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Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
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The Headhunter!

Posted by Mark Plemmons (Creator)

Today's update is a preview of the Headhunter archetype! As usual, I'm also including the full text below.


Assassin living a secret double life

Outwardly, Headhunters are employment recruiters who earn fees by filling empty positions within a corporate structure. These recruiters may be outsourced freelancers or full-time staff within a human resources department. Independent Headhunters work for multiple clients simultaneously,on a third-party broker basis. Most Headhunters are a normal part of the corporate workforce. Privately, however, some Headhunters can be hired for targeted killings or to dispose of incriminating evidence (e.g., files, bodies). Some may accept protective roles as bodyguards to ensure the safety of an executive and his family, if the exec believes that “it takes an assassin to stop an assassin.” Headhunters may even be hired by Globex Power or Biocom to “repossess” replacement organs and augments – a particularly bloody way to earn a living.

Background. When a headhunter joins the Knightwatch, it may be for one of several reasons. Perhaps he believes in the cause, or is just looking for more exotic challenges. Worse, he might be a double agent for Globex Power or another mega-corp. Signs and 

Personality Traits. Many headhunters are Virgos, Scorpios, or Capricorns. Few are loyal to anyone other than their employer, provided the credits are paid on time. They are often amoral, rarely swayed by pleas or threats, and prefer to simply do their job and move on to the next order of business.

Names. A new headhunter character may have identification for d6 aliases supplied by previous employers or leftover from earlier jobs.

Look. Headhunters dress as appropriate for blending into the target environment, be it casual clothes in a crowded street, a suit in a office building, a waiter’s outfit in a restaurant, high fashion at a gathering of wealthy executives, and so on. Depending on the extent of their resources, they may own these various outfits, hire them from costume shops, or be forced to steal them off the bodies of unwitting victims.

Role. Headhunters are often skilled in the art of disguise and tend to have a solid network of contacts among the privileged upper classes of society. In combat, headhunters are often at their best when they can shoot from a distance or slip out of the shadows to deal a killing blow.

Key Core Values and Skills. Headhunters use DFT and Athletics to sneak, and prefer blades (STR and Getting Medieval) or silenced Firearms. They also need good WIT and Instinct. Decent MTL, Business, and Crime statistics are often helpful.

Assets. Most headhunters are ‘Touched’ by the Flux and have no particular supernatural abilities, though ‘Fluxed’ Headhunter/Sorcerers and ‘Gifted’ Headhunter/Knight-Errant combinations can be particularly interesting. Generally, assets include multiple levels of Funding and Network, with various combinations of Fortitude, Lady Luck, Prudent, and discounted Weapon Master.

Weapons and Equipment. As noted, headhunters usually prefer to kill quickly and quietly, which requires knives or silenced firearms such as the X-Calibre. Blur suits, suit weaves, and energy shields are common armor, since these still allow complete freedom of movement. Headhunters usually forego heavier armors unless expecting return fire.

Augments. Headhunters favor the cloak and silkskin augments, along with the EyePhone and Spec.Tac.Le app.

Inspiration. You can get some ideas for your headhunter concepts from: Sydney Bristow (Alias), Nikita (La Femme Nikita), the Operative (Serenity), Evelyn Salt (Salt), John and Jane Smith (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Vincent (Collateral), Sarah Walker (Chuck), and Michael Weston (Burn Notice).


INIT +; ATK +3 unarmed [2 STR], +5 melee [2d4+2 longsword], +10 (9+1) ranged [2d6 pistol]; DEF +10 (7+3 blur suit); DR 0/1/0 (silkskin); WD 6

Abilities: STR 2, Fisticuffs 1, Getting Medieval 3; DFT 4, Athletics 3, Firearms 5; MTL 3, Valor 0; KNO 2, Business 2; WIT 2, Influence 3, Instinct 3; MGK 1

Assets: Bravado, Funding 4, Network 2, Weapon Master (pistol)

Augments: EyePhone, Silkskin

Traits: Analytical, Perfectionist, Slow to act; No qualms sacrificing allies to complete a mission

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