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A futuristic Neon speed racer featuring high OCTANE action, insane weaponry and amazing multiplayer mayhem!

A futuristic Neon speed racer featuring high OCTANE action, insane weaponry and amazing multiplayer mayhem! Read More
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A futuristic Neon racer featuring high OCTANE action, insane weaponry and amazing multiplayer mayhem! (Video coming soon!)

Go to our website for more updates and info on OC-TANE:

In-game screenshots of OC-TANE: These are concept shots of how the game will actually look!

 Our full video will be coming soon, for now we wanted to give you just a little taster of OC-TANE. Music by Dan-O at

A futuristic neon speed racer featuring high octane action, insane weaponry and amazing multiplayer action!

"As I climb into my ship there's only one thing on my mind... I hope you took out insurance."

 OC-TANE is a new take on some old classics. Take the mayhem and fun of Micro Machines and mix that up with the insane speed and future looks of WIPEOUT and you have the feel for our game, OC-TANE. There's a huge variety of ships to choose from, some are shown below. There will be a massive amount of tracks to race on in single player mode (which will come a few months after release) or play with all of your friends in multiplayer (up to 8 players). This is our first game for the OUYA, and if we get funded you can be guaranteed that this slick beauty will be getting ported over to all of your favourite devices so you can continue your speedster racing mayhem wherever and whenever you like. What makes the OUYA version really special is that there will be a built in level editor and up to 8 players multiplayer. This will allow you to build as many weird and wacky tracks as you like, then you can thrash your mates on them!

 In OC-TANE you take control of futuristic, streamlined dream machines. The ships have more abilities than you can imagine and fly at eye popping speeds. Over a huge variety of tracks, fly your ship as fast and as nastily as you can to become OC-TANE's Number 1! We want to create OC-TANE because of 3 things:


We played MIRCO MACHINES. When we were younger we all played (at some point) Micro Machines. We loved the mayhem, the brutality of it. But most of all, the fun. Having your friends round and having those big multiplayer battles. At the end of each race you just know you are either expecting to be punched by a mate as you gracefully pip them to the finish line, or screaming at the TV how you feel inexplicably cheated - yes we've all been there.


WIPEOUT! When Wipeout came out we remember being completely blown away. The pace of the thing! The futuristic setting and the slick graphic design by Designers Republic. Oh, and let's not forget that pumping Techno sound track!


All of the above and a few other things. Because we like those games so much we decided that using our small development team we wanted to contribute something to the OUYA that we would want to play (and hopefully you will too.) To combine hectic multiplayer fun with insane pace, speed and futuristic trimmings is too irresistible to us, and we hope it will be to you too.

There will be the following game types: Single Player Mode, Time Trial and Multiplayer (2-8 Players) to include a variety of racing and game modes. There are so far 16 tracks in the pipeline, each one completely different. They'll be filled with some seriously insane and evil tricks to get your  pulses racing (and those RAGE videos appearing on YOUTUBE :) ). We plan on creating even more tracks, just as soon as we have the designs down - but why stop there? With our in-built level editor, you'll be able to design your own!

At the moment there are 4 ships, which are all different classes. There are going to be a lot more classes, each with their own good and bad points which will be featured in the game modes section of OC-TANE. Some will be built to last, others will be made to burst ahead of the others in the race. You can expect a crazy amount of variety in every aspect of OC-TANE!

With your support we can all make OC-TANE a success. We already have an audience raring to go to race and bash their ships senseless. So come on, let's do this together!

 If you have any opinions you want to share, join the conversation at @OCSync.

Don't forget to follow us too!

"I'm gonna mash your ship so bad they won't be able to tell you and it apart!"

"Well, the next time I give a damn i'll just go ahead and let you know with my ship up your...!"

We want to produce a game that is a true blend of the games that inspired us, and Kickstarter is naturally a great way to put our pitch out there and see if you would like to play the game we want to make. Kickstarter gives a lot of freedom, and the ability to utilise your voice to help us make OC-TANE as great a game as it can be.

User feedback is really important to projects, and we'd really like to have a community around OC-TANE to make full use of that input. We believe that crowd sourcing shouldn't' begin and end with the funding. It should be all inclusive: Crowd-Developeing! We want feedback and input, we need to know what we can do better to please you and have you get as much enjoyment out of OC-TANE as is humanly possible.

The fine folks at OUYA also have this super awesome deal... let's tell you about it:


WE'RE PARTICIPATING IN OUY'AS #FreeTheGames Fund, created by OUYA to support developers making new and creative console games. OUYA will match your pledge dollar-for-dollar if we raise a minimum of $10,000. So help us get there and make a great game for everyone! To be eligible for this match, we commit that this game will be an OUYA exclusive for six months - no matter what. To learn more about OUYA, go

Sounds pretty sweet right? It is! if you give us $10, you're really giving us $20! oh, and don't forget the cool rewards you'll get from us for supporting us in our adventure! You'll get to feel twice as good for just giving once! We're huge fans of the open-source nature of OUYA and when we saw this opportunity we had to act!

After the 6 months we'll then port it over to Android, iOS so you can play OC-TANE anywhere and everywhere.

"That sounds pretty cool. So how much is it gonna cost me to get the kind of speed where only my teeth are identifiable after the crash?"

"When the race begins you better get in first place, no one likes to be a number 2."

You backed a project on Kickstarter. It promised the world and was then delayed for months! SUCKS to be you! We've been there so that's why we're running a really tight ship here at Sync Interactive. We have a seriously evil guy whipping us to work harder and faster... OW. If we don't then he'll take our doughnuts and coffee away.

We'll be providing a number of updates throughout the whole development process, so you'll be able to see the progress of the game as it happens.

Our plans, with the successful funding, is to launch on the OUYA by December 2013, followed by a release on all other platforms by July of 2014.

What we're looking for are backers to support our developing project. This could be by sharing our page on social media, telling your friends about it, or by selling your house and giving us all your money... and your car, but it has to be good! Our goal is £10,000, and every penny will help us get this baby racing fast and smooth. We're only a small studio, and really just need to be able to keep the landlord at bay, the lights on, our massage chairs working and our artist and developer happy, or else all our drawings will end up looking like this:

 £10,000. We'll release the game on OUYA, and then 6 months later it will be ported over to Android and iOS.

MORE: We'll add more tracks, more ships and a lot more! We'll even start personalising tracks based on user feedback, suggestions and ideas.

You love rewards and we love rewards. That's why we've got loads of them over on the top right to express our thanks for your helping us fund  OC-TANE! Go ahead and indulge!

And if we get Green-lit, Steam too!

 We feel our game 'OC-TANE' has a number of unique selling points, let us list just a few now;

1. Up to 8 players multiplayer. A lot of console racing games either have limits of 2-4 players when it comes to multiplayer. We want to go beyond that and create a truly epic battle with your mates where fun can be had and memories embellished. Being able to decide how YOU want to play, such as free for all, or 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 vs 2, you decide! Configureable game options, toggle weapons on/off you choose!

2. Got sick and tired of racing around the same tracks? Well create your own with our in-built custom level editor. Create some wacky and bizarre tracks to race your mates on. We are sure you guys can come up with some amazing tracks!

3. Whilst racing is great, what about game modes?! That's right, you'll be able to choose from a variety of game modes such as capture the flag, domination, tag, soccer, and much more! We're positive there will be a race/game mode you just can't get enough of.

4. Expect speed. Expect skillful cornering. Expect Weapons. Expect carnage. But most of all, expect hours and hours of fun and laughter with your closest buddies!

We stand by our tagline "A futuristic neon speed racer featuring high octane action, insane weaponry and amazing multiplayer action!"

And that's just to name a few reasons!

We are Sync Interactive Ltd, a small but seriously talented and hard working app development company based in the heart of Birmingham, UK.

We are a team of two designers and four developers who have been working closely together for a number of years. We're not only work colleagues but also close friends too. Developing and playing games is just what we do!

To put is all simply, OC-TANE is a game that we'd love to play. We're pouring our heart and soul into this project, and we want to bring as many people along on the journey as possible. The game industry is changing and we really believe that the voice of backers and fans is integral to the process of making a truly great game and having it be successful (ignore Snakes on a Plane that just should never have happened!)

We feel the game concept should sell itself. We all have wonderful memories attached to the old tiles that have inspired to create OC-TANE. But we hope that with OC-TANE we'll help create memories as good or maybe even better than those that players have of Micro Machines and Wipeout. We want people to play OC-TANE with their friends, eat some pizza and knock back a few as you blast around the craziness that will be OC-TANE. To finish, we want your help to create something truly personal to everyone that plays it. In advance of any help we get, we want to say thanks for the support and look ahead to the release date!

Climb into your ship, get your visor down and prepare for the race of a life time. OC-TANE!

Find us on Facebook at

and on Twitter www.twitter.comOCSync

"Nothing compares to flying one of these babies. Seriously, when you get in one of these you'll never wanna get out."

Risks and Challenges

Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

#Risk: We have only produced a rudimentary playable prototype, and our production schedule is very tight.

#Mitigation: But we have a great full time staff who work tremendously well together, and who have put together quality games in three months. Also, we're producing only a 2D game - thankfully that's missing a really complicated D that can get in the way of the smaller one and the development time :)

#Risk: At £10,000, we are producing this on a shoe string budget, for a video game.

#Mitigation: But we're lucky enough to be part of the OUYA Free The Games Initiative. This will double all the funds raised for our project, which will be a huge bonus!

#Risk: There are racing games out there.

#Mitigation: That's true, but not one like OC-TANE. This will have been said before by many developers, but we will stand by this completely and guarantee that you'll be playing OC-TANE with your mates and having a right laugh while doing it! This is very literally the last line of the Kickstarter page. That fact alone, and that you read this far, must mean that there's an audience out there for OC-TANE.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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