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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
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Boxes, Inserts and Sleeving

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

Hey guys,
lots of photos and a video here to do my talking for me.

Tabletop Scotland debrief

Revised Box Insert has arrived - it all fits!

Final proofing being finished now - files go to manufacturer next week

Sleeving - Lots of photos

Tabletop Scotland
We are back from Tabletop Scotland - what a blast!
I have to give the organisers a shout out here as they are local, we know them well, and they are incredibly supportive of the Indie Publishing scene and all things gaming in Scotland. To get over 1,000 gamers to attend your convention in the first year is truly fantastic  - well done to Dave, Simon, John, Duncan et al.

It was also our pleasure to meet so many backers, retailers and reviewers at the con who had an interest in the Legends Untold story. For those that have asked how easy Legends is, well I think last weekend was a particularly brutal experience for the Sax. At IG we have collectively seen three TPKs (Total Party Kills) in three years of demoing Legends at UKGE. We saw 5 TPKs (and several near misses) in two days at Tabletop Scotland. 

I want to add a special thanks here to Eoghann and Duncan for helping Hugh and I demo over the two days.  They did an amazing job and I know that many of the people who were given a game by them commented on how great the demo experience was.  Well done guys and thank you!

So there you have it, those that were there saw the game, we showed you the new slightly bigger box and why we needed to increase it.  Collectively from all at IG please accept our thanks for coming to the stand, playing the game and giving us your support - you were awesome!

Revised Box Insert
These arrived the day before the con and we only got a chance to actually open them and check the fit at the convention itself! I'm pleased (and relieved) to say that everything fits.  This video shows it off best:
CAVEAT - The new box is NOT 14cm deeper it is 20mm deeper!

Final proofing being finished now

I'm pleased to say that Dave has finished his final pass of the Sewers Book. The files are being sent to the manufacturer next week!

Sleeving - Lots of photos

For those that want to sleeve I have been asked to show some pictures of the sleeves we have been using to check the inserts. I have set up the lightbox with a dark fabric to try and show you the contrast guys as the differences are less than a mm in most cases.

This is the first set of sleeves that I bought, these were used to measure the box insert:.

This image shows you the fit width wise for these cards, they really do fit like a glove:

This Image shows you the fit at the top. The shortall is so marginal it is really hard to show this properly. The sleeve is a smidge (and it really is that) too short, a fraction of a mm:

The next image shows you the top compared to the second sleeve type I was asked to try. You can see the second sleeve type is marginally taller than the card:

The next image shows the comparative width of both sleeve types, note the second sleeve types are indeed wider:

Finally here is an image of the second sleeve type I purchased so you can see the product:

Please note I am trying one more sleeve type (Swan Panasia 88x126mm), I don't think it will be tall enough but I will post the results of that next week when it arrives from Germany.

OK folks that's all for just now.  There will be an update up fairly soon
when I confirm that the files are off to the manufacturer!

Best wishes to you and your families.


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    1. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Boxes look great but I won't use sleeves for the dungeon cards, sleeves slip.

    2. japester

      I wasn't expecting that. Thank you. And I will gladly take you up on that offer. Payment sent. :-)

    3. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Japester - thanks, that is actually really nice to hear!
      Yes I totally accept that. And with hindsight it is easy to argue that launching 6 separate SKUs for our first project was somewhat ambitious!

      We really believe in the concept and the world and want to share that but perhaps we could have stopped at Caves on day 1.

      Anyway - again you have my thanks that is pretty motivating!

      We've pretty much locked stuff down as we are getting fulfilment sorted. But yeah sure we can still accommodate a few more upgrades at this stage.

      I've added it for you on BackerKit at the original Kickstarter price (£19 + £3 shipping) and resent the survey to you for card details.

      Thanks for your support - hugely appreciated!

    4. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Russonc - I was taken aback a bit there. You are normally so chilled!
      Here was me thinking we should add a Russ potion of energy into the game the other day...
      Thanks for the second comment.

      No worries, I get it though - gimme the game Kev!!!

      As always the very best wishes to you :)

    5. japester

      This is great to see. I'll be honest--I went with the smaller pledge because I wasn't sure you would pull it off. I really liked your concept, but it was clearly rough going at first. It now looks like you've got a winner on your hands, and I don't begrudge you tweaking things and preening a bit over your new "baby". ^_^

      Cheers! Is the pre-order link the best way to add Sewers if we only purchased Caves through KS?

    6. Russonc

      ... that sounded cranky... ignore my last comment... I meant to just think that and not hit enter... just waking up... I really, really am very excited to get started on this Franchise!!
      Thanks for the update!

    7. Russonc

      Sleevers are a picky lot... play au naturale ...
      Storing the trash pieces in the box... odd....
      (please don't test ever sleeve design and re-invent the insert again... I really want to play this game one day).

    8. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Ivan - indeed just as Ian suggests (thanks Ian) I recommend you retain the punchboard and use it to boost the insert for that snug fit.


    9. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @ Jeff
      Pokers are Paladin Percival 63.5mm x 89mm
      Double Pokers are:
      1) Ultimate Guard Precise Fit oversized Sleeves 89x127mm
      2) Swan Panasia Custom made for Cutthroat Caverns 90mm x 128mm.


    10. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Ross, @ Wolfgang.

      Sorry If I'm missing something but I don't' see anything that comes close to the 89mm x 128mm dimensions that are required.

      Can you send me a link for a suitable product you've found please?


    11. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Drive Elizabeth.
      No problem - Please refer to Update 81 (it's a wee bit sticky ooty) which shows you how this all works.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ian Saxby

      @Ivan once you've punched out the tokens, put the empty sheets under the insert and it will push everything to the right place.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ivan Huntington-Thresher on

      Only a very minor query: With the ‘shake test’ on the new boxes & inserts I notice you had the punch sheets packed in too. When in use the tokens will all be punched out and their sheets removed, I assume this will make the fit much looser and the ‘shake test’ might not work so well.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ivan Huntington-Thresher on

      You say that the first test sleeves were used to design the inserts - have you tested the inserts with the second test sleeves (as they are bigger)?

    15. Wolfgang Murth on

      I second the Arcane Tinmen. These you can buy here in Austria. I have never seen the ones you used.

    16. Drive Elizabeth on

      ** I can see that there are spaces in the insert for punched tokens as well as dice - YES!! (That's what happens when I watch a video on my mobile - I miss details).

    17. Jeff

      What size are the sleeves you tested above?

    18. Ross Graham

      Will you be testing with Arcane Tinmen oversized sleeves? They are slightly larger than Ultimate Guard's oversized sleeves, better quality and not hard to find, so I expect people may want to use them (I certainly will).

    19. Drive Elizabeth on

      The card storage looks great, but is there a storage suggestion for the punched tokens? Is there space for them?