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Honor a talented young musician who was taken from us too soon by having his fantastic orchestral work transcribed for orchestra.
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MelodicPony Memorial Live Performance

MelodicPony was an extremely talented and passionate orchestral composer who made some of the finest pony fan-music ever created. He invested hundreds of hours into carefully crafting his pieces and always shared them with unusual and admirable humbleness, never asking for money or begging for subscription. He made thousands of fans all over the world.  

During his life, he jokingly expressed a wish to have some of his work performed and recorded by a live orchestra.  

The fandom was struck by the news of his death. MelodicPony passed away at the age of mere 27 years, quenching our hopes of ever hearing new music from him again. In light of those events we've decided to fulfill his dream and have his music performed and recorded by a professional orchestra.

This is a fundraising for the first stage of the project. However realistic Melodic's music sounds, it's still written for a virtual orchestra and needs to be transcribed in order to be playable by real instruments. It's no simple matter and we've managed to convince a Texas based professional conductor and orchestrator to make the transcription for us. 

We are raising money to have one of MelodicPony's works performed live, the transcendent Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite, due to it's popularity in the fandom and it being the only song we have a MIDI file for.  Since he was not a trained composer he did not leave a proper score that can be given to musicians to play.  So, the first step is to have a transcription made using the MIDI file we do have. We have a professional composer who has agreed to produce the transcription which is where the $500 mentioned in the video comes in.  The rest of the money is to cover costs, for example obtaining the correct permissions from MelodicPony's family, postage, taxes, and fees.  

Once we have the score we will put together another campaign to raise money to commission a performance.  We have contacted multiple musical organizations who are willing to perform his music but we would need to defray costs like printing, practice time, obtaining the correct instruments, etc. We have been in contact with the Cypress Symphonic Band from Houston Texas who has agreed to perform the piece provided we help with the costs. We have also contacted the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra.  

Those details will have to wait until this project is funded. Why mention it at all? We want to be up front about this project and to show that we have done our homework and that we are sincere about our future plans.

We are grateful for all help and support we can get. All pledges and shares are very much appreciated. Thank you.  

Edit: Along the way we've encountered some further expenses like taxes, postage for sending scores, written permissions etc., thus the final goal is higher than mentioned in the video.

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Risks and challenges

The main concern right now is successfully funding the transcription but then not be able to raise enough to fund a performance. That is the risk we are willing to take. The honest truth is we have no shot at a performance if we don't get the transcription done so we are approaching the project one step at a time.

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