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Umoro One™ - The time has come; finally a beautifully designed shaker bottle that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle.
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Good to Go!

Posted by Umoro (Creator)

Thanks again backers! Amazon has finally finished collecting all of the funds, and we have transferred them to our accounts. We are finalizing our contracts with our manufacturer now and will begin mold tooling shortly! So stay tuned!

On a side note, many of our backers may be aware that we auditioned for Dragons Den (The Canadian Shark Tank) earlier this year. We actually finished shooting our pitch today! We can't go into the details but stay tuned to your tv later this yr.


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    1. Umoro Creator on

      Hey Giorgio, The Survey will be done through kickstarter, but they should contact you at your email address.

    2. Missing avatar

      Giorgio Meneses on

      Thanks! Just one more question will that be sent through e-mail or here on Kickstarter? Just so I don't miss it.

    3. Umoro Creator on

      thanks everyone!

      Not to worry! We will ask for correct addresses once we are ready to ship!

    4. Missing avatar

      Giorgio Meneses on

      Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't there supposed to be an e-mail confirming what address our items would be sent to? The address I have on Amazon is not the address I would like it to be shipped to.

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      Peter on

      Good luck guys. I hope that you will manage to maintain good communication flow with the backers here on KS. There will be unforeseen situations down the roads and that is fine. If you tell us what is going on and what are you planning to do about it, we will stand by you.

    6. J on

      Thats good to hear, hopefully you were successful on Dragons Den. Those people can be hard asses, I watched a few episodes and saw one lady cry from the "Cat Lady". But sadly, they have a lot of money so they can be bad asses. SAD.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kai Lau on

      Thats great to hear.
      Kickstarter is good to see if theres interest in your product and get things started. To get a product marketed is another story. Thats where Dragons Den comes in. Those guys got the financial backing and contacts to bring a product to an industrial level.
      With any luck, we'll be seeing this product in magazines and on shelves in the 24 Hour Fitness gyms in the USA.
      I'm just happy to be a backer from the beginning.

    8. Umoro Creator on


      Hey that is a great question! You are absolutely right! The purpose of kickstarter is to get projects off the ground, but after fees from amazon and kickstarter; the molds and initial run, we actually still have to invest another $15,000 of our own money into the company. Bringing a product to market is one thing, making it big is another. The purpose of dragons den is to help us do just that and turn our company into a international brand.



    9. Missing avatar

      Nescent on

      If you were successful here on Kickstarter, why would you go on Dragon's Den? I thought the point of Kickstarter was to get projects off the ground without involving Venture Capatilists. That seems to fly in the face of Kickstarting.