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Good Style is Madison's vintage & record bazaar run by members of the community. We need more space to fit our wares and shows! Read more

Madison, WI Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on October 8, 2012.

Good Style is Madison's vintage & record bazaar run by members of the community. We need more space to fit our wares and shows!

Madison, WI Fashion
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About this project

Good Style Shop is a community vintage, records and curio shop founded by Peaking Lights and carried on by Peter Benck (guy in the video) throughout 2012. In July 2012, Good Style Shop converted into a seven-member retail collective including members of Vintage Madison and other quality vintage clothing sellers.

Good Style Shop has hosted numerous local and regional art openings and in-store musical performances. The shop now requires more space to sell a vastly increased selection of men and women's clothing as well as records and other media.

The current space at 402 East Washington will close on Friday, October 12th. Good Style Shop takes the keys to the new location at 817 East Johnson Street on October 1st. Improvements to the new space will be conducted in a two-week timeframe before official reopening sometime in the third week of October.

This Kickstarter fundraising campaign has one sole purpose: to help purchase building supplies and fixtures for Good Style Shop's new location. 

Risks and challenges

Challenges to this project include timing and operational strain. We need to harness everyone's desire to help in a constructive way and put it to use over the first two weeks of October.
This fundraiser will help cover the costs of painting, lighting, flooring, fixtures and landscaping. All of these areas need serious attention at the new space, and we are actively working with volunteers and shopping around town for contractors.

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