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Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
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Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Posted by Mark Plemmons (Creator)

In only a few hours, you've funded Corporia and unlocked the first stretch goal at $13,500! You're constantly surprising me, so what will I find when I wake up in a few hours? The next stretch goal at $14,000? Who knows!? Maybe you will have colonized the moon! (Dibs on moon boots.) I can't wait to find out!

I wasn't sure what preview to show you to celebrate this, but in the end I thought I'd go with the Suit - one of the really integral archetypes to the setting. Here's the current full text and art preview!


Corporate manager able to work within the system 

Corporate Executives working in a wide range of industries are commonly referred to as Suits. Junior execs are the most visible link in the corporate chain, as they scurry through The City performing the duties that senior executives rarely have time for. Background. Your character may have been an office worker for Valyant when the Flux began, or served another corporation before changing allegiance to Valyant. Review the list of corporations (starting on page XXX) to choose a previous employer – or your true secret master, if you have a private double-agent trait...

Signs and Personality Traits. Suits are often consumate liars and master manipulators, working to score a raise, get a deal signed, and do whatever it takes to move up the corporate ladder. Aries, Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio are common astrological signs for Suits, though you can also have fun with stereotypes. For instance, rather than a typical power broker, consider the ‘working mom’ who suddenly finds herself thrust into a world she never imagined, the incompetent worker who only knew how to pawn off his duties on someone else, and even the socially awkward guy who now must learn to fight the supernatural when his last weapon was nothing more deadly than a red stapler.

Names. Suits often introduce themselves while simultaneously handing out their business card. Otherwise, they have no unusual names or handles.

Look. Men used to the financial sector prefer formal suits and ties, with others favoring business-casual dress shirts and trousers. Women wear feminine variants of the men’s suit, or dresses, skirts, and blouses of varying formal or informal styles.

Role. Morally bankrupt Suits often suggest lies, sabotage, and other underhanded tactics for success, while honest PCs may go to extreme lengths to protect the public – though neither have any problem throwing their weight around.When a team needs to track down an unlisted executive’s phone number, navigate the labyrinthine corridors of an office building, differentiate between actual and faked records, find camera-free zones where employees take their cigarette breaks, or anything involving a corporation, this is the character to call on.

Key Core Values and Skills. Good MTL, Business, WIT, and Influence help to cut through bureaucratic red tape, with STR and Getting Medieval (or DFT and Firearms) to slay the more confrontational threats.

Assets. Suits are often ‘Touched’ and so have no supernatural assets. Instead, they focus on power-building assets such as the discounted Master of Red Tape asset, with several levels of Funding and Network. Ponderous and Prudent are also common assets among these individuals.

Weapons and Equipment. Most Suits prefer pistols or small blades that are easily concealable in their clothes or briefcase, though some prefer larger weapons that make a suitably dramatic impact. Suit weaves are common, as are light bulletproof vests. 

Augments. The full range of EyePhone upgrades allows a Suit to not only work from any location, but also record meetings, notes, and access materials that might be better left secret. 

Inspiration. Suits include: Arthur (Inception), Carter Burke (Aliens), Noah Cross (Chinatown), Jack Donaghy (30 Rock), “Dick” Jones (Robocop), Rotti Largo (Repo: the Genetic Opera), Bill Lumburgh (Office Space), Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen (Smallville), the Rossum employess (Dollhouse), Charles Travis (Congo), and the Wolfram and Hart employees (Angel).


INIT +6; ATK +2 unarmed [1 STR], +3 melee [1d8+1 short sword], +5 ranged [2d6 pistol]; DEF +5; DR 1/1/1 (suit weave); WD 4

Abilities: STR 1, Fisticuffs 1, Getting Medieval 2; DFT 2, Athletics 3, Firearms 3; MTL 3, Valor 0; KNO 4, Business 6 (5+1); WIT 3, Influence 3, Instinct 3; MGK 1

Assets: Funding 5, Master of Red Tape (+1 Business), Network 4

Augments: EyePhone, Nanodetoxifiers

Traits: Greedy, Manipulative, Passionate; Secretly owes a favor to OmniCorp

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    1. Matthew Hunt on

      I have a feeling two or three poeple in my gaming group will play Suits nearly exclusively! :P

      Really happy the Quick Reference Cards are unlocked.

      If we can get to $14,000 and $15,000 I'll be a happy man.