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A rich, high-quality black and white photobook, where I use my own life to tell a universal story, the story of saying goodbye.
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Let us help each other to fulfil our dreams

Posted by Rebecca Ravneberg (Creator)

Let us help each other to fulfil our dreams

We all know by now that its not the richest 1% who sits with the real power in the world, it us folks, you and me. By joining forces we can make a more inspiring everyday to all of us.

A few years ago I was certain I would never be able to live my life as I had dreamt of, being an artist. Who would buy my work?, I asked.. How would I pay for printing and framing, for camera equipment, and software? How will I pay for rent, electricity and food if I just decide to pursue a career as a photographer. You can say I was driven by fear. Not so much joy.

To get where I am today it has been necessary to investigate ALL of the beliefs behind my opinions and to question them. Like when I used to say, I can not make a living from what I am passionate about, I actually said; Its impossible for me to live the way I would love to live the most. And by repeating that every day and believing it, off course I didn't see all the helping hands, all the solutions, and all the cheers from everyone around me.

We have assets enough to support each other living passionately, wether it is for just a short term project or as lifestyle. I know for myself that I would give up any new jeans or shoes, to invest in a friends fulfillment of a dream. So stop hiding them(!) Let us see what you are passionate about!

Thanks to every single one of you who have made the publication of my first photobook, Remembrance happen.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me from the very beginning of the making of this book, throughout the Kickstarter project. You who have gone above and beyond printing posters, and pamphlets, and hanging them up in cafes, you who have given me great marketing advice, you who have offered to write about my story to the press, and you who have shared my posts and videos wholeheartedly. Thank you to everyone cheering me on.

 And off course to my everyday inspirational heroes, my husband Magnus and my baby girl Freyja.

100% of the Kickstarter goal is now reached :D  – 10 days to go.



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