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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
3,238 backers pledged £129,748 to help bring this project to life.

Progress Update

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

Reviewers feedback
Files being updated

Reviewers Feedback

We have had consistent feedback now from a number of reviewers:
Unique, unlike anything else, great fun, great value for money, scratches that RPG itch, encourages you to roleplay. 

We are delighted with these comments.

However, they have also consistently said that because there is no GM that getting up 'the curve' is hard.  Once they understand the game they had no issues with it, but learning the game has proven to be difficult for some. Some of you may remember this is why we brought in a third party editor and this is why we brought in a walkthrough scenario to help people - there is no 'Kev App' unfortunately.

The consistent feedback seems to be that we need to provide a better player aid which will help you learn the thresholds for Scouting and how Booby Traps work etc. without having to refer to the Rulebook.

With that in mind we are adding a downloadable play aid for you all which we will post up on the Website and on BGG. It is 10 pages of A4 showing you the core engine, in effect the things you need to remember that the reviewers have commented upon. We shall introduce this play aid via the Brethren who are the narrators of Mor Nadar.  
Please note this play aid will not be added to the game components itself. We can't fit it in the box, and we don't think you will necessarily require it once you are 'up the curve'.  This is why we are making the file available electronically when it is finished. Here is the front cover for you to see. We will share the rest when it has been laid out properly.

Files being updated

The proofreading of the game files has been completed.  It took slightly longer than we anticipated but we are now done. We spotted a number of things on the books and cards that whilst minor would have frustrated you had we hit the publish button.  We are now finished with those and anticipate sending the files at the end of this month. 

The revised delivery date will be confirmed the moment the files go. It is indeed looking like January 2019 now which many of you had anticipated.  

This is not what we wanted, equally so we do not want you to have a game that:
a) has proofing errors in it that we are aware of
b) despite our very best efforts you are struggling to get up 'the curve' on.

We are trying our very best to ensure a quality product will reach your doorstep, I apologise for the slight delay that this has caused.

Kindest regards to you all

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      I hope you are going to draw a line under any non proofing changes, I am concerned you will never pull the trigger and/or funding issues to deliver to backers.

      I am puzzled at how long it is taking to schedule the printing of cards and an insert, every delay means someonelse steals your production slots.

    2. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @EbbeC - everything is OK yes thanks.

      What we did not realise was just how much work would be involved in proofreading the Caves, Sewers, books, cards etc.

      The amount of data points we have on the cards is necessarily large (to facilitate a GM less experience).

      We've also learned that having the cards and the books in your hands lets you find things you just don't on screen.


    3. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Michael, @ Stuart

      we're on it - I have posted the game out to somebody this very weekend to do this for you.


    4. Inspiring Games Creator on

      no problem, our pleasure!

      Thanks for the support - it is hugely appreciated!

    5. Inspiring Games Creator on

      The game was originally launched with stand alone Scenarios only. As a Stretch Goal we added the Cinematic Campaign which let you play a series of linked Episodes (printed on the back of the Scenario cards).

      The Caves Cinematic Campaign is all to do with you saving the Remaining townsfolk of the Sax by escorting them through the Weeping Caves to safety.

      The Sewers Cniematic Campaign focuses on you leading the Newcomer Knights (who are pursuing you) through the Sewers.

      This is where the '4 Journeyed High to the Weeping Caves, 4 Descended to the Great Sewer below' opener from the Kickstarter comes from.

      Earlier this year we added Campaign Books for each of these sets. They provide:
      1) A Walkthrough Scenario for each Environment to help learn the game.
      2) Rules on how to play the Cinematic Campaign (which is entirely optional).
      3) A Card Almanac so you can see the breakdown of every card type and how they work.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.

    6. Inspiring Games Creator on

      The game has been streamlined since the demo we launched on BGG.
      The Campaign guides are optional - you don't need to use them in any way, however we believe that many of the backers will in fact get a real sense of enjoyment from the Cinematic Campaigns.

      That just leaves the Player Aid - we are providing this in direct response to feedback we are receiving from reviewers. The idea is try to give you something you can reference easily without having to refer to the book if you are unsure of something.

      I hope that explains it better.


    7. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Blitzbuff - sure thing

    8. Missing avatar

      EbbeC on

      "We are very close now. We have spoken to the manufacturer and we are working on getting the files to them by the end of this month." -Update from 7 months and 11 days ago.

      I've been quite happy with this project and the delays haven't really bothered me that much, but what's going on? You've been "sending the files" and been "done with proof reading" so many times that I'm getting confused. I appreciate that you are trying to make the best result you can, but this is starting to feel weird. Is everything ok with the project?

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Sweazey

      I second the suggestion of a really good tutorial video. It sounds like the learning curve is a real issue, and many people just won’t play the game if it is that much work to learn. Additionally, I would suggest having someone outside the design team produce the video - someone like Rodney Smith - but there are a few others who are really good at this type of thing.

      The design team is too close to the game and is apt to gloss over things they assume are obvious but that someone approaching the game for the first time will struggle wth.

    10. Skyland Games on

      Thanks for taking the time to make a quality product! Looking forward to January!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jesterx on

      What is the caves guide?

    12. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on

      So for a game that is supposed to be (or was supposed to be) simple to setup and play we now have a rulebook, a caves guide, a sewers guide and a players aid.

    13. Blitzbuff on

      Please include a printer friendly version of the Player Aid.

    14. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Richard - yup I know where you are coming from. Please see the comment to Stuart below. It's really hard we are taking feedback that it needs to be easier to get up the curve. Debating what should and should not be in it becomes a point of challenge in itself.

      We have turned it into a series of flow diagrams - here are the 8 steps to Scouting for example.

    15. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Russonc - no problem - most welcome!

    16. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Stuart - hi and thanks!
      So this is a tricky one as we have discussed things before in the LU Fbook Group and I believe you are a veteran RPGer (like many but not all of our Backers). And you help demonstrate the problem we face - we have deliberately designed a hybird game and of course we therefore have a diverse Backer base - which is absolutely what we want.

      Our latest review by Ready Steady Play…

      'The game would benefit from more prompts'
      'The Rulebook is hefty...any one coming at it from a Light Boardgamer perspective would share these oprinion'
      'Anyone coming at it from a D&D/RPG perspective would say 'please your complaining about that'

      The reference being to the fact that LU hs a 60 page A5 Rulebook or 30 pages of A4. Which clearly is a fraction of the Core Rules used in many Fantasy RPGs.

      My point is - you and many others may well not need it!
      The video is a good idea and something I want to get to - after we get files away to the manufacturer. The Ready Steady guys do give it a good go but there are some errors in there.
      Online community - well we hope so, we do this as a labour of love. We want fellow minded gamers to enjoy Mor Nadar (or their own world) in the way we do.


    17. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Scott - I would never have thought of that thanks! We do make reference to the IG Website at the start of the Rules but this is a good shout - much appreciated!

    18. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Ryan - Always one indeed :)
      I'm not sure you will need it after a few plays. There is nothing there that is not in the Rulebook. But the Reviewers have old us that a lot of people don't like referring to Rulebooks.
      Just checking why those dimensions please - is that something very common or similar?
      Hold on that is probably US Letter - yup just checked. Sure we can do that.
      In fact if we ever do ASID part of that may well be US Letter we think.

      As ever thanks!

    19. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Edward G. Hmmm that is a good idea - just don't know if the Player Aid can accomodate that without it losing it's impact. We can try!

    20. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Ethan - no problem. They would have bugged you. They were hard to find but they had to come out.

    21. Richard Evans on

      Is a 10 page pdf not just going to be off putting?
      It’s essentially another rule book?

    22. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      It's not just a 'slight delay that this has caused'is it really?
      This is already 15 months late - a January 2019 estimate takes that out to 19 months. And being honest I take this latest estimate/update with the largest pinch of salt ever given how late we are already.
      Can I have my money back please.

    23. Russonc

      Thanks for the update! Love the cover art on the Player Aids (and I'm a fan of player aids in general so I'll be printing a set out when ready!)

    24. Missing avatar

      Stuart Walker on

      I might be frustrated that the game is delayed further, but I am satisfied that you guys are doing the best you can.

      I'm not sure I like the idea of the play aid. Whilst I appreciate the purpose, I'm concerned that newcomers (who aren't followers of the kickstarter) might be put off. TBH it feels a bit clunky.

      That said I will be downloading it, and will use it along with playguide videos. Perhaps a video walkthrough would be a better approach?

      I also very much hope you put a simple flyer in all the boxes with a qr code linking to appropriate online files.

      That might add some slickness and help the whole thing feel more integrated.

      It is my suspicion BTW, that LU is going to generate a respectable online community.

      Keep up the amazing work guys. I can't wait to get my sticky mitts on my reward.

    25. Scott Seaward on

      While it might be too much to put in the box, or not necessary, it might be good to add something in the rulebook directing players to the player aid, for those people who find the game after Kickstarter and don't know to look for it.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ryan Byrd on

      I like the payer aid plan. I can see this being added physically to future sets. If so, maybe changing the name to remove "Novice" would be prudent just to make it not look restricted to the Novice sets (unless it really is limited to Novice sets).

      Also, is the printing within margins of 8.5x11 as well as A4? It would be nice if it was available for printing on either. There is always someone who wants something else, right?

      Great job!

    27. Edward G.

      Glad to have a player aid, will the pages be bi-fold so that if we have room we can put it in the box?

    28. Ethan Furman

      Thank you! Both for the Player Aid, and for not holding up the game for it. :-)

      Thank you also for fixing those proofing errors.