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Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players.  5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
Legends Untold; A cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players. 5 minutes setup, 1 hour play time. Supported by an immersive campaign.
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Last chance to add to your order before lockdown

Posted by Inspiring Games (Creator)

Summary:- Proofing of Sewers set and Boosters content is underway.
- Improved insert V2 and V3 have been produced.
- We are locking down the orders on 31 July 2018. This is your last chance to add anything to your order.
- Fulfilment is in the process of being finalised, further details for follow.- Legends Untold is now in distribution in the UK!- To make it simpler for everyone I have included responses to the last few updates below: 

Hi guys - OK here we go:

Proofing of Sewers set and Boosters content is underway.  We are finding minor things which you can notice more easily with a hard copy proofing. To give you an idea of the things that were found on the Caves Set.

P6 of the Rule Book - To maintain consistency with the entries on pp 4 and 5, the subtext for the "3 Plot Cards" and "4 Dice" should start in lower case rather than with a capital letter.

To get everyone up to speed we are trying to deliver a plastic insert rather than a card one which will give you far better storage for your cards:
V1 of the new insert looked like this:

It worked perfectly for non sleeved cards. However when we sleeved the cards they could not all fit in the box, there was not enough depth to cope with the sleeved cards.
A revised layout to the insert was proposed as such:

I received a photograph of V2 from China last week which accommodated all the cards by length and width but required further depth to be added to accommodate the sleeved cards. You can see the V2 here:


With the spacing now sorted I asked for a further 6mm of depth to accommodate the sleeved single pokers and 12mm of depth to accommodate the sleeved double pokers giving an increased insert and box depth of 18mm.

Here is the photograph of V3 which I received this morning - you can see that everything fits well and should also handle the depth of the sleeved cards. Note the box is white as it is a prototype to accommodate the increased depth.

Please note these are quick photographs take by Whatz, they have not been placed in a lightbox or anything like that:

The next step is to receive a hard copy proof of the V3 inserts and printed boxes with the artwork for Caves and Sewers (these are being sent to China over the next day or so - please note the change to the box will be negligible but it needs to be checked).

When I receive these I can (hopefully) confirm that everything looks good and fits on a sleeved basis.  We can then proceed to push the button on manufacturing.

Address and Order Lock down on 31 July.Please note we are now finally at the stage where we are locking down addresses and orders. If you want any address changes or anything added to your order please get in touch with us immediately.

We are coming to the end of our discussions on this point, we will be announcing our fulfilment partner shortly. Getting the finalised addresses is essential to closing this out.

I am very pleased to confirm that Legends Untold is now on the stock list with Asmodee UK. Only a very small number of indy publishers get into distribution with their debut title, we are delighted to have achieved this and look forward to seeing our game in retailers across the UK. We are in discussions with other distributors across the globe and I hope to have more news on this front in due course.

Responses to comments from previous updates (to avoid lots of searching)

Update #79
Justin Boehm @IG so... how would this giant mat and miniatures work if you wanted to use them with LU? I mean, you move as a group right (or maybe I'm remembering wrong)? Is it something where the location cards would fit on the squares shown on the mat image?

No sorry those mats are basically used if you wanted to 'supersize' your own game of Legends to make the particular room larger or if you wanted to use them for your own RPG or skirmish game. Yes you are correct you move as a group in Legends.

Korric Morgan - Just please retain a focus on short playtime and portability. etc. Understood and agreed. Legends is meant to fill that niche - you want more than a combat oriented dungeon crawler but don’t have time for a full pen and paper RPG. Anything we produce for future expansions will be true to this design ethos.

Bellisarius - Sorry if 
i missed it but are the A3 game mats available for download or purchase as a file? At that size they are ideal to print and play with. Not at the moment sorry. We are still debating what direction we would go with the game mats, for now our focus is getting the game to everyone - thanks for the interest though!

Update #80
God-keizer - Please post a picture of the box inside with the tokens punched out, how does it look when organized, how is it's usability? Can you easily take the game components out? Is stuff easy to find? Time the set-up time. How long is the tear down and tuck away time and effort? What parts are more prone to wear and tear? What needs reinforcing?
I have covered this off via the new insert.

Update #81
 TheSirSpence (is killing me) - I don't suppose that there is any chance the PM could be reopened. I missed it first time round and I get more and more gutted that u am not getting a game with every update.
Yes no problem - please message me with what you want and I will add it for you .

Paul Johnson - The insert looks great. I really appreciate the effort you're putting into the game. One question about your new proposal to stack the double size cards on top of the insert and increase the depth of the box though. Won't everything start sliding around and falling out the insert if it's stored on it's side? Normally you can fix this by storing the used punch boards under the insert to raise the level flush with the box lid. But I can't see that working here. Is this something you've already considered / tested? This is a totally valid question Paul. Unsleeved and using the original design I checked this several times and it was not an issue. Using the new design I won’t be able to tell you how much of an issue it is until I have the Insert in my hands with all the tokens. This is definitely the challenge trying to accommodate sleeved, partially sleeved and unsleeved preferences in a small box. I will update you when I know more but there really is nowhere else to store the cards on a sleeved basis.

Fredrik Fregginia - What is the size of the Perceival Guard 83 or 85 by 127mm? Neither, it is an Ultimate Guard sleeve 89x127mm

Can the Mayday Games Tiny Epic Kingdom Sleeves fit the card instead? They are listed as 88x125mm. I think they are likely to be thin (the Ultimate Guard ones are snug) and would be not be long enough - the Ultimate Guard sleeves are too short by a fraction of a mm.

Matthew Guillemette - This is looking really amazing, thanks for all the extra effort for us "Compulsive Sleevers!" I just hope that when your next campaign comes out, you give us the option to grab the other Novice set that we didn't get... I was only able to go in for the Caves set initially, because of the cost conversion between british pounds and Canadian. I expect to go all in on the next campaign...
Thank you! We are still deciding what to do next, after some head bashing we may have a new change of direction from our last stated position. We are still looking at it (working title Project Cornwall) just now, but think our plans may be more in line with what you guys would like to see. In the meantime - if you want to add the Sewers just now please message me ASAP and I can add it for you if that is your wish.

David Purkiss Is it still possible to get the dice? Yes, please message me and let me know how many sets and I can do this for you now before I close out the final order.

Other Comments
J.O. These are some nice fitting sleeves. How many of them do we need for each set?  
For Caves and Sewers you need 33 double poker and 123 single poker sleeves.

Please also note we added in the UKGE Bonus Promo adventure too which is 5 double poker and 3 poker sleeves.

For each Booster you need 2 double poker and 11 single poker sleeves.

Steelbeard issue with the sleeve fitting the card? Specifically, the photo of the Student card in the sleeve does not look as though it fits. There appears to be no clearance at the top of the sleeve, and the card looks like it's poking out to me. We do not manufacture the sleeves. After looking around for a suitable sleeve size these were the ones I was able to source. The double poker cards sit less than 1mm outside the sleeve at the open edge of this particular brand. The insert can accommodate this and more.

OK folks that is it for just now.  I will let you know when I have V3 of the insert so we can try it all out.  In the meantime please note what I was saying about lockdown.

Best wishes to you all from IG.

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    1. Alan

      You have all your games in one cupboard? Nice! I have two cupboards, a stack in the workroom, most of the living room table covered, and a few stacked in the hallway. Where's the support group for Kickstarter (over-)Backers having their next meeting?

    2. Dan Parr

      @Jerry T: So, because some people choose to spend extra money customising their game, the rest of us should now spend extra money customising how we store the game? :p

      @Alan: I feel your pain. Every one of the 89 kickstarter projects I've backed have been board games, and with the games I have from other sources my games cupboard is splitting at the seams. I have so many games that I struggle to store them all...First world problems, right? :p

    3. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      @Alan use magic tape , its actually repackaged bondage tape , much cheaper if ordered as such. If you go into a retail outlet as opposed to on-line for it they won't believe your answer when they ask how you intend to use it. I just told her it wasn't what she would expect she said nothing would surprise her.

    4. Alan

      I also store games on their edges when it makes them fit in the shelves better (my space problem). Can I add my voice and request that the insert be re-made (again) such that when the box is stored on its side, with un-sleeved cards that they don't all go flopping down and get all mixed up so that it adds another half-hour to the setup time just re-sorting all the cards?

      If I had my druthers, games wouldn't come with inserts, they'd just come with enough big-enough baggies to store all the cards (properly sorted of course) and extra bits and fit comfortably so that they don't take up nearly as much space. The baggies could easily be big enough to hold sleeved cards and then everyone would be happy.

      I've got a number of games where I've just tossed the insert, baggied everything, and then there's only about 1/4 the box actually used up.

    5. Dan Parr

      @Ross D'Souza: I said the same further down, I have no issue with the card slots being made slightly bigger to fit sleeves, I don't even mind if they make them deep enough too (although in those cases it's great if they supply foam blocks to keep unsleeved cards held in properly. If they can do all that within the existing box space, I have no issue (eg if the board or other components have determined the box dimensions and there is plenty of space to work with). My issue comes when they make the box bigger or make the insert less effective and they appear to have done both; Looking at the latest pics, if the box is stored upright with unsleeved cards then the double size cards look like they have more than enough space to lift off of the smaller wells allowing the smaller cards to come out of their wells and slide around. The original insert had everything held in place properly because there was no extra space for movement.

    6. Ross D'Souza on

      @Dan Parr: Hmm, good point, how about the boot space? That's not a space that _needs_ to be empty space and could quite easily be reduced.

      I wonder how one would get a representative sample of gamers to have confidence in the result. Interestingly for purposes of a Kickstarter, one could poll the backers since that is your audience.

      I pretty much agree with you regarding the insert. As I said the FFG sleeves are tall, and the ones IG tested with aren't like that. Hence I suspect I'll be throwing the insert away anyway. My small addition is that if adding a couple millimetres on each tray to accommodate the width of a sleeved card (not necessarily FFG) then that's alright if it doesn't really change the overall box size, since that's just shifting where the empty space is that was already in the original box.

      :( to delays, I know it's Kickstarter. Tis always hard to temper my excitement for more games. (Though finally receiving my Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon helps with that). I tend to try and forget I've backed things and receiving a game is a surprise :P

    7. Dan Parr

      @Ross D'Souza: I'm still not sure that is a fair comparison...the glove box, storage compartments, etc are generally put in places where there would otherwise have been an unused space. The car needs to be a certain size to accommodate it's largest intended contents: the passengers :p
      I saw a poll on BGG that put the split pretty close to 50/50 sleevers to non-sleevers, but given the demographic polled, I would suspect that the result is skewed heavily towards the sleever end.
      As with any product, the designers have to decide who their market is and accept that the result may be less appealing to other groups. It's my opinion that designing for sleevers isn't worth it; it results in a sub-optimal insert for anyone who buys the product to use it as-is and may not even work for everyone that sleeves.
      If I get a game and the box is oversized to fit sleeves, I usually just sigh and resign myself to more wasted space on my already overloaded shelves, but my annoyance here comes from the fact that they had a perfectly good insert, but threw it out (with whatever effect thathad on delivery) and went back to the drawing board because a few people complained that it didn't work for their chosen after market modification.

    8. Ross D'Souza on

      Having gone and made a cup of tea and returned, I'm picking holes in my own comparison too. Even my comparison isn't as comparable as it could be. A better comparison would be the existence of the cup holders, glove box, and any storage compartment in the car. These are not there to accommodate anything "as sold" by the car, yet are still there. This is regardless if you are intending on using the storage space or not, and does mean that the car is partially empty.

      I was also actually wondering what the percentage split of people who sleeve and don't sleeve are. I've always assumed that sleevers were in the minority (bad Ross - "assuming makes an a** out of u and me"). With that assumption in mind though, as long as the bare box fits everything sleeved and bagged..... (or sometimes in my case and if it's worth it, a custom foamboard box insert I make)

    9. Ross D'Souza on

      @Dan Parr: Whilst I broadly agree with you, that's not really a fair comparison. Cars do have a lot of redundant space where there are options that you can go for. In your example, for those cars with optional AC, they should not be making space to accommodate that. Are you saying that you want a smaller car that has all the optional space trimmed out? So it's about modifications that the manufacturer would support and which they don't. And that's all about what the audience wants and how to cater to the majority with options.

      I am a sleever, but I'm generally happy if the bare box without the insert has enough space. I choose to use FFG sleeves, which are premium thickness and also quite tall (which therefore mean they hardly ever fit the inserts). But because I've just sleeved them, I'm sure they can survive a bit of rattling in ziplock bags!

      @God-keizer: I'm surprised on those numbers. I am intrigued how you got to those numbers, and therefore I'm wondering if we're different from a standard group. According to my BGG (since I started recording in July 2016 - so just over 2 years), our H-index is at 16 and we've got our next few games lined up to bring it up to about 20 soon. We have 4 games >40 plays with the highest being 132 plays. How does that compare with your inquiries?

    10. Dan Parr

      @God-keizer: I know that reality all too well, I don't have a sleeving compulsion, I have a kickstarter compulsion, hence I am far more concerned with the space the box takes up than I am about fitting sleeves inside it. I fully understand the desire to sleeve; so many games are gorgeous and expensive so you want to preserve them. But it always bugs me when people complain that the modification, which they choose to make, means the insert/box are no longer suitable. Worse is when the box is made bigger than it needs to be, and holds the unmodified components less well, in order to satisfy them. If I decide to replace my car seat with an armchair, is it the manufacturers fault if I can't shut the door any more? :p

    11. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      I find it always funny that on just about every other game in bgg (or ks) some guy whines about sleeves. When in practice, after sleeving is done, the game is almost never played. Well not funny actually, more like tragic.
      I did a little inquiry, and afaik now a favorite, really good game may get played in its life time about 5 times. Not 50. Five. The other games, at most once or twice. Yes we played 1830 like 60-70 times, but those days are long gone, 0-5 is the new reality. So much for the need for sleeving. But hey the desire to sleeve I totally get.

    12. Missing avatar

      God-keizer on

      Overall it's looking great and Ernesto and folk will always be disappointed in anything in life in general. Well done so far.

      I really appreciate your effort on consistency (lower/upper case + 2 words/1 word semicolons and stuff), perhaps I'm OCD in that respect.

      However I don't understand the lock down message. The only thing I remember about LU was that originally it seemed to cost like $28 but I somehow got charged and paid waaay more than that, forgot why that was exactly. For those interested I found the link:

    13. Dan Parr

      @Saodhar and Timothy: I understand why you prefer the situation, and why you get frustrated with games that don't fit sleeved cards. But given that you are modifying the game, I think it's unreasonable to expect the designers to accommodate you and potentially frustrate the other half of their customers, especially when there are a range of sleeve sizes/thicknesses so the insert still might not accommodate all sleeves. As I said, should the box be made twice the size in case I want to use plastic tubs for my tokens? Its always a pleasure when a games insert is designed to perfectly hold the components with no wasted space. Surely the box should be made to best hold the game as sold. The shelves I store my games on are full, and it is endlessly frustrating to know that a good chunk of that space is actually empty because half of the boxes are much bigger than they needed to be.

    14. Ross D'Souza on

      Looking at the pictures, I don't think the insert would accommodate my preferred FFG sleeves (the extra height). In my case, I'll just throw away the insert and use the bare box to store everything.

    15. TheSirSpence on

      Maybe I should have actually read the update!

      Thanks guys

    16. Missing avatar


      Hi, I honestly don’t remember the add ons for this game and backer kit will not let me review or update. I would be interested in the dice if that was one if it’s not too late.

      Regards, Darren

    17. Alan

      It tells me:
      You can no longer change your add-ons and responses.
      You can still change your address.

    18. Alan

      FYI, the Backer Kit is here:
      For me, it wouldn't let me and anything but I've got Caves, Sewers, and dice, so do I need anything more?

    19. Missing avatar

      Timothy O'Shea

      As a sleever, I greatly appreciate the effort. To many (the vast amount) inserts don't accommodate sleeving, and we sleevers are constantly frustrated. This specifically is a card game, and I think it's even more important for the accommodation. Thank you.

    20. Missing avatar

      Thesaurus on

      How do I verify shipping information to US address?

    21. Saodhar

      As someone who always sleeves my games I'm really happy that the game won't be rushed and the carefully crafted insert won't go straight into the recycle bin.

    22. Dan Parr

      As someone who rarely sleeves my games, it gets a little frustrating when those who do drive the design process. You had an insert that worked perfectly with the game components "as sold" but then went back to the drawing board to enlarge the box and reorganise the insert so now sleevers are covered, but the rest of us have a half empty box for everything to rattle around in. I sometime like to use small plastic storage boxes for my tokens, shouldn't the box be three times the size to accommodate my preference too? ;)

    23. Inspiring Games Creator on

      @Enresto - I understand your frustration, and as I said to everyone at UKGE I offer you a virtual handshake and will say 'I am sorry we are late.'

      There is no way that I'm going to say this is the best card game ever, I can't and won't do that.

      I will say however that we have learned on every step of this journey and that the game you are going to get far surpasses the one you would have received. The insert is yet another thing we have had to learn, the easy route would be to just give you a simple card insert you can most likely throw in the bin. We are trying to give everyone much more than that.

      Having an insert that accomodates sleeved and unsleeved cards brings a whole set of issues with it.

      Kindest regards

    24. Ethan Furman

      @Ernesto: Patience, patience, it's nearly here...

    25. Missing avatar


      @Ernesto Its a kickstarter get over it you have backed enough projects to know that waiting usually happens.

    26. Ernesto

      A one-year delay, and you guys are still designing the insert. One year after the game was supposed to ship. One year.

      This better be the best card game ever, or I'm going to be disappointed.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ian Saxby

      Looking good. I really appreciate how thorough you're being with this. Very much looking forward to the game!