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Tailored & cut fabric packs to sew your own medieval/LARP clothing
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The Royal Needle - a closer look

Posted by Dennis vdM (Creator)

You normally have two choices for getting medieval outfits: you buy the finished product, or you buy the raw materials. With the Royal Needle packs, we offer you a middle ground: pre-cut 'do it yourself' packs for making medieval clothing.

Basically, you can compare it with IKEA or LEGO products: a box that contains all cut fabric parts, and a manual on how to put it together. Let's take a closer look at how it works:

 Step 1: pick your model

For this Kickstarter, we chose to start with a dozen different clothing models from 14th century European fashion. You can pick one or more models that you like.

 Step 2: pick your fabric & color

After you chose the model, you should think about the material and colour. Due to the different prices of linen, wool and plant-dyed wool, the amount of the reward pack varies per fabric. There is no price difference for the colors.

Step 3: enter your measurements

At the end of the Kickstarter, we will send you a questionnaire where you need to provide us with your measurements. We will give you a link to our website, which explains how to take your measurements. It's easy: all you need is a measurement tape and follow the instructions.

The moment we receive your order, we set to work.

 We cut your pattern in your model, fabric and color of choice. Moreover, the pattern will be individually adjusted to your size, based on the measurements you provided us with. This saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort! Due to our advanced patterning and cutting facilities, we can adjust any pattern to any size, and cut it with extreme precision.

 The cut fabrics are then shipped to you, along with a step by step sewing guide. All you need to do is pin and sew the pieces together, and finish it according to your preferences. The manual will help you with every step, and it contains background information on the garment and useful tips and tricks from our seamstresses.

 You can then sew the cut fabric pieces together, either by hand or by sewing machine. This allows you to make your own outfit in your own style, with the possibility to make small adjustments, add extra decorations, and so on.

Traditionally, it takes many hours for our expert seamstresses to sew your unique garment. With the Royal Needle packs, you can sew it in your own time and tempo. This saves you a lot of money, and it gains you more freedom in how you want to individualise your new outfit.

 Using the Royal Needle packs has several advantages. First of all, you can save a lot of money. Compared to buying a similar quality of fabrics in a regular fabric store, you save up to 60%. But you use less of the fabric than you buy: there are always rest and waste pieces after you cut out the pattern parts. With the Royal Needle, you only pay for the fabric that is actually used in your garment.

 As soon as your Royal Needle package arrives, you can get started with sewing! No more laying out the big sheets of fabric, copying the pattern, and cutting by hand. This saves you at least 50% time in any sewing project.

Due to the fact that you receive just the fabric that you need, you will end up with less than a handful of waste fabric and thread. There's no need to hoard tiny bits and pieces 'for later', let alone to have a garbage bag full of waste after each sewing project.

With our in-house developed patterns, each pattern part fits perfectly to the next. No more fighting with setting in sleeves or ill-matching lining: we've figured it all out for you.

 Although our prices will remain to be favorable after the Kickstarter, you definitely want to benefit from this Kickstarter. You only pay for the fabric, at the same price as we purchase it from our weavery. With the early-bird packs, you even get an additional discount! Making a medieval outfit has never been so easy, so cheap, and of such high quality.

We look forward to get your support, and cut your new outfits!


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