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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
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Manufacturing news, address changes, and a glimpse of the future

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

Hi guys,

a super quick update from me.

1) The games are made and are being loaded onto ships now! One ship for Australia, one for Europe and one for the US. I shall give you more details on this shortly, I am just waiting on the cargo ship details from the freight company.

2) Addresses.  I have updated the addresses for those that got in touch recently. If you are moving address in the near future please get in touch IMMEDIATELY either through messaging me here or via email at:

Please note I have a dozen or so unclaimed pledges (many from Superbackers), I can not arrange to send you your pledge if I don't have delivery details. If you have received a message from me please respond! 

3) We are now in distribution in Asia. If you are in Asia and are interested in stocking the game please get in touch with VFI.

4) A special thank you to all of you who have nominated us in the 2019 Anticipated Game awards on BGG.  In particular I want to thank all of you who have sent us messages of support and to hear of your eagerness for the game.  I want you to know that this kind of support means the world to us. It has been a long road and a massive learning experience for us but making content for you guys is an absolute pleasure.

Sincerely - a massive thanks from all of us at IG on this point!

5)  Many of you have asked to know more about the future of the game and of the lore of Mor Nadar.  What I want to do is to reassure you just now that our focus is on getting those games onto ships and getting them out to you.  When I know that you all have the game then we can explore details of future plans, with your feedback duly taken on board. I will share of our design notes on Mor Nadar in a future update, to help give you a feel for the lore that many of you have asked about.  For now though I shall simply leave you with this teaser image.  You guys are the first to see this.  Please note that the Firewalker image is deliberately a silhouette. 

I shall share more details on shipping in a wee bit. In the meantime I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the future and look forward to hearing your theories on what is going to happen next!

Best wishes to you and all of your families.

Speak soon!


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    1. Skye Williams on

      One word: Sooooooooon.

    2. TigerNineThree

      Awesome!Looking forward to this and already stoked for more!

    3. Missing avatar


      Congratulations on beating Chinese New Year.

    4. MikeR

      Great news !!! Congratulations on reaching this point !!
      I'm really looking forward to playing this game and experiencing all you've put into it.
      Thank you for all the effort and the consistent communication over the course of the project.

      And thank you for the "A Step into Darkness" teaser !!

    5. Charles Turner on

      I am super excited about this. I have been playing board games with my brothers recently and I am very keen to introduce them to a new game.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stuart Walker on

      Woo hoo!

      I can't wait.

      This is the kickstarter I've been most excited to receive in four years or so.

    7. Jose Enrique Deza

      Nice! Quick question though, Who is taking care of fullfillment to Peru? not names but which region is in charge, in any case. Thanks!

    8. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @everyone - wow, I am so glad I made this update - flooded with address change emails already!!!

    9. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Adrian. Don't worry RoW not forgotten about! I will cover details in the next update.

    10. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Russonc - most welcome. Happy err Tuesday :D

    11. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, I am a Mexico backer, and saw nothing above about me (or RoW), where are our packages coming from? Are tracking numbers being provided when they ship? Thanks!

    12. Russonc

      Exciting to see.. Thanks for the update