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Tailored & cut fabric packs to sew your own medieval/LARP clothing
69 backers pledged €11,768 to help bring this project to life.

Early Birds, thank you!!

Posted by Dennis vdM (Creator)

Dear all,

Wow, the last days were amazing for the Kickstarter! Within two weeks, we managed to raise 95% of the funding. For a project that has such a specific  target group - roughly summarisable as 14th century fashion enthousiasts - that's not easy to accomplish. It shows the true spirit of the motivated hobbyists who are willing to draw their sleeves up and get sewing. Bravo!

For those who like statistics, here are some key figures:

Green line indicates €7.500
Green line indicates €7.500
  • €7.200 euros was raised within the first two weeks.
  • €25.000 can be raised according to Kickstarter, if our project keeps up this trend.
  • 400 meters of fabric, and counting, is needed for all your reward packs.
  • 200 visitors to the Kickstarter page per day, on peak days. The average is close to 100 visitors per day.

Of course, we are super happy with this support we received from you so far. With the deadline of the project on January 27, we are confident that we can reach and maintain the neccessary amount of €7.500 until that date.

Here is some important information for you:

In case you wish to increase or change your pledge, you will not be able to pick the the Early Bird packs (again), because the Early Bird period has past. But don't despare! All your Early Bird pledges have been noted, so I know who's an Early Bird. When you want to change your pledge, you need to cancel your current pledge, add up the amounts of all the reward packs you wish to receive (including the new/changed ones), and pledge this new amount. You may keep the Early Bird prices for the packs you've already picked in the Early Bird period. You can send me a message to tell how your rewards have changed.

Example: you pledged for a woolen cotehardie with linen lining (€99+shipping in the early bird period), but you want to have a woolen hood deluxe as well. You cancel your current pledge, and you pledge €99 + €29 + shipping. Then send me a message telling me you want to add the woolen hood deluxe to your rewards. Done!

Project progress

Karo is the tailor in our team, and I do the administrative tasks. That's roughly how we split the tasks. So yes, I've seen one or two medieval outfits for myself in the last years, but that's about it. I'm no magician with needle and thread, except for stabbing myself in the thumb with staggering precision.

Karo and I want to add a 13th century outfit to the Kickstarter as well. Yesterday, I started to sew this as if it were a Royal Needle pack, to test if a dummy like me is able to make something decent. "If I can do it, anyone can", so to say.

Prototype (!) for a 13th century outfit. Actual Royal Needle packs will look a lot nicer, don't worry.
Prototype (!) for a 13th century outfit. Actual Royal Needle packs will look a lot nicer, don't worry.

 With some useful tips from Karo (which will be included in the step-by-step sewing guide provided with each Royal Needle pack), I got started straight away. I made only one or two small mistakes, which I noticed and was able to solve by myself. When you want to sew something nice, take your time! No stress, no rush, and don't get too distracted.

Once done, I felt confident to make the woolen overgarment as well. Sewing the second garment was a piece of cake, as I was in the flow and learned something from Karo's tricks. I noticed how nice it is that the fabric is already cut: I could remain seated at the sewing machine, and continue on the next garment seamlessly (pun intended). Within one evening, I had two garments ready. Woohoo!

So I'll make my way to the atelier now - it's still snowing, brrr - and then take pictures of the result of my Royal Needle test run. They'll be posted in this Kickstarter, of course, so stay tuned!




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