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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
3,238 backers pledged £129,748 to help bring this project to life.

Files at manufacturer, Player Aid, Reference card, box contents...

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

Hey guys a few things to cover off:

1) Files were sent to the manufacturer last Saturday
2) New Player Aid (also covers game difficulty)
3) New reference card
4) Box Contents listed
5) Review
6) Playthrough videos to follow
6) Next steps

Files were sent to the Manufacturer last Saturday
As per my previous update the files were sent to China on schedule. To clarify the proofing query (how could more things be found?) the final proofing errors we caught were things like this:

 If you add in the Scout and Guard tokens that gives you 72 Tokens not 70.

Egana's weapon is the Spear not the Javelin - this had been missed by everyone but spotted by a backer - apologies I'm not sure who exactly but thank you!

I deliberately haven't used red circles here because they are used in the actual rulebook. Look carefully - you'll see that we call out everything except the final red circle (Creature Health).

Note on the promo cards the Loot and the Booby Trap numbers were the wrong way round. This was because we added this late in the day to turn the UKGE 2017/2018 promos cards into a cool adventure for all of you.  Basically two columns got transposed in the source file and we missed it first time round. You could play the adventure this way but you would probably die pretty quickly!

And for the eagle-eyed amongst you.  Note technically this should be GS-FO08 not GS-FO8.

All of these corrections (and a few more) have been corrected.

New Player Aid.
As per the previous update a number of the reviewers have commented that Legends is pretty straight forward once they get 'up the curve'. We changed the game to help head this off last year by adding a walkthrough and card almanac along with several reference cards. However the reviewers suggested a player aid would help further, one you can use to get up the curve and also as a further reference if you ever get stuck.  To be clear what they wanted to know was the absolute core elements of the game - the 'what do I do next' stuff without having to refer to the rulebook.

To this end we have created a Player Aid which covers off the Legends Untold engine in a short number of pages. We have tried to order it so that you just need to find the page relevant to your situation and follow the flow chart accordingly.  It is saved here:

You will see a file there called Player aid booklet. This is draft, we have tried to make it printer friendly and in booklet form so you can fold it into your game box if desired. A Cover and introduction page will be added in due course but we wanted to let you see the aid now. 

Please let us know what you think.

In terms of the game difficulty I wanted to address a number of the concerns that came about after the last update.  Legends Untold is absolutely the game that you bought into. We have not made it more complex or done anything to it which makes the game more difficult to understand than the original demo you saw on BGG or here.  Indeed by bringing in Paul we were able to streamline some elements to make it more straightforward (placing the cards over the footsteps at exits rather than aligning lighting levels for example).

The content provided in the Caves and Sewers campaign books, booster sets and promo cards is entirely optional.  Some of you may want to play the base scenarios and nothing else - that is great, the game accommodates you in this endeavour completely.  For those of you who want to explore the world of Mor Nadar and check out the Cinematic Campaign, or fancy trying your hand at being an Alchemist or a Druid then we thought (via the stretch goals you helped unlock) that this would be a cool thing to do.

There is no need for you to use the optional assets we are giving you, in the same way I think many of you will choose not to use the Legendary level of difficulty.  However we know that some of you will, and indeed are very passionate about it.  We are trying to accommodate all of you by letting you play the game you want to.  Legends Untold can be a one hour taste of an RPG or a one hour taste of a sprawling story where you decide the fate of the Sax people - it really is up to you.

New Reference Card

To help with the game we have also changed one of the previous duplicate reference cards to give you one with the Scouting, Surprise and Combat Tests on it. This was in direct response to reviewers who wanted to be able to see how these very important things worked without having to refer to the rulebook.  Here are the obverse and reverses for you to see - this is a better use of space than 2 copies of the turn summary which we were previously going to give you

Box Contents listed

We have been asked to remind you of what is in each box. The easiest way to do this is to point you at the list on BGG:

Review in
We received a very favourable review from the Tabletop Gaming magazine:

We are very pleased with this. We have poured a good amount of our life into the project and feel that this reflects well on the game!

Playthrough videos to follow

As requested an independent play through video is being made and will be posted when it is available. Liz at Beyond Solitaire has kindly agreed to turn around a video for us at short notice (to be clear folks the copy of the game arrived with her today). I think Liz has a real talent at teaching games clearly and step by step. I certainly look forward to seeing the video when it is ready!

Next steps
The next thing for us to do is to approve the digital proof.  It arrived yesterday!  Hugh and I are working on this now. We need to check that all of the cards have been layed out in the correct order with the correct obverse and reverse and that nothing odd has happened as part of the print assembly. 

Please note we are not waiting for further hard copy proofs to be sent to us, this is why we took the pain on this front over the last few months.  We are checking the digital proofs and then when everything is checked and agreed we will push the button on manufacturing.

This is what we are working on now and I will give you an update the moment we have pushed that button.

Best wishes to all of you from us here at Inspiring Games.


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    1. Steve Parksmith


      game looks great! looking forward to this

    2. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      @Pedro: no, it isn't. No matter, we will like it and back the future upcoming expansions anyway.

    3. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Magnus - you have my categorical assurance that this is not the case.
      We are in fact finalising order quantity right now.
      I do understand your concern but no, all of the money has been ploughed back into the game to give you the best game we possibly can and to give it it's best possible chance at retail.

      Kindest regards

    4. Missing avatar

      Magnus Johansen on

      This is my first kickstarter i joined, and there is still no delivery.
      Feels like this will never be delivered.
      Is the money wasted and this is some attempt to try stall?
      There is a lot of goldiggers here on Kickstarter.

    5. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @God-k. Agreed, but I think there is a difference between hygiene and opinion.
      The right alignment vs central alignment of digits in a call out box - it's just opinion really.

      More importantly the files have been updated and resent back to the printer. A number of your suggestions were incorporated as it was convenient to do so. I thank you for your assistance in the matter.

    6. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      @Russonc people have different standards of hygiene. I was busy elsewhere, as you said.
      Nothing to do but hope for the best.

    7. Russonc

      GK likes to edit, does it in most campaigns I've seen him/her in...not a bad thing, but I agree sometimes too nit-picky for my tastes, especially this late in the process. (I mean, stop the presses... the Made in China labeling looks different than other games on my shelf..I think GK is having some fun with this... might be wrong but...)

    8. Missing avatar

      Florian the once-brave (rockhide bait) on

      I understand the impulse of asking for edits if you spot something in the pictures and think calling this "trying to look clever" is a bit harsh. However, we all had our chance to proofread most of the text in March (updates #71, #72). If you missed the chance back then, it's too late now for most of these things (especially icons, capitalization and other global changes). The local edits on the new reference cards are more useful. But even here an error will not ruin our enjoyment of the game.

      By the way: congratulations to IG for proceeding to the digital proofing stage. Another step closer to the final game.

    9. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @God-k sorry about the typos on the last comment. I am trying to get through the rest of the digital proofing.


    10. Inspiring Games Creator on

      The icons work, everybody we have shown it to at conventions has been absolutely fine with them.
      I agree that the latest two Reference cards need a tweak on them (I noticed the different sized hyphens) the moment I posted it and got them changed straight after. I never noticed the 1.1 thanks - good shout out.

      The reason those errors exist is because those cards were literally created in the last few days in response to reviewer feedback. I appreciate your help there.

      Adventure card - ah I understand your query now. Those are card codes introduced months back. That is the icon for the weeping caves and the card code beside it. The Font size used is the same as that used by the largest games manufacturer in the world.

    11. Coyote Hunter on

      I agree with Stefan. A lot of your proposed 'edits' are simply for the sake of it. Especially since IG has already noted only material errors will be corrected. There's such a thing as trying to look too clever...

    12. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on

      Are you being serious or just trying to look clever?
      There is nothing that needs correcting or editing now. This is a game to play, not something to sit and read. To say you are being over-critical is an understatement.
      Please IG, no more editing and proofing, just get the game printed.

    13. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      OK I get your hesitant reaction, you want this to go to print and be done with it. But as you can see, backers have waited so long, they are willing to wait a little longer for a better product. To say there are typos everywhere on other games is no excuse,

      I'm not asking you to change all the icons and coding, but after checking half dozen posts I haven't seen anything about the choice of icons. Perhaps it was done internally without discussing with backers, and I was busy elsewhere anyway.

      You have my attention now, and mistakes like "1.1." are very worrisome at this almost final stage of production, I'm pretty sure everything has been proofread by multiple persons, so why do these typos still exist? Did they get reintroduced as a result of fixing other bugs?

      I'm simply offering, for the benefit of all, to take a look at the cards and to pluck that low hanging fruit. I did similar work for other KS, Diceborn Heroes, Direwild, Jagged Alliance, the King's Guild, and more. In the end it's your call of course, and your responsibility.

    14. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      @Adventure card: to the right of Flavor text and special abilities, there is a yellow background ellipsis with text, with line 1 Why are you all staring. My question is about line 4, it's very small. What is that?

    15. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      I'm not a fan of the minus sign everywhere on the texts above, it reads like staccato, takes up a lot of space ( in " - " vs ":"), and you use ":" in the surprise test pt. 2.

      Card shows "1.1. " on Combat page above, surely this must be "1."?

    16. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @God-k. We are not changing icons. No way. Sorry but that is not happening. These were agreed months ago.

    17. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      "GS-FO08 not GS-FO8" => must be something with a capital o and a zero, right?
      If there is no GS-FN or GS-FP and others, the O in FO serves no identifying purpose, in which case I'd say get rid of it, use "GS-F08", saves space anyway.

    18. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      what was the story behind 3D6 instead of regular 3d6, I forgot..

    19. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      "Difficulty the party is Bold" has 2 spaces to the left of the icon. Should be 1.

      I find the icon hard to associate with "bold", i associate it with daring, Star Trek, lion, some examples on shutterstock, hell even a >>, but what is your token to represent, a bridge with a triangle above and below it?

      "-2 if they have Disadvantage" somehow doesn't align with the +2-line above it, is the + and - sign different in size? perhaps you used the dash (-) instead of a minus (-)>?

      The lines +2 .. and -2 .. don't end with a dot, the other lines do.

      Advance Ranged, Advance Melee: not only is it not conventional to describe with the same icon two different meanings, also the last line misses a ")":
      "Ranged Creature." => "Ranged Creature)."

      A note on usability:
      Users want to know the meaning of the icon and want to look it up and they do that GIVEN some ranged combat OR some melee combat.
      If you make a header icons for Ranged, place stuff under that,
      separate from another header that handles melee stuff only,
      that makes lookup so much faster.
      From a game creator's perspective I understand you want to be complete, but users prefer fast lookup over completeness.

      Miss (Ranged only) icon is non-conventional, a broken arrow signifies something else llke end of combat or something. An icon to show a dot outside crosshairs would be more fitting, see Internet e.g.

      Pushed Back is a shield - that's not conventional, more regular is knockback, and as icon i would expect some fist. And why is it pushED back where the others are in present tense?

      Use of Capitals: in sentences as Both the Hero and the Creature deal Damage to each other -> while I'm for capitalizing key mechanics, inside definitions capitalizing has no value; in other words hero, creature and damage can be written lowercase. Terms like hero and creature are too generic IMO. I'm not sure where Damage is defined, might be better to keep that Capitalized.

      Trade Blows => Trade blows, or is Blow a key game concept in LU?

    20. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @God-k I am reading these and appreciate your input, I know that you, like us, want the game to be the best it can be. I'm not following the Adventure phase block comment - is that on the Player Aid?

      Also to be clear, because someone will ask - there are limits to what we can and can't do now. Quick fixes that make a difference for sure can be considered. I'm not sure changing anything material would be a good idea and the further unplanned delay it would incur would upset a decent portion of our backers I would imagine.

      Please note I am not saying that the small wins are not a good idea, I repeat, I totally get that you are trying to help us make this a better game for all.


    21. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      TestsI => you have ample space, Tests I would read better.

    22. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Adventure phase block: there is under "increase" (bottom center) and a bit to the left is something incredibly small, what is that?

    23. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      I did some checking on existing bg in my closet. ALL of them that mention China have either "Made in China" or "Produced in China". Most have a fixed format:
      (c)opyright, year, name of group, website, something LLC and no parts etc, finally Made in China.
      ALL have same font for the above. To make the font Printed in China so big it attracts attention FROM the game away.

      Plus it will save you space to get the components right.
      70 (72? 76?) tokens, what were you thinking? Split this out into tokens of what type, nobody likes to count to 70 and even then you can't be sure after counting that you have the right amount of each type of token.

      The digits seem to swarm, they are not fine. Alternatively put the numbers and texts in a single column and left align these. I'm not a fan, since the MSB should stand out.
      Please humor me and make the table with the number column right aligned and then take a look at both images. Youll see the latter will be easier on the eyes.

      "We are saying you repeat the process" but you don't repeat, do you? Instead you start a new round of combat.

    24. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @God-K - party of three text. That is an excerpt from p39 the Heroes are introduced all throughout the book before that point. That would be an unnecessary use of space (which is tight).

      @God-K -
      starts over: To do something again, or to start again:come back to, replay, repeat...

      We are saying you repeat the process

    25. Inspiring Games Creator on

      I must be missing something the number alignment looks good to me,
      Printed in China and date - noted.
      The Logic is Hero cards then Adventure cards then tokens.

    26. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @ Pedro thanks.
      @Belisarius - indeed. Also I found out this morning the Spear Javelin thing was noted by one our demo team Eoghann - full marks that man!

    27. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      The party of 3 text should be rephrased. First mention what class the heroes are.
      Sequence starts over literally means undo the previous actions.
      Please send me the text files, I can make a contribution to proofreading you won't regret it.

    28. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      The dot after China must go, it's not a sentence.
      Traditionally a year is added, be optimistic and add 2019.
      There is no logic in the way the components are ordered, better to order them in increasing number.

    29. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      The numbers and components are aligned incorrectly. The numbers are center aligned in their own column, these should be all right aligned. Single digit numbers now seem to float compared to double digits. If you are going to fix the 70, also fix this.

    30. Belisarius

      No matter who the company is or how many times a game has been proofed, showing it to the backers will always result in some more errors being found. :-)

    31. Missing avatar

      Pedro Elizondo Jr

      Glad that the game is being corrected further. I honestly already want the game but if this makes it better I'm willing to wait