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Screw it on and you're done! A true one-piece, waterless, double-valved, fermentation airlock lid for Mason jars + ergonomic weight
If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order a FermLock by clicking the Buy Now link below!
If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order a FermLock by clicking the Buy Now link below!
292 backers pledged $13,090 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James Smith
      about 3 hours ago

      When June 7th rolls around it will be 2 months since Brian last logged in .

      It's sad I'm getting my rewards from campaigns that are bigger in the size money raised but yet I wasn't cheated.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chiman Choi
      1 day ago


    3. Missing avatar

      Noraysis 5 days ago

      Great Idea!

    4. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      According to one of his last comments, the glass weights were to arrive the beginning of April. As such, it should be a simple thing for the creator to post a picture of these glass weights and prove to us backers that they actually exist.

      The fact that this hasn't happened already certainly makes this look like a scam - either way, I have already reported this campaign.

    5. James Smith
      5 days ago

      292 backers if we all report him bomb his phone number maybe we can get an explanation what happened or ship date?

      Brian gives a damn about updating us. Hate to know a guy like him, better not live next or even pass me.

    6. A Duley
      5 days ago

      This campaign has been a major disappointment. I ordered FOUR, for my mom for Christmas, or Valentines, or her birthday, or Easter, or Mother’s Day? Um, maybe Father’s Day or Labor Day or Thanksgiving or MAYBE, just maybe we’ll get what we paid for by Christmas 2018? Would love to know if we have flushed our money down the drain or if there’s even a sliver of hope that the campaign will be fulfilled this year.

    7. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Same thing is happening with him on Indiegogo - folks are asking for an update and the creator is not responding...

    8. James Smith
      on May 17

      Norasys right way is to post his phone number in a very busy public place( facebook( fb may track, you),bathroom of a truck stop..etc...)say he's into both sexs etc...

      He'll just block your emails

    9. Missing avatar

      Noraysis on May 17

      I swear if the creator doesn’t post something by tomorrow I will bombard him with emails. I think about 5000 emails per day until I hear something. I am tired of not hearing anything from creators and taking my money.

    10. James Smith
      on May 17

      Thanks @S Taylor that's great he's blocked me. Always a good sign of a business person and someone you'd like to know .

      No update,not posting anything ,and not returning calls or texts

    11. Missing avatar

      jimi on May 16

      When do expect to ship the products?

    12. Missing avatar

      S.Taylor on May 15

      Today I tried to call the number posted here. Someone did answer. Line was crystal clear for exchange of pleasantries. As soon as I said I was calling about the kickstarter he said I was breaking up & he would call me back in 10 minutes. He then texted he would call in 10. I texted back asking for an update to what seems like a scam. He texted no scam, and he will post here later today. Not holding my breath, but really hoping not all is lost. Would feel so much better if Brian posted regular updates beyond the one that thanked us for our money...

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg on May 14

      I ordered these as a 2017 Christmas present for my mother-in-law. Obviously it didn't make it... perhaps it might make it in time for this year's Christmas. How about an update please?... it's been so quiet... all I hear is crickets... Too bad I didn't have my FermLock... I could've pickled enough crickets to feed a 3rd world country.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Mark on May 14

      I just reported this project to KS. I don’t mind delays, if there’s transparency and communication from the Creators of this project. I was looking forward to using these at home. ☹️

    15. Missing avatar

      on May 13

      Hope it is not another Kickstarter scam.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cindy on May 8

      I am still holding out hope that we will eventually get the product but did report lack of communication to ks. today

    17. James Smith
      on May 6

      Thanks Chris I'll also say can't report on the app do thru the website or thru a desktop ,ipad etc....

    18. Missing avatar

      on May 6

      @Bruno - at the bottom of the Campaign tab there is a "Report this project to Kickstarter" link/button. I click it every few days hoping it will allow me to report this project again (and again) but no luck, although it does make me feel a bit better getting it out of my system!

    19. Missing avatar

      Bruno on May 5

      @James how do we report to KS?

    20. James Smith
      on May 4

      @Robert in 3 days it'll be a month by any measure he hasn't logged on unless checks by not logging calls go to vm and text unanswered . The number for Brian is below please try them maybe he'll want to talk to you.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Everson
      on May 4

      @Creator - I would still like to hold out hope that the product is coming but has been severely delayed, but the other backers make an excellent point. There hasn't been a proper update since the project funded and we are receiving little-to-no communication. A direct line to you is appreciated, but the Kickstarter platform itself provides many tools for you to communicate with us. At this point, enough time has passed that a new timeline must be available explaining how things are intended to proceed. I assume not all parts of the production process are particularly interesting (I, for one, do not expect to get a production update essay every week) but considering how much extra time this project has taken, an updated timeline, plans, and contingencies would not be an unreasonable demand.

      Please, indulge us.

    22. James Smith
      on May 1

      Shaun what book are you talking about reviewing?

    23. Shaun Johnson on May 1

      @James - I'm very much looking forward to reviewing the book.

    24. James Smith
      on April 30

      Everybody report this campaign to Kickstarter its on the bottom of the campaign page report hes not communicating

    25. James Smith
      on April 30

      Lucky I scaled back 2 from the orginal 4 saves half of my money....I CALLED it scam all the way for such a small amount....sad how America is now.

    26. James Smith
      on April 30

      I guess somewhere around the 7th Brian found out it wasn't going to work maybe chinese cheated him or he cheates chinese no reply on ks and calls unanswered and stait to vm with no return ... Some possible reasons ... We lost our money

    27. James Smith
      on April 28

      Mwoa-missing without action -made it myself I'll be here all week.....kidding A-side lets hope Brian's in china looking at production or problems of production?

      But then again he would have overseas cell and Internet monitor ks

      Just speculation on my part maybe a scam after all.

      No answers on ks,cell(can still leave msgs not full yet), texts for close to month since last communication on here

      (843) 310-5878 routs to cell (253) 549-8048. Someone is listening to msgs since theres still room. Once its full we can't leave msgs

    28. Missing avatar

      Shawn T Wheeler on April 28

      8433105878 is the number to call/text. I keep getting the run around, no replies in a month when I was simply told I hadn't wasted my money. Hard to believe

    29. Steve Diamond
      on April 27

      @Creator: You said on March 29 that you'd post weekly updates. It's four weeks later, and there have been exactly zero. According to Kickstarter's terms, regular updates are the absolute minimum that you owe your backers. Please, let's see some.

    30. James Smith
      on April 27

      @Shaun its sad you can see my comments from below I am sad this is taking long .

      Doesn't go good for his business on the future any customer looking here will be smart do a double check.

      Brian has asked me to remove my comments KS doesn't allow removing comments from the user.

      Brian is writing the book on how to ruin a business after KS its hard to get customers Brian made a hil into a mountain range.

    31. Shaun Johnson on April 26

      Well the last time the owner logged in to this site was April 8th, hence the lack of updates and request for DM's.
      Very unfortunate.

    32. Shaun Johnson on April 23

      Sure- in the UK is a company called Lakeland. Head over to their site and amongst other things are fermenting supplies.

    33. James Smith
      on April 22

      @shawn what local options did you find can you tell us?

      Brian any update glass is here? How about lids?

      Its been 24 days

      Anyone tired of this yet ?

    34. Shaun Johnson on April 21

      I've found better and local options.
      This is dismal. I've written it off as my own inexperience with Kickstarter.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rumpfy on April 18

      I agree with S Taylor. Telling all the backers to DM for status is an inappropriate way to communicate the status of the project. The lack of communication and transparency with this endeavor makes it feel like there's something being covered up on the creator's side. The creator would alleviate a lot of grief if they would just consistently give updates and directly interact with the backer community. Whether or not product is actually delivered in the end, this is a textbook case on how not to run a Kickstarter campaign.

    36. Missing avatar

      S.Taylor on April 12

      Why are we told to direct message the creator if we want to see pics of the status? This is EXACTLY what the "Updates" section is for on Kickstarter. The entire point of Kickstarter is to get updates as see the process happen. My favorite project ever took over 3 years past the original due date. I wasn't even mad due to the detailed updates on the process. Honestly I would back a kickstarter from that user just to create a book on his process. I consider this project is a failure even if we get the actual products. Kickstarter has jumped the shark thanks to projects like this one.

    37. Missing avatar

      Erin Romask on April 11

      I will believe it when I see it.

    38. Fermented Health Creator on April 7

      Thanks everyone for your patience, lids and weights coming soon!

    39. James Smith
      on April 7

      Please no to the e-book you know that would add another year with the lids are taking half a year already and Brian that's too much for him.

    40. Missing avatar

      Bob Harrison
      on April 6

      Eeeeeeeeeebook please

    41. Fermented Health Creator on March 29

      Hey guys, appreciate you following up, have a few updates! The glass weights, reached the LAX port yesterday and should be trucked over later this week. The lids are still being produced the only photos I have are of the mold, please direct message me and I can send them to you. I will provide updates once a week or more frequently depending on the updates.

      Thank you for your patience!

    42. James Smith
      on March 28

      Are the glass weights here yet?

      What's going on with lids??????
      Pictures of the production?

    43. Missing avatar

      Pia Zain on March 27

      Do you even know how KS works?!
      Post an update!!! Your interaction with your backers - who have parted with their hard earned money - is HORRIBLE!!!
      You did not explain in your “timeline” when you were actually going to ship this product. Are you doing any quality control? Let us see pictures or something to know you are legit!

    44. James Smith
      on March 27

      I'm posting on the 12th knowing Brian won't respond even on the 14 days that will be 2 weeks since his last update. Wheres a update???

    45. James Smith
      on March 17

      Shawn no kidding this is taking the longest Jesus these are lids not a space ship at least Brian picks up the phone and sometimes and I mean sometimes he posts on KS .

      I hope for us (after we get FL) well look back at how good or bad or "damn I never got it"

    46. Missing avatar

      Shawn T Wheeler on March 16

      At this point I don't even remember if I received or filled out the survey. This has been an utterly ridiculous experience

    47. James Smith
      on March 14

      I talked to creator April isn't a sure date but atleast he has 3rd party looking the work lid manufacturer is doing. What's else can happen from here.....

    48. Fermented Health Creator on March 14

      Hey Guys,

      Thank you for the messages, you will received your product and I will explain the current timeline. The products are being manufactured in China by two different suppliers. The glass weights are currently in a cargo container shipping from China. The lids ran into a slight problem when the production workers were getting the lids out of the metal injection molds that they are being formed in. This problem has since been solved and it looks like the lids should ship to me by the end of April. I know it is not the answer you were hoping for but we are doing are best to expedite accordingly. If you have any additional questions please reach out to me or my cell 843-310-5878

      Thank you!

    49. Shaun Johnson on March 14

      This is ridiculous - you're not responding to requests here or via direct message. Please post an update ASAP. Thanks.

    50. Missing avatar

      Pia Zain on March 13

      Hi Brian - your communication with your backers has been really poor! There is a dearth of actual information regarding this project and your delivery dates. Why is there no actual Project Update? When do we expect delivery? Why is this taking so long? People dont get annoyed if they have proper interaction. Work better. Thanks.

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