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SipStart the technology of the world's most advanced FPS

SipStart the technology of the world's most advanced FPS

SipStart the technology of the world's most advanced FPS Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 11, 2014.

About this project


Have you ever been really thirsty for a Soda? We have found the solution with our software Soda Drinker Pro: The most advanced FPS (First Person Soda) Drinking Simulator on the market.

Now you can finally live out your fantasies of drinking sodas in exotic lands like aboard a sinking ship, on top of the highest mountain in the land, and even in a wagon!

Why Kickstarter?

Sometimes when you spend all day making Soda drinking simulations you need a little help.  While Soda Drinker Pro already exists as a commercial product we are looking to make some key enhancements with our simulation software.

We have calculated the exact amount necessary to take the experience of simulated soda to the next level and that exact number is $15.

We know it's important to let you know exactly what we are spending the funds from this project on so here is the breakdown of the project.

  • $7.00 Sodas
  • $3.00 Various items off dollar menu at fast food restaurant
  • $2.50 Soda Enhancements
  • $2.50 Soda Optimization

Want to see Soda Simulation in action?

If we surpass our goal we'll be able to unlock all sorts of other neat stretch goals but before we go into those details we need to focus on what's important and that's making sure we make our goal of $15.00.

Want to learn more about the foundations of Soda Drinking Simulation? Check out the video below!

Yes it's already Oculus Rift Compatible 

On the fence about Soda Drinker Pro? Well check out what critics are saying:

"Apparently This Matters" - CNN

"It exists somewhere in between, straddling the line of abstract reality, and detailed simulation" - Game Informer

"This is just about the most perfect game ever" - Kotaku

"If only there was a way to sip a refreshing cup of soda at the beach, in a park or in space without all the risk. Now you can, with Soda Drinker Pro, an exciting indie game poised to take the FPS (First-Person Soda) genre by storm." - Mashable

"With over 100 levels, Soda Drinker Pro is more than a simulator. It’s a journey of self-discovery through corn syrup, as though Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time were a soft drink" -Nerdfit

""This is the GTA V of Soda Drinking Sims" - Escapist

"It Will Probably Change Your Life" - Complex

"There is no other game quite like Soda Drinker Pro" - Ars Technica

"Soda Drinker Pro is the most advanced soda drinking simulator ever created" - Grist

"The best soda-drinking simulation/first-person shoot-the-soda-in-your-mouth in the planet" - FHM

"Sounds like fun!" - Wall Street Journal

"Thank you for making this, this is just perfect!" - 

"As you play Soda Drinker Pro, you go from thinking "WTF?" to a gradual acceptance of this unnatural world you've stepped into. I half expect to bump into David Lynch..." - CNet

"You Need Soda Drinker Pro in Your Life!" - Indie Statik

"The true genius of this game lies in its plot. Finally something that isn't absurd, but rather a story we can all relate to. The main character was extremely like-able. I have not been this attached to a character that doesn't even talk since Portal. Simply amazing. 5/5. game of the mother F$@K#n year!" - IIA0PSW

"Soda Drinker PRO!, the finest soda-drinking simulation ever, is here and nothing will ever be the same" - Kill Screen

"it might change your life." - GameZone

"I suspect the Internet will soon collapse under Soda Drinker Pro’s magnitude" - GameZebo

"Watch out, Desert Bus; there’s a new riveting simulation game coming our way" - Gamesta

"a First Person Soda Game You Can't Pass Up" - Total Gaming Network "We imagine this is something like the smokeless cigarettes for those looking to quit nicotine" - The Daily Meal

"The world is totally open-ended. You can walk to the left or the right. You can even go front and back. All you have to do to win is drink your soda. Few games offer this high degree of free roaming." - Nerd Age 

"The drinking game you must play" - Airborn Gamer

"Humanity has accomplished a great deal in its relatively brief time on this planet. So it's refreshing to see we've even managed to wield technology so advanced that we can properly simulate the act of walking around and drinking a soda." - Phoenix Newtimes

"Soda Drinker Pro had me up all night smashing through every one of its fiendish" - Daily Echo

"I’m not entirely sure you can call Soda Drink Pro a game, but it’s still something you should play" - Platform Nation

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support!

Together we can digitally bring Soda to people all over the world!

Risks and challenges

We know it can be difficult to accurately simulate the act of drinking Soda. We will be sure to use our knowledge and expertise to do everything humanly possible to digitally quench the thirst of at least three people.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    ONE-LITER: You will be the envy of all your friends with a phenomenal set of Soda Drinker Pro HD Wallpapers to beautify your computer screens! Thank you for supporting soda simulation!

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    Pledge $3 or more About $3 USD

    THIRST QUENCHER: Immortalize your name as an SDP SipStarter backer by adding your name to the game's credits! Have bragging rights as one of the many that brought on infinite soda drinking to the masses! This reward is yours along with the sick HD Wallpapers!

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    TWO-LITER: You will never be thirsty again now that you have a copy of the Soda Drinker pro! We will send you 1 key for PC, Mac or Linux

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    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD

    SODA STREAM: Help guide the game development by partaking in our Backer Exclusive Dev Streams! Pitch ideas, and share soda among friends in these weekly events up to release. Pledge $15 to receive this reward and the previous rewards!

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    FACE THE SODA: Have you ever wanted to be IN a soda drinking simulation? We have a new technology allowing you to put your face inside the game, so you send us a photo of your face and you'll be in a special place inside Soda Drinker Pro!

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    6 backers
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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    SODA SCULPTOR: Experience drinking Soda anywhere your heart desires by having us create your own custom level! Receive this masterful level in SDP and all the previous rewards!

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    Limited 7 backers

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