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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
3,238 backers pledged £129,748 to help bring this project to life.

Hard copy proofing complete, delivery timetable confirmed

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

1 - Addresses locked down - thank you!
2 - Revised Box Files sent to the manufacturer.
3 - Hard Copy proofing of all three books and all cards now complete.4 - Awaiting revised boxes and rulebooks from manufacturer to sign off.5 - Manufacturing to complete in 50 days of proof sign off (Estimated 20 October 2018).6 - Fulfilment arranged via Gamesquest in the EU and local partners.
7- Delivery anticipated by end of December 2018 (based on 20 October Manufactured date).
8 - Distribution and reviewer interest

Hi guys,
lots to catch you up on in this update.

Addresses locked down, that's it, we now have roughly 3,500 of you locked down and have the files available to pass on to the fulfilment house- thank you for all your help here!

Revised Box Files sent to the manufacturerThe increased depth box art files have been sent to the manufacturer who will be air freighting back a copy of them along with the revised insert for checking in short order.

Hard Copy proofing of all three books and all cards now completeIt is much easier to proofread a hard copy than a digital one. When we sent the Caves and the Sewers hard copy proofs to our proofreader he found stuff that none of us found in the digital proof.  I can understand how frustrating this must be for you, however when our proofreader finds issues in the hard copy I think it is worth the extra delay to make sure you will not have those errors when you receive the game.  I think David has done an incredible job here given he is reviewing three whole books and all the cards.  Here are some examples of the things that were found (and have now been fixed):

Here you can see that although there are three Giant Spiders in the example there are only two piles of Health Tokens rather than three.

In this case the cards are in the wrong order - Squeeze Ascent is drawn in Turn 2 and Bat Colony at the end of Turn 3.

 This one, well I don't think you would have let up really given it says Sewers at the top and Caves in point 4.

And finally this example here is typical of the work that David does for us.  Taking the book and following every instruction to the letter and pointing out that in fact two of those card codes were incorrect.  You would have been able to figure it out for sure (it's why we use card name and card code), however we'd rather get it right from the outset:

Please note there are also a few issues on the cards (incorrect card codes and missing icons in the main).  The only actual graphic design work that came out of the process was based on feedback from UKGE and reviewers around the Readiness Tracker. Several people asked if we could put the thresholds for gaining Alert, Bold etc. on this card, this is being done now (minor tweaks really) and I will share it with you in short order. 

Awaiting revised boxes and rulebooks from manufacturer to sign off.

With the revised box art and rulebooks now back with the manufacturer we await the final versions to be returned to us for checking. We need to check that the boxes continue to look as great as the ones we have shown you so far (if anything they should be slightly better as you will see a smidge more art in one dimension). We also need to check that the boxes do indeed accommodate the sleeved cards (for those that want to sleeve) as per the design.

Manufacturing to complete in 50 days of proof sign off (Estimated 20 October 2018).Assuming the final proof is OK we can proceed to manufacturing which Whatz have confirmed as taking 50 days from sign off. I estimate we can sign off by the end of August and that this will give us a manufactured product date of 20 October 2018.

Fulfilment arranged via Gamesquest in the EU and local partners.We have been doing extensive diligence over the past few months, I have spoken to many backers, other Creators and most importantly have directly met with the management team at Gamesquest. They have given me assurances that they will look after our project and I believe that they are the right partner for us to get the game to you. We are likely to be using QML Logistics in the USA. There may be further local partners used (I will confirm this in due course).

Delivery anticipated by end of December 2018 (based on 20 October Manufactured date).We are told 10 weeks (to be safe) is the correct estimate of shipping from the port at Shanghai - this leads to a year end delivery date for you all.

Distribution and reviewer interestI am delighted to say that we will be in distribution in the UK (as announced before) and we are in the process of signing up further distribution in both Germany and Australia.
There has been a material amount of interest from the reviewer fraternity and I'm sure you shall see some reviews and playthroughs coming up soon (I know a number of you have been asking for playthroughs).
Also please note the first two reviewers we gave the game to both came back and said they thought the Sewers Walkthrough was excellent but that the Caves Walkthrough needed some tweaks.  These tweaks have been made and proofread as part of the process mentioned above.

I can understand that many of you do not want to hear that there is a further delay. I apologise to you but can confirm that every Creator I have spoken to has said that if there are errors that can be fixed at this stage then they would also recommend fixing them now (while we can) before pushing that final manufacturing button.  I would hope that you understand we are doing this to give you the very best game we can.

Best wishes to you and all your families.

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    1. Inspiring Games Creator on

      Hi guys - clearly there are a number of you who have concerns over the address locking.
      We have locked them down so that we could get good files across for fulfilment in terms of SKUs per country.

      Yes we will of course do everything we can to change addresses for you right up until the point we are told that we can not do so.

      If you want to change an address now please just message us on Kickstarter or email

      For those that do not know yet I completely understand. We will accomodate those changes for you in the same manner when you know more.

      I hope that helps relieve you all on this point.

      Kindest regards

    2. Adam

      Argh, I've forgot to message you guys about a possible change of address, I hope its not too late. We're currently in the process of moving house but it might be 8 weeks or anything upto 16 so I'm not sure which address to use, maybe a family members address would be best, who do I need to contact about this?

    3. Ben Gough-Cooper

      Soo, about those addresses being locked down :) I'm going to be in a new job come the end of October so I'll need to change my delivery address at some point...

    4. Missing avatar

      EbbeC on

      Agreed with most people here, locking down the addresses 4 months before estimated delivery doesn't make any sense. A lot can happen in 4 months.

    5. Missing avatar

      DHB on

      I am not sure i agree with your proof reading example though!
      The diagram is for the example as written in the main body of text isnt it? It doesnt directly relate to the italics for the breakpoint example does it?
      Therefore there should only be 2 stacks because thats whats described in the text.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      @Jesterx The same for UK backers, backing non UK projects, especially US and Canadian.

    7. ershua on

      I hope it will be ok for me, but I still find it funny that you first lock the delivery addresses and only then tell us the estimated delivery date.

    8. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Excellent. You have good proof readers and the delay is perfectly reasonable. Keep up the good work! Again I'm proud to be a backer.

    9. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on

      Hearing that Gamesquest are involved does not fill me with confidence. They have let me down 3 times here in UK. This will definitely be a 2019 game.

    10. ionas on

      You are making up for kicking out your designer in an unfriendly way at least.
      Best to you. Take your time!

    11. Michael Boucher

      I waited this long I can wait a bit more lol

    12. Baron von Nein Lederhosen

      I also have no idea where I will be living in December / January.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jesterx on

      Gamesquest is disappointing: (.
      I get never a Tracking ID or a answer from them.
      Why not Happyshops?
      Late December delivery? It is Xmas :(.
      I believe the UK Backer get their games this year, all others in 2019.

      I ve no luck with Projects from the UK. Delays, f... Shipping Partners.

    14. MinimalistCat on

      proof proof and proof some more. quality over speed at every decision point

    15. Max van Hooren on

      @Timo, they said earlier that they wanted to lock down so they could find the right fulfillment partner. But I guess they can still change it if you send them a message?

    16. Kevin Shaud

      I am in the process of relocating as well. I am in an apartment currently, but will be moving into a new house within the next few months. Once I know my new address, I will need to update my shipping address. That will probably be sometime in October.

    17. Missing avatar

      Timo Kandolin

      Hey, Thanks for the info. However, I have to say that I'm baffled by the "addresses locked"- information. It is now August, and you aim to fulfill in December, but you're locking down addresses now?
      I sent a message to you about my address change through kickstarter (and did get the reply, thanks), but since then I have no idea where I will live in December. I'm currently selling my house, and after that is a deal, we're looking for another one, but it might take months to iron our the details and move, so I can't give an exact address for the time being.

      Usually kickstarters allow address changes up to the almost end of the freight from China.