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Umoro One™ - The time has come; finally a beautifully designed shaker bottle that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle.
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Almost there + shipping time.

Posted by Umoro (Creator)

Hey Backers, we are almost there!

Tomorrow marks the end of our campaign and we are excited to bring the Umoro One to market!

We wanted to post this update prior to the project ending because we do not want to "lock" anyone in. Because we feel that we need to be honest and have full disclosure and transparency with our backers. 

It has come to our attention that with the extra pledges, our shipping has stepped to the next "Tier" in pricing. Our original goal of shipping the pallet of bottles from the factory via air and has now become cost prohibitive. So we are putting them on a boat, which means that we are looking at a shipping date of mid July.

We hope that the adjustment in shipping date does not change anyone's mind about the Umoro One and we can't wait to get everyone shaking!!

Thanks backers and we can't wait until tomorrow!!


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    1. Jason Turner on

      Completely understandable.

    2. Sophia Luu Pham on

      Well, the avg delay of Kickstarter projects is 3 months, so this isn't too bad. I can't wait to get it and use it for my protein shakes

    3. Missing avatar

      aalh on

      Dana, one month is not that long of a delay at all in Kickstarter land. Not only that, they've given you time to remove your pledge should it not be acceptable. Better than many other projects I've seen. They also have a particularly good reason for it. I'm sticking with it because I want the bottles :)

    4. Umoro Creator on

      Unfortunately the reason the manufacturer can not start the tooling production now, is the same reason we ran the kickstarter campaign. We need to pay them. We would to absolutely loved to have them made in Canada, but the cost of doing so is almost double! The manufacturer we are using have the same ISO 9000 Quality certifications as a certified North American manufacturer, so rest assured the quality will be top notch!


      Thanks for the understanding!

    5. TBD Toys on

      Wow that's kind of a long delay, not too mention any maufactoring screw ups adding to the delivery...why can't the manufactor start making these now? Too bad these couldn't have been made in Canada!

    6. Missing avatar

      Yoni Stratievsky on

      Makes sense -- thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Hull on

      Transparency is as honest as you can be. Now the backers must also prove themselves as loyal backers and not let a delay cloud their position. It's the cost of doing business. I'm backing 110%.

    8. Umoro Creator on

      Originally our manufacturer had purchased an allotted space on a cargo plane for another customer that they had in Canada. There was enough space left over for our pallets to fit in and we were getting the shipping at a large discount. With the extra orders and pallets we no longer fit in this space and would have to pay full freight price. As for the lower unit cost, the discounts are calculated per 1000 and we do not have enough orders to hit the next pricing tier

    9. Missing avatar

      Yoni Stratievsky on

      Don't mind the delay so much, but somewhat confused by the reasoning for the same reasons as Jacob -- why would increased volume be disproportionately high? At worst you'd expect it to be linear, and more likely you'd expect a lower per-unit cost...?

    10. RJ

      Thanks for being transparent guys and to give people the option of backing out. I'm still staying in.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jacob Myers on

      Confused why more orders increase cost and then delays shipping time. I would of expected shipping cost to be built into the pricing. If anything I would of expected per unit cost to go down and the real delay come from manufacturing backlog.

    12. Missing avatar

      AJD on

      Appreciate the update and transparency. All good things are worth waiting for.

    13. Umoro Creator on

      Once the kickstarter campaign finishes, it takes two weeks for amazon to process the payments and send them to us. Once we receive the money from amazon, our mold production will start right away.

      We can't wait to have the bottles too!

    14. Missing avatar

      Angelo Gutierrez on

      Yeah, I suppose that will be fine. Do you still pull the funds out once it's over?

    15. RenJie Yi on

      Still have 4 month to go ~ really wanna have the bottle right now :D