHORTCUT –S keyboard can used with any software! As long as you can get a shortcut with the regular keyboard using 2, 3 or 4 fingers then you can get that shortcut using this specialized keyboard too.


The SHORTCUT-S keyboard can be used universally with any software ! We have developed the first surface ( Overlay) with icons and graphics for Photoshop because it is the most complex editing program used worldwide .

To avoid confusion I try to explain with maximum transparency how it works and how this keyboard can be used with all Adobe programs (Photoshop , Lightroom , Illustrator, Premiere , After Effects, and so on ) or any other software for PC or Mac .

Let's start with the basic. So, an normal keyboard has 71 keys and the keys CTRL ( cmd ) , SHIFT , ALT . In order to obtain the desired function from your regular keyboard you can have 71 x 8 = 568 possible shortcuts ( combinations ) . That's all and nothing more ! If you want to have a special shortcut keyboard, than this should have 568 keys. It will be huge !

So , after a lot of experience with Photoshop and other software, and after a lot of chats with the designer community, we decided to keep just 319 buttons for this special dedicated SHORTCUT-S Keyboard for the most important and used functions and tools.

Bellow, you can find the list with all shortcuts within the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard works in correlation with the Photoshop functions :  

One example : Position Nr. 240 – Saturation - Shortcut SHIFT + ALT + Key T. The SHORTCUT-S Keyboard works with a specialized Microchip and if you push the button 240 ( with just one finger !!! ) than the Microchip will know it and will send the signal to PC or Mac exactly like you would pres the keys SHIFT + ALT + Key T ( with three fingers !!! ) on the regular keyboard in order to get your function. There are also 319 tactile push buttons, that resist and are tested for 1,5 millions and over pushes.

So if you want to have another function ( for Example: Gaussian Blur ) under the same button, you have to change it in your Shortcuts Menu from your specific software. Under the same rule you can set any function, or tool from your software. In the user manual you will find the List with all specific shortcuts addresses for all 319 buttons so you can change it anytime. You can set any function for your SHORTCUT-S keys, and this doesn’t depend from your software version, or if the developer made some changes in the last version.

Of course, we let for you 20 customizable keys, so you can choose for it any other function, that is not already on the SHORTCUT-S keyboard. The shortcuts addresses are F1, F2, ….F10, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F1, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F2, … CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F10. So if you want something like a filter or anything, you go in the Shortcuts-Menu of your software and set it for this shortcut address. Then you will have it on the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard and you will have it very fast…with just one finger.


We first design the icons and graphic for Photoshop but we will design other surfaces ( graphic overlay ) too:

1 : Adobe Lightroom

2 :Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe Illustrator

4. Adobe Premiere.

5. Adobe Aftereffects


7. Corel Draw


If we will have the chance to bring this project alive, we will design the enclosure for exchangeable overlays. For the first batch we will design overlays for the first seven positions on our top surfaces. For other or ANY OTHER IMAGINABLE SOFTWARE we will design a UNIVERSAL surface without icons so you can stick on each key your icon or the name of your desired function for your used software. Of course there are still that groups of colors to find very fast what do you want. 

You, our backer, will get the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard with one desired overlay with the specific icons and graphics for the desired software from our list. If you want more surfaces please add $18 for each and let us know through messages for what do you decided for.

Last news ! We already discussed with our engineers from China, and if we have the chance to raise $ 250.000 for the first batch of 2.000 pieces, then we’ll produce the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard fully programmable. That means, you will have an interface on your monitor, so you can chose by yourself what shortcuts combination will be under every single key, and change it anytime.


Since your workflows are mainly build in a way to keep eye contact with the screen, you will need real feedback from this SHORTCUT-S keyboard. There are two nudges for orientation and a very smooth click respond from your keys. You will be able to navigate and orient oneself without looking.


The device is a PCB with micro-controller and some electronic components in the middle of 319 durable tactile keys. The special overlay with graphics give you a very comfortable feeling between touch and a discreet click respond for your command confirmation. There is also no need to install any device drivers. The SHORTCUT-S Keyboard is a completely plug-n-play device. Every single key is customizable. In order to be easier for you, we already done the set up for you for 299 key in correlation with the overlay graphics, but we let another 20 customizable keys for you to choose what tool, function or filter you need and often use.


-Durable thin profile keys that brings comfort, style and simplicity on your work;

-Quiet, low-profile keys with touch feeling and click respond;

-Slim, flat and compact design;

-319 keys with 372 functions, tools and filters;

-20 full customizable keys;

-150 cm USB cable;

-Port /Connection : USB;

-Compatible: Windows and Mac;

-Plug-and-play simplicity;

- No special installation required;

- Copy the shortcuts file into software;

- Plug the keyboard into a USB port and start working;

Dimensions: L 15,86” x W 12,04” x H 0,31”( L 403 mm x W 306 mm x H 8 mm )

 Our team

 Sorin Neica : Inventor and founder - Managing Director

Sorin Neica is the inventor and the founder of SHORTCUT-S Keyboard. He is the leader of the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard project. Using his skills in electronic and product design, business development and finance, Sorin keeps this complex project in motion from first prototyping to production, packaging, marketing, budgets, communication and systems management, with other 5 people in his team.

Sandu Cucui : Professional Photographer - Managing Director

Sandu Cucui is co-founder of SHORTCUT-S Keyboard. He is a very famous photographer in Vienna and all over Romania with a very rich background in editing photo and video spots, design and marketing. Sandu follow the product quality, the development, and the manufacturing processes. His attention to detail is very high.

Simina Birsan : Financial Director in USA

Simina is an experienced executive in operations, business and strategy development with companies from China and USA. She has a strong product vision and she knows exactly how to manage the financial part of this project.

Maria Chindea : Project Coordinator in USA

Maria handles all administrative things about contact with the authorities and certification for this product in the USA. Her experience in sales, especially for electronic products, helps us to define what this product needs in order to be perfect.

Catalin Chindea : Director of Operations in USA

Catalin manages the distributions and logistics for our warehouse in USA. Catalin has a lot of experience in marketing and distribution, so our customers can get their SHORTCUT-S Keyboard without delays.

Of course the SHORTCUT-S team is much bigger ! We collaborate also very well with programmers, production managers and engineers who are working in Shenzhen – China.

Production plan

SHORTCUT-S Keyboard have been designed and prototyped in Brasov – Romania and Vienna – Austria and we plan to manufacture via a trusted partner with operations in Shenzhen, where we already made the first pilot-batch of 50 PCB’s for this Keyboard.

 What do we need the money for ?

We must make the SHORTCUT-S keyboard as cheap as possible and make it available to the users all over the World. This is only possible if we start the real mass production. To keep prices low, we need to be involved in every production step, starting from PCB up to packaging. With this we want to go into mass production and establish the distribution channels internationally.

We also need to obtain the international certification of the keyboard ( it costs around 16.000 USD), which is a very important step to make sure the product is safe and legally ready for distribution in the US, Europe and other countries. We plan to involve a testing house from the beginning to minimize certification requirements.

We started with the initial design over a year ago. Since then, we've built 50 prototypes, tested the hardware and software and asked for feedback from early users, beginners to professionals. All the keyboards in the video and the photos are real, functional and with the specifications above.

We need Kickstarter's help to go from prototypes to production.

The most difficult part of the whole process — product creation and tests — is over, and now we need financial support to start. All backers will have full access to all info about the development and production processes and after we start the mass production you will get a report with all costs and expenses we’ve had. We will keep the transparency to you.


One month ago, we made already the first prototype of packaging. The package is user-friendly, very compact and safe for the keyboard in order to be shipped anywhere in the world. We communicate now with the manufacturer for further details and printing for the mass-production.

We Need Your Support!

We have the design, technology, tests and a very good feedback for 50 working prototypes. While our first product has been successful, we're still a small company in order to start the mass-production. We're looking for Kickstarter support to fund creating the plastic molds for the Keyboard-Enclosure (costs around $36,000) and to pay manufacturing engineers and consultants that will help us get production-ready.

Our funding goal of $185,280 and the rest of the money we raise on Kickstarter will be used to cover the costs of getting the first minimum batch manufactured of 2.000 units SHORTCUT-S keyboards. If we have the chance to produce 3.000 units, it will be much better.

Such a keyboard is a “ must have “ for everyone who deals with photos and design , … editing with the computer in generally , so this device should be as cheap as possible. If we reach the goal we'll be happy that this dedicated keyboard will make a much easier life for the most users. This is our chance to make it cheap and bring it faster in your hands, otherwise everybody will be said and we will die trying.

Please keep this in mind ! Very important !

This  special dedicated keyboard is not just for Photoshop !

We developed now this dedicated keyboard with the graphic surface especially for the most used and popular photo editing software - Photoshop , but if this project will be founded we can and we will develop on the same keyboard  other graphic surfaces for the most popular creative and editing software too, like Corel Draw, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator , Final Cut, Lightroom, and so on.

The people can go on our website ( www. ) and vote for what software should we develop the graphic design after we close the Kickstarter Campaign. Than you will get the SHORTCUT-S keyboard with the desired graphic surface in order to work very easy and fast with your software. With the same keyboard and another interchangeable graphic surface ( overlay ) you can use in seconds another desired software.

Over almost one year , we've been working very hard to have a functional prototype that shows all the unique features of SHORTCUT-S keyboard. Now it’s time to take the next step and that’s why we need your support !

Thank you so much for helping! Your pledge is hugely appreciated.

SHORTCUT-S Keyboard – Patent pending ! 

“Dedicated Editing Keyboard for use with Adobe® Photoshop® ” means that this electronic device has been designed to connect specifically to computer and meet Adobe®Photoshop® performance standards.

Adobe® and Photoshop® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

This device IS NOT an specific Adobe®product.

Microsoft®, Windows Vista®,Windows®and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Mac® and OS X® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Risks and challenges

The good news is we've done it once before in a very small batch ( 50 units ), and now we just follow the same way but for the mass-production.

Once we have reached our goal on Kickstarter we will start the production process. We are confident in getting all of our components and injection molds completed, but we know there can be unexpected time delays with making molds. We will follow this process very close because we want to be sure that our deadline goals are respected and have the best quality for this device.
We are collaborating with well experienced and responsible companies in Shenzhen – China which take care about production plan and entire supply chain building. Our goal is to fulfill the production plan without delays. Nevertheless, if we are going out of date we will notice you with project update which contains all issue reasons and how we will fight them. Once the production is over, we will send the keyboards to the warehouses in the US and in Europe for further delivery in time to our backers.
The main risk in this project is delays. Like we already mentioned, the most difficult part of the whole process — product creation and tests — is over, and doesn’t have anymore secrets for us. We're projecting a summer 2014 delivery time frame – we try and hope to have the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard in your hands before that. We are very busy in reaching our goals, no mater what and quality and product delivery in time is our number one priority.

We want to ensure you, the backer, to be confident and happy with your purchase!

We are confident in our project and we are ready for any challenge that may overcome.

Nonetheless, we will keep our backers informed every step of the way. If we see any potential delays, we will let you know immediately and provide you with a corrective action. We promise that !

Thank you for your faith and support!

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    WELCOME TO BRASOV, TRANSILVANIA, ROMANIA ! : Brasov is one of the biggest city in Transilvania, Romania and is just 30 Km away from the famous Dracula Castle. You will have the chance to meet our team and participate at some private workshops using the SHORTCUT-S Keyboard. We will wait for you to visit the place where the SHORTCUT-S keyboard was invented, see the very first prototypes and the way we developed everything in order to get the final result for this special Keyboard. We will care about your flight, transit, accommodation, meal, fun and all that’s needed. Of course a personalized SHORTCUT-S keyboard and a surprize gift will be ready for you. Thank you !

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