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Tailored & cut fabric packs to sew your own medieval/LARP clothing
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2019 kick-in: crazy new reward packs!

Posted by Dennis vdM (Creator)


While many of us are still recovering from wild New Year's Eve parties, I would like to take the chance to thank you all for supporting us in 2018. We didn't post much during the last weeks of December, because that's family time. But now I can finally present the new stretch goal boosters. Prepare for a looooooong update full of cool offers!

What are stretch goal boosters?

We set up stretch goals: extra goals we can achieve to offer even more products and services to you. These stretch goals are achieved when we cross a certain border of fundraising. To celebrate this new milestone, we present you with extra goodies. You will find an updated overview of the milestones at the top of our project page.

Because we want to raise as many funds as possible to make your and our dreams come true, we offer stretch goal booster packs. These booster packs are add-ons to your pledge: you get extra rewards at good discounts compared to regular sales prices, we get extra funding - so we both profit. Nice and simple, right? You can add these booster packs by increasing your current pledge with the amount of the booster packs you wish to receive.

To celebrate the new year, and to get the last 25 days of this Kickstarter an extra extra extra boost, we offer multiple boosters in three different categories: decoration packs, GM Treasures, and sponsored boosters.

As you may know, we like it fancy here at Gewand Manufaktur. Whenever we can, and the client allows us, we love to go wild with the decoration of your product. Two items we enjoy to use the most are pearls and gemstones.

200 Pearls kit

For only €40 you receive a pearl kit with a value of €75, packed in a nice velvet pouch. It includes:

  • 100 white sweetwater pearls, 3-4 mm
  • 40 white sweetwater pearls, 9 mm diameter
  • 60 peackock pearls, 6 mm diameter

These pearls are excellent for decorating your clothing, hats, pouches, and more.

500 Gemstones kit

For only €60 you receive a gemstone kit with a value of €99, packed in a velvet pouch. It includes:

  • 100 green agate beads
  • 100 red garnet beads
  • 100 blue sodalite beads
  • 100 black onyx beads
  • 100 white mother of pearl beads

All beads 4 mm diameter. These gemstones are, just like the pearls, excellent for decorating your clothing, hats, pouches, and more.

Tailor's sewing kit

For only €19 you receive a tailor's sewing kit with a value of €25, packed in a velvet pouch. It includes:

  • 30 sewing needles for different uses
  • 1 pin cushion
  • 40 pins
  • 1 scissors
  • 1 tape ruler (cm+inches)
  • 1 tailor's chalk
  • 1 seam opener
  • thimble ring
  • 1 spindle of linen thread
  • wooden braid star for making cords/points

Whether you are at home, on the road or at an event, this little sewing kit always comes in handy for making and mending your clothing.

Upgrade your pledge to this Kickstarter with the amount matching the decoration pack of your choice, and send us a message to inform us which pack you want. We look forward to send you this extra reward!

Do you want to improve and expand your medieval kit? Let us help you! In 2019, every three months we send you a box filled with the best products we find on the market. So that's four Treasure packs in total. You can pick the following package themes:

Farmer - GM Treasures deal: €100 ex shipping. Content: kit and camp basics, mainentance products, raw materials for constructing your own gear.

Soldier - GM Treasures deal: €200 ex shipping. Content: everything a true soldier needs when on the march. Armour and clothing related items, camp equipment, and tavern products.

Merchant - GM Treasures deal: €400 ex shipping. Content: keep track of your stocks, have a flawless appearance amongst your colleagues, and show off the wealth you earned by honest work. This treasure doesn't only contain helpful objects, but also knowledge.

Nobility - GM Treasures deal: €700 ex shipping. Content: the only reason you ever break a sweat, is caused by the many meters of silk you wear. Show the other nobles who's the richest in the land with fancy jewelry, fine clothing, and proper table manners.

Royalty - GM Treasures deal: €900 ex shipping. Content: It is nice to be the center or the world, as only the finest makes it way to you. Tailor-made garments, games, beautiful books, a portrait, and hand-crafted furnitures are yours to keep.

Pick your level, and we go shopping for you. As a trader we can often get better prices, and we know precisely where to find the finest medieval treasures. Themed kit basics, maintainance products, awesome accessories, unique artworks, LARP weapons, jewelry and much more will make its way four times a year to you.

Let us surprise you with the finest medieval products in GM Treasures!

Upgrade your pledge to this Kickstarter with the amount matching the GM Treasure pack of your choice, and send us a message to inform us which pack you want. We look forward to send you this extra reward!

And we have our first sponsor for the Royal Needle Kickstarter! Speaking of nobility, haaaaaave you met the Craft Beer Baron?

Sewing, brewing... Craft beer is made by real craftsmen, so we should support our crafty colleagues by drinking their wares, right? And you can trust me when I say that sewing becomes a very pleasant, calming activity when you have a glass of cold beer standing next to you. Also, the dew drops rolling down its side will remind you to put pearls on whatever it is you are sewing.

Charitable as the Baron is, he offers to gift a one-of-a-kind six-bottle surprise package of craft beers to the first person who pledges for a plant-dyed woolen houppelande.

If you were in doubt about getting yourself a plant-dyed woolen houppelande, this is the moment to make your decision. But be fast - there is only one craft beer pack available!

It is rumoured that in the Baron's cellars endless rows of shelves are stocked with the world's best brews. Be sure to check out their online collection. And remember: beer packs are nice to get, but also nice to give. It is smart to have an emergency present ready for when you almost forgot about your best friend's birthday - again.

In the opcoming weeks we hope to bring you in touch with more awesome crafters who offer sponsoring for this Kickstarter. Are you interested in sponsoring? Get in touch with us by sending a proposal to We look forward to showcase you on our Kickstarter campaign and social media!

You made it to the end

We are almost sorry for the long post. So many awesome new rewards... We hope you like them as much as we do.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to hear which stretch goal booster pack we can put on the list for you.

Cheers and let's make 2019 rock,



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