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Explore James Joyce's Dublin. Discover Ulysses. Our iPhone walking guide will bring the greatest novel of the 20th century to everyone. Read more

Boston, MA Technology
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This project was successfully funded on May 27, 2012.

Explore James Joyce's Dublin. Discover Ulysses. Our iPhone walking guide will bring the greatest novel of the 20th century to everyone.

Boston, MA Technology
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Can Throwaway make it to the final furlong? only a few hours to go and just a short head short of $16K......

help us to....




Not all our fabulous awards are gone..... Choose your one now! 

And THANKS EVERYONE. See you at the launch on June 14--Joe, Louie, Logan, Robert, Eileen, Tomas and everyone who helped us along the way

Remember that it's all about....

JoyceWays: Professor Nugent and the students of Boston College want to bring the greatest novel of the twentieth century to the world. Here's how....

...the research, the mapping, the quotations—the fun parts. We've got amazing support: Frank Delaney, "the most eloquent man in the world," will read quotations and explanations. Senator David Norris presents (performs actually!) a whole ten minutes from the book. All this, arranged in six chapters from "Ulysses," containing 100+ locations across Dublin.  

We want everyone to have a taste of the brilliance that is Joyce. With Professor Nugent's guidance, we've made each Point of Interest colorful, quirky, and crammed full of fascinating facts.

Totally new to Joyce? Terrified of "Ulysses"? We all were at some point! Try starting with our friendly "Lestrygonians" route or pick out some spots from the "Dubliners" short-story map. And after a few hours' stroll, unwind with our other innovation: "Joyce Pubs." We've selected the 15 most lively taverns from Joyce's works, added quotes and contemporary posters—even rated them for authenticity!

We've loads of contemporary photographs that the fine people at the National Photographic Archive in Ireland are lending us. Have a look below. And check out some of the dozens of contemporary cartoons and newspaper clippings we've dug up for you.

As you can see, we've put all our (ahem...) creative genius to work on the interface.  Below are some mock-ups of the home and menu pages as we imagine them. We're ready to send it off to the developers....

...of our newest incentives—signed pages from Rob Berry's Ulysses "Seen" and original sketches from his "Dubliners" series!

It's modeled after the handwriting of James Joyce himself!


  • Yes--absolutely! And you can zoom it up X 2 to fill the screen!

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  • Yes, absolutely. How soon? As soon as we conceivably can. i.e. once we get the dollars, we'll get to it.

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  • We're aiming for June 14--two days before Bloomsday. And it'll happen in the James Joyce Centre on North Great George's Street.

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  • Have you ever been told a secret, so profound, so impactful, so life-changing, that it left you brimming with excitement to share it with the world? That's how we feel.

    James Joyce's Ulysses is widely considered to be the most important novel of the 20th century and for some reason finds itself perpetually lost amongst the ranks of the more contemporary (boring) classics and hollow and self assuring promises to read it "eventually".

    For the Joyceans; JoyceWays is a beautiful reminder of the passion, creativity and wit you discovered the first time you read James Joyce.

    For the non-Joyceans it is an exciting and adventurous introduction into one of the greatest novels ever written, or at the very least, a break from Angry Birds.

    It is time to bring Ulysses out of the shadows and into your hands.

    We've changed the name from JoyceWalk to JoyceWays to avoid confusion with another project that uses the name "Joyce" and the word "walks." So let's spread the word and keep moving forward! Thanks for your fabulous continued support!

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    Our totally cool James Joyce logo on a glossy postcard, personally signed by us and sent to you by mail anywhere in the world.

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    Be the first of your friends to own the JoyceWalk app. You noticed that the colors are based on the Greek blue that Joyce chose for "Ulysses," right?

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    With your JoyceWalk app get a website dedication to you as *special supporter* of the project (or the person you gift it to).

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    Did you notice that we based the font of "JoyceWalk" on James Joyce's own signature? You'll love our T-shirt. Show off your good taste (and your erudition!).

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    An original sketch from Rob Berry's "Dubliners" series. These are original, one-of-a-kind drawings of characters and costumes found in his adaption of Joyce's "Ulysses." You get to choose your favorite one of these from Rob's collection on a first-come, first-choose basis.

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    Get our fabulous JoyceWalk poster. Your own name conglomerates into Joyce's face. It's 16" X 20" on high-quality paper signed by Professor Nugent + that matching T-shirt.

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    You and Joyce: put our stylish JoyceWalk poster on your office or living-room wall. We'll frame it, sign it, and dedicate it to you. The "ULYSSES FOR YOU" part is designed to mimic the font Joyce chose for his book.

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    THIS IS REALLY RATHER SPECIAL. We've been given one of the coolest things since "Ulysses" was published--a fabulous collector's item. Rob Berry has offered us five signed pages of his brilliant, beautiful, collectible "Ulysses Seen." Check it out here:
    Rob has offered these original watercolor or ink drawings from his work (Thanks, Rob). There only so many pages left, so these are offered on a first-come first-to-choose basis. These come from the "Telemachus" and "Calypso" chapters that you can see online.

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    Dear Joyce Lovers.

    This is something else altogether. Treat your family, your club or society, perhaps just your closest friends. to a personal seminar on Joyce. Have an entire evening's enlightenment and laughter. Welcome to a personal introduction to the most life-transforming writer of them all. Set your friends off on a tour of "Dubliners," "Ulysses," or "Finnegans Wake," presented in your own home. Or choose some other location (as long as it's more or less in Massachusetts) for an evening with Professor Nugent.

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    This is the big one: we'll fly you (or your friend) to Dublin, (from the U.S. East Coast or Europe) for the app launch and Bloomsday celebration. Professor Nugent will give you a personal guided tour around Joyce's Dublin over three days. You won't ever forget it....A few days to change your life. Really....

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