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Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
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39 Hours and Counting!

Posted by Mark Plemmons (Creator)

We've gotten a nice surge since yesterday's update, and Kicktraq is estimating at 93% now, so we've still got time to reach our final goal! Woohoo! 

We're really cutting it down to the wire here, but it's been an exciting experience, whatever happens. Please continue to share amongst your friends - and enemies! - as the clock ticks down. I'll try to re-share or join in on these as I see them.

In the meantime, I'll continue to share previews and other news as we go. Today, here's a look at the "Lister" and a new podcast!

I've already linked to Epic Turn's previous "Kickstarter Watch" of Corporia, but the guys were also kind enough to have me on as a guest on their newest episode #18, "Knights in Shining Armani". This was a fun episode, and since Tim and Bryan also happened to have a copy of the alpha playtest version, the conversation goes in various directions that you might not have heard if you've already listened to me on other podcasts.

Now, for the Lister!

I'd originally had this archetype in the supplemental material, but I swapped it with the "Drone" shortly before the Kickstarter launched. The Drone as written then just didn't stand apart enough from the Radical and the Zero, and needed a retooling. Fortunately, I had the Lister ready to take its place, and since the similar "Rockerboy" was a classic Cyberpunk character, I thought the Lister would be a good fit for the core rules. Check out the layout preview and full text below:


Rock stars and celebrities living life on the A-, B-, C-, or D-lists

Any person with star power, regardless of popularity, may be known as a Lister. Superstars on the ‘A-List’ are major movie stars, the beautiful elite, the hottest rockers, and other persons with great popular appeal. The ‘B-List’ includes teen idols and other persons with a strong fan base, but who aren’t well-known among the general public. The ‘C-List’ features the “oh I know that guy” stars who are easy to recognize but hard to name (or vice versa). Minor celebrities land on the ‘D-List’, which predominantly includes talk show hosts, DJs, reality television stars, stand-up comedians, and so on.

Background. Many Listers actually grew up in poor surroundings and earned their celebrity status through hard work and talent, while others have already-famous parents or other relatives and use this connection to more easily open all the right doors. The Lister’s powers often erupt during a strong surge of emotion, whether it be yelling at hecklers, fleeing from paparazzi, partying at the club, performing a vulnerable scene in front of the cameras, or so on – and with so many witnesses around, the Knightwatch is able to learn of the event almost immediately.

Signs and Personality Traits. Common signs are Gemini, Cancer, Libra, and Aquarius. Regardless of how they earned their star power, most Listers eventually gain feelings of entitlement and expectations of receiving preferential treatment. Names. While some Listers adopt elaborate or unusual stage names in order to be better noticed, others may opt for a name change to avoid confusion with similarly-named celebrities, or simply because they favor something more exotic.

Look. The A-Lister fashions often comes from whatever trendsetting designer they’re working with, and might include very unusual fashion creations and combination. Lesser stars may wear clothing that blends in more with the crowd, only with touches of embellishment in patterns or colors.

Role. Listers in the Knightwatch often take advantage of their fame in order to draw attention to (or away from) certain actions on the part of their allies, and to smuggle weapons and magical items around security checkpoints. Their celebrity status often allows them easy access to places off-limits to the general public, and usually gives the impression that they can’t possibly be a threat.

Key Core Values and Skills. Listers often slightly better than average DFT and MTL, as well as high WIT and Influence scores. A good KNO and Humanities: Arts ability is required, through one’s Arts skill rank rarely corresponds to popularity.

Assets. Listers tend to be Touched or Gifted characters, with minor supernatural abilities no greater than the Neurotik asset. Lady Luck, Network and Star Power are common assets, as is some level of Funding (4 or above).

Weapons and Equipment. Most Listers favor ranged weapons, if for no other reason than to avoid a fistfight and earn bruises that would require explanations on stage. Light body armor can easily be explained away as protection against a stalker or crazed fan.

Augments. A full range of EyePhone apps and upgrades is typical of Listers. Action movie stars often have Metamuscle, Jumper, and/or Speedster augments as well.

Inspiration. No doubt you can think of dozens of real celebrities to base a Lister on, but you might even consider fictional celebrities like: Truman Burbank (The Truman Show), Ed (Ed TV), Richard Castle (Castle), Dr. Frasier Crane (Frasier), Jem (Jem!), Nick Lang (the Hard Way), Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana), and even Rainier Wolfcastle (the Simpsons).


INIT + 5; ATK +5 unarmed [2 STR], +4 melee [2+1d10 com/bat], +4 ranged [2d6 pistol]; DEF +5 (armor); DR 1/1/1 (suit weave); WD 4

Abilities: STR 2, Fisticuffs 3, Getting Medieval 2; DFT 2, Athletics 3, Firearms 2; MTL 2, Valor; KNO 1; WIT 3, Influence 3, Instinct 2; MGK 2, Holography 2

Assets: Funding 4, Lady Luck, Neurotik (Holography), Star Power 3

Augments: EyePhone, Nanodetoxifiers

Traits: Clever, Loves Attention, Superficial; Insecure about Career


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    1. Travis Bryant

      @Jay_Rutley Well done, sir.

    2. Jay Rutley on

      That's outrageous! Truly! Truly! Truly outrageous!
      (Would you believe this is the second time this week I'm been able to type that?)