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Update #7



Great day today - the Baby has kept me veeery busy lately and i haven't been able to check up on the Kickstarter project and how happy was I to see more backers! You guys are amazing and you totally make my day every time I see a new name on the list! This week I am sending much love to Athena and to Margaret Conway and her clan. Thank you so much for putting me that much closer to my dream. I have also received donations in person that have not been reflected in this total on-line. They will be added here soon and I'll be that much closer to my goal. Thanks everyone for the good wishes and continued support and please pass along the link to your family and friends :

Update #6

Another Day


So glad to see people still pledging! Donna you RocK!! I will be putting up a new video soon - It would be great if you guys could send a project link to your contacts. Still 65% to go - every little bit helps. Thanks for all of your support!

Update #5



What a great week! I am so happy that in a few short days the project is already 27% funded! That is so amazing and thanks to everyone for being so generous. I also wanted to thank Anne Rivera for being lucky #13 - Thank you!

Update #4



I feel terrible because I realized that I left out Sarah, Anita and Cristina - Thank you so much! Everyone is being incredibly generous.

Update #3



THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! The ladies stepped up today! Penny, Doodle and Kiyoko; the three of you will never know how great it was to see your pledges today! It has been a long time since I openly pursued my art and I was definitely nervous launching this Kickstarter project. It is great to have the support of so many friends and family members and to have people willing to take such an active role in helping me realize my dream!
Again, Thank You!

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