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$704 pledged of $2,500 goal
$704 pledged of $2,500 goal

A look into Sunnyville comics


As the Kickstarter continues and we rally support for pledges, I continue work on the final full story to be included in Sunnyville volume 4.  This story is titled "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" and is a meaningful title; someone in town dies and that someone is the town's beloved fixer, Mr. Jakes.

 Jack Jakes (left) is an elderly badger who fixes Sunnyville's appliances.  He first appeared in Sunnyville #4, where our heroes have to help him reconcile with his estranged nephew Roger.

In the story being drawn during this Kickstarter, Mr. Jakes dies.  I've had some issues working on this story.  The Christmas and New Year's holidays slowed me down.  I also had technical issues to deal with; my Rapidograph pen clogged up and I spent hours cleaning it out.  The ink I'm using is also very temperamental.

Filling in black ink on a Sunnyville comics page
Filling in black ink on a Sunnyville comics page

 Prior to this, I had been using acrylic ink.  Like with acrylic paint, this type of ink is insoluble once dry.  I had switched over to using a waterproof India ink on these Sunnyville pages.  I ended up smearing the ink when trying to erase it - that meant I had to wait even longer than usual before the ink completely dried. 

Of course, with this comic, there's a big issue - it's emotional.  I'm essentially drawing the death of a character.  

 Here, we have the pencils for a page where a heartbroken Margaret (left) and Samantha (right) are mourning the death of Mr. Jakes.  They remember how he always thought of them as "little girls" even though they were teenagers.

This scene was sketched for a reason.  Sunnyville is a very close knit community where everyone knows each other.  Mr. Jakes was not just another face; people knew him, they cared about him and he was a valued member of the community.  The way Mr. Jakes was so friendly and referred to nearly grown women as little girls - he reminds you of an uncle or a grandfather.  

 This scene was gut-wrenching to draw.  Here we reveal that Roger, nephew of Mr. Jakes (the crouched figure on the right), is completely alone.  Now that his uncle was dead, he had no known living relatives.  This was so depressing that already my mind was racing on how to rectify that - maybe some long lost relatives or Roger starting a family.  But that will have to wait for now; this story must be finished.

Remember though for this poignant episode to be collected into the fourth volume, we MUST meet our funding goal.  Be sure to convince others to pledge to this campaign today.  Stay tuned for more news and more artwork!


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    1. Andres Salazar on

      looks great. Good luck!