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MyLife is a first-person perspective web series. Footage is shot by hidden cameras then edited and made streaming on the web.

MyLife is a first-person perspective web series. Footage is shot by hidden cameras then edited and made streaming on the web. Read More
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About this project

The premise of MyLife

Vision: MyLife is a project that can end up being the most intimate look into the creator's life and the presence or absence of a camera, a ground breaking form of reality television that boarders on voyeurism, a first-person video blogging pioneer and more. 

The ability to watch life unfold through someones eyes and experience their reality is currently hindered by ugly themes like "being a housewife from Jersey" or "working blue collar job X while risking ones life". These premises are fine on their own, but what effect does the camera have on the reality its supposed to portray? Did that crab fisherman put his life more at risk than he needed to? Is that upper-class middle-aged woman really such a bitch if she wasn't nudged into cat fights by Hollywood producers? I think that what passes for "reality television" in its current form is compromised by money and fame.

Your product:

MyLife will produce a tangible web series.  In its raw form it will be a minute by minute first-person account of the life of an average (or strange) American college student. Daily video footage is edited and condensed into episodes then made available streaming online.  You will experience what it is like to fall in and out of love, how a boomerang child of generation Y co-exists with his boomer parents and the disturbing minutia of upper-middle class existence in liberal Portland, Oregon. You will eat. You will drink.  You will consume. You will be an athlete. You will learn profound things, and you will witness disgusting apathy and ignorance. You will experience the emotional roller coaster of depression and a fulfilled life. I am sacrificing nearly every shred of my privacy to give the viewer my true reality.

Clear Guidelines: One year in length, minimum of 26 episodes at three or more hours each. All footage taken from HD body-worn hidden cameras.  Types include a shirt button style, a hat and glasses style of hidden cameras to capture the majority of the broadcasters waking hours. This footage is then taken off of 32 gigabyte SD cards and then edited and uploaded on the web.

Privacy is of course a huge issue considering the nature of the project.   Parties that wish to not be aired in the program will be digitally pixelated or asked to sign a release at the end of filming. Succinct editing is also an issue. Episodes will not include 3-8 hours of riding the bus and staring at a computer. Episodes will include face-to-face interactions, activities and narration when deemed appropriate. All these will provide an interesting episode. 

A video hosting site such as Youtube or vimeo can be used for online storage. These sites have the option of private videos, so donors can be the only ones able to view them. 

Future potential

A further edited project which saves the user time by compiling the "highlights" of any given portion of episodes into a teaser could be quickly viewed and shared via social media. This project could inspire a website where you can browse through a catalog of people the online community has deemed interesting and view their life through their eyes. It could be a celebrity, a child, a sports star or a religious figure. The amount of video blogs on the internet attests to peoples desire to look into the lives of others.

Thank you for reading.

Music and video used are licensed under CC or are fair use


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