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$704 pledged of $2,500 goal
$704 pledged of $2,500 goal

And so it begins...

Salutations, fans, backers and anyone else out there!  Welcome to my second Sunnyville Kickstarter.

We launched in the early hours this morning (I fought to get out of bed at about 5AM!) and got off to a slow start.  But now, we're doing all right!  We are at about 8% funding on the first day - that's not bad at all!  

I've been in contact with everyone in Sunnyville about the Kickstarter.  Their enthusiasm is astounding.  Rusty sent this communication earlier to me:

Hey, boss!  It's me, Rusty!  All of us here in Sunnyville are excited!  They can't believe we already hit the hundreds in pledges to fund our next book.  

Say...if this crowdfunding stuff is that good, you think I can do a Kickstarter to raise $10,000?  I'd like to fund the world's largest ice cream sundae!

Um,'ve missed the point of crowdfunding.  And eating $10,000 worth of ice cream isn't healthy.

Moving on, media coverage is underway for the Kickstarter.  The Sunnyville Volume 4 Kickstarter was mentioned over on Geek The News and an official press release is up on the blog as well as through iCrowdNewswire.  More coverage on blogs, podcast and other outlets will increase in the coming days.

We are at 8% right now but I hope we can get up to 10% before the first full 24 hours pass.  For those of you who have backed this campaign, I ask that you tell everyone you can about this Kickstarter and encourage them to pledge.  If you know of anyone who has a blog, podcast, print publication, forum, etc, mention the Kickstarter to them.

Remember that I can't do this alone and the people of Sunnyville can't do this alone either.  We need your help to make this Kickstarter succeed.  With your aid, we can do this!


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