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Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
Corporia is an urban fantasy RPG from award-winning writer Mark Plemmons. It's suits with swords in this futuristic return of Camelot!
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Radical Archetype Preview!

Posted by Mark Plemmons (Creator)

Here's a first look at a preview of the Radical archetype! I'm including the text separately below the image, to make it easier to read.

Preview of the Radical character archetype
Preview of the Radical character archetype


Driven by revenge or philosophy to overthrow corporate rule

Background. Some Radicals seek revenge against a corporation that wronged them personally, while others desire a utopian goal of worldwide personal freedom that may never be truly attained. They may come from any social class, from the child of the poorest worker to the wealthiest 1% of executives already in power – though the latter are naturally much rarer.

Signs and Personality Traits. Such a diverse group may have almost any signs or traits, but the most common astrological signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces. Radicals often have an unsteady moral compass, focusing on the ends rather than the means, and tend to become extremists (though, admittedly, well-intentioned ones).

Names. Among other Radicals, they often answer only to invented code names or nicknames, such as The Alderman, Johnny Zero, Mr. Glass, or Skum. Look. When on missions or protesting against a mega-corp, the Radical character often wears simple street clothes in combination with a face-shrouding hood, hat, or mask. (Following a decades-old trend, Guy Fawkes masks are still quite popular.) Otherwise, they dress as appropriate for their current job (if any).

Role. Radicals often see themselves as idealistic rebels and troublemakers. Whenever possible, they avoid associating with known mega-corp or criminal organizations, but most know how to send or receive rumors, information, or calls for aid to and from disaffected persons from all levels of society.

Key Core Values and Skills. Radicals often have several ranks in Humanities skills plus some Influence, and either STR and Fisticuffs, or DFT and Firearms.

Assets. Radicals are typically ‘Touched’ by the Flux, though some persons with a strong spiritual or religious background may be ‘Gifted’ with the Neurotik asset. They rarely have high Funding, and frequently live in a ‘slumburb’ after their behavior becomes an annoyance to someone in power. The Street Fighter asset is discounted for Radicals, and the Fortitude, Lionheart, and Network assets are common.

Weapons and Equipment. A Radical’s type and quantity of gear depends heavily on their resource level and personality, though most prefer fists or com/bats, and tend to avoid armor or shields that might attract attention. Augments. Some Radicals favor older hand-held tech instead of the newer body-invasive augments, though most have an EyePhone and some upgrades.

Inspiration. Examples include such diverse characters as: the Dude (the Big Lebowski), Elphaba (Wicked), Nathan Ford (Leverage), Jasper (Children of Men), Elyse and Steven Keaton (Family Ties), Magneto (X-Men), the Maquis (Star Trek), Leia Organa (Star Wars), Robin Hood (Robin Hood), Rorschach (Watchmen), Spartacus (Spartacus), Tank Girl (Tank Girl), V (V for Vendetta), and the members of La Résistance/the Resistance (Les Misérables, Metropolis, Night Watch, ad infinitum).


INIT +5; ATK +8 unarmed [4 STR], +8 melee [4 + 1d10 com/bat], +2 ranged [2d6 pistol]; DEF +4; DR 1/1/1 (suit weave); WD 7

Abilities: STR 4, Fisticuffs 4, Getting Medieval 4; DFT 1, Athletics 3, Firearms 2; MTL 3, Valor 3; KNO 3, Humanities (Arts 2); WIT 2, Influence 2, Instinct 3; MGK 1

Assets: Bravado, Fortitude, Network 2, Street Fighter

Augments: EyePhone, Nanorebuilders

Traits: Artistic, Optimistic, Reckless; Wanted for murder


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      Can I use this information, images and other backer only news to write an article in Hungarian?
      I just want to grant permission before I do it.