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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
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Manufacturing, How to Play video.

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

Hi guys,

Manufacturing update
How to Play video
Future plans

it's been a while since the last one, we just needed a few days rest as the adrenalin had really dropped out of us after getting the files off to the manufacturer and pushing the button. Which leads to...

Manufacturing update
Nope not a typo, Legends Untold is being made - in fact manufacturing started last week! Whatz have confirmed that they will have the game made and on the boat before Chinese New Year.  I will confirm more to you the moment I have more detailed news.  This is the part that all those seasoned Creators out there have told us there is not much we can do but wait patiently on the manufacturer.

Why did the files go last week?  Well since the last update the proofs moved back and forth twice with the manufacturer and I was just about to push the button when I spotted a PAR error on one card.  Nobody inside or outside IG had noticed these during the process. Of course the first thing I did was check all the other cards for PAR errors.

What is this PAR thing?  It means 'Play After Roll'. What we have tried to do with Legends is make it abundantly clear with your talents whether you play an ability before you roll (the default) or after you roll (much rarer and a more powerful ability).  To make this clear we created a PAR icon (a die with an exclamation mark in it) so that you could tell in one glance whether an ability on a talent card was a PAR ability or not. 

However a couple of the talent cards had PAR icons where they should have and a couple did not.  Here is a good example:

If you look at the ability called 'Beat Down', the text could be construed that you could perform this action before or after you roll (though doing this before you roll would be very risk reward and this would be expensive for a drain ability).  The ability should in fact be played after you roll, hence a PAR icon should have been present.  This has now been rectified. This has been done to eliminate confusion and to reduce the need for a FAQ on this card.

Also - the tiniest of things but I spotted it on the millionth pass.  The upgraded sling in Weeping Caves had the correct card code but actually had the Great Sewers icon. 
I understand how this has happened, on the initial hard copy proof we received in the summer the Sling and Javelin got mixed up in the sets (the Javelin should have been in the Sewers set - to match the box art).  This was rectified but somehow the set icon slipped through. You would have figured it out via the card code anyway but I was glad I spotted it.

How to Play video

You asked for a How to Play video and I said we would sort that for you.  Please see the video below from Liz at Beyond Solitaire. We are massively grateful to Liz for doing this, she has done a great job of explaining the walkthrough. For accuracy purposes please note one thing (as the video is so accurate on everything else),  at 33mins after successfully resolving the Squeeze Ascent Barrier card an Adventure card should be drawn.
As I say I think Liz has done a great job - I hope you find the video useful.

Future Plans
One thing has become clear to us on this journey. There are many different opinions on what Legends Untold should be and what people want it to be.  On the one hand we have had people asking for the game to be fast, simple, a quick dungeon crawl. On the other hand some of you want it full of depth and complexity - an RPG without a GM. For us this makes it hard to tread that line carefully and give you what you want.  We have been able to reflect on this somewhat and I would say that inevitably LU has to sit somewhere between those two extremes.  If we make it too fast and simple you will basically get a hack and slash dungeon crawl. To many that would not be a bad thing but there is no lack of those games on the market already, I'm not sure Legends would fulfil any particular niche in that respect.  Equally so, whilst to many of you a game offering all of the depth we can possibly imagine seems appealing, in our experience when there is no GM there to explain it some of you will be put off.

We are still pondering this one and where to go next.  For us the vision remains as before - to give you that RPG like experience but with the speed of a card game.  If we stray too far away from an RPG we are not doing our job, equally so if the game becomes cumbersome then it loses the attraction of speed and simplicity.

To be clear we have a whole world out there to share with you and many interesting ideas we want to bring to the table for you.  However, for now, we want to draw breath for a bit and see how the game lands with you, the backers.  Further adventures in Mor Nadar await (indeed I'm trying out something with the Gnimshka this very week) but we need some feedback from you guys to make sure we give you those adventures in the way you want to play them.

I want to add a special thanks to all of you who have messaged me (and commented) with your support over the past few weeks.  Knowing that you guys are supportive and are keen to play makes a massive difference to us.

Very best wishes to you and all your familes.


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    1. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Russonc, Michael, Skye, Ethan, Jonathan, God-K - and everyone else - thanks so much!


    2. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Simone, I will definitely let you know the moment I know more. I really would like the manufacturer to confirm that first then I can confirm it all back to you.

    3. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Jeremy - hmm like an expansion for this or an expansion for that? Interesting, never considered that - I suppose that is close to what Stuart is suggesting in a way too.

    4. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @ Stuart,
      That is an interesting thought - I just wonder whether that complexity level would be better served by a different product: ALU or LU heroic scale which is the system tweaked for a more individual basis using bigger rooms, individual movement, area effect etc. That is a different game though - not one for today!

      Character Generation is totally noted and under consideration for a potential future plan.

    5. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Steve noted and @ Korric - noted. I agree, I think the speed is very key. If the game time increases considerably then we are moving away from that initial vision.

      I think perhaps we can add in additional fun, ideas and potentially depth but only if it does not increase the time materially.

    6. Inspiring Games Creator on

      Hey guys thanks for the comments and being such a great bunch!
      I will try to answer here.

    7. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      You deserve a few months rest before thinking about expansions and future plans. Totally agree with you that there are already enough simplistic h&s products out there.
      What I liked about rpg is the expansive character, you can go anywhere and find things to do, damsels to save, gods to pacify, artifacts to neutralize etc. A world where you can make a difference :)

    8. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      @creator: lovely update! Nice video, thanks & best wishes :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Korric Morgan on

      I'm all for speed. What drew me to this game to me was the playtime. I much prefer something that can be played within an hour.

    10. Missing avatar

      Simone Ciccolone on

      Just to have a better idea on when I might expect to receive my long desired package full of wonders: suppose that manufacturing goes perfect and everything is shipped between end of January and beginning of February; then we have 6-9 weeks (or more?) for the freighter to arrive, and then the distribution (how will it work? all the copies will be shipped to you and then distributed?). What do you foresee (obviously, now it's a bit like looking in a foggy glass sphere): Easter bunny might give us a legendary easter egg this year? ;)

    11. Jonathan Hicks (Maven Games)

      That kind of attention to detail makes all the difference :)

    12. Jeremy Norton on

      So, given your comments on the type of experience - depth or speed, why not make future expansions that cater to either one? you could then pull out a quick slash and burn where time is restricted or play a long and deep adventure when you have plenty of time! I for one would like that option... Keep up the great work!!!

    13. Ethan Furman

      What MichaelBoucher said. I trust your creative spirit -- that's why I backed! :-)

    14. Skye Williams on

      Next year will be soon. This game will be with us soon. I still have fond memories playing the demo at UK Game Expo 2017. I'm just really glad to you and your team took very special care with the rules.

      I'll look forward to play it and review it after a few games (I don't play one game and then make up my mind, I must play a good amount of time to do reviews justice).

    15. Michael Boucher

      Thanks for all your hard work. What a journey! Hope you guys picked up tips and lessons here and there for your next project.

      Regarding the fine line you mentioned, I want the product you wanted to make and are proud of. That's all.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stuart Walker on

      That's a great update.

      I'm really glad you guys keep picking up these errors and work so hard to perfect the final product.

      I'm in foll agreement with you. There are plenty of light hack n slash games. However, there's also a plethora of fully fledged rpgs.

      Yanno the one thing that isn't available is a game that can be played at a complexity level appropriate to your available time.

      Perhaps there is a way to make the game lightweight as the basic level, then add a layer or two as a matter of choice.

      I've mentioned in the past character Gen. What if the game is perfectly playable in it's original format, and then having optional complexity supplements?

      A character gen rules set here, an advanced combat set there?

    17. Steve Parksmith

      Please keep light. think if make too complex then takes too much time.

    18. Russonc

      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to taking a peek at the video!