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$704 pledged of $2,500 goal
$704 pledged of $2,500 goal

Do you sell comics? Get a special reward!

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Hello, friends.  Work is continuing on Sunnyville #16 as I continue to rally support for this KIckstarter and have my followers do the same. 

Sunnyville #16 page drying
Sunnyville #16 page drying

 Believe me, this is one of the most emotional stories I've drawn.  Having to deal with a character's death and the fallout from the townspeople over it - it has not been easy.  

 This scene you see here involves the adults having to explain to small children about death and dying.  Those children you see are two of the three Loutron triplets (left), the sons of the town's laundromat owners, and Bethany (center), daughter of the town's shopkeepers.  

Anyway, onto the Kickstarter itself, I have revealed a brand new reward tier and it's a special one.  I have a couple of retailers that stock my work.  The special I have is one meant for anyone with a comics shop, a storefront, or is any sort of retailer.  

Those who pledge US$100 will get their name printed in the book plus they will get FIVE ENTIRE COPIES of Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 shipped to them anywhere in the United States or Canada.  But there's more - you will also get three digital files which consist of point-of-sale material such as flyers and mini-posters you can hang up or send out to customers!

This will be limited though to 10 backers only so you'd better act while you can.

Remember though - this will NOT happen if we don't make our goal by Sun. Feb. 11 at 12:00pm Central Time.  Make your pledges today and tell everyone you can about the Kickstarter.  Both myself and everyone in Sunnyville is counting on you!

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