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Update #21

From the Editing Bay

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Hey friends - 

As I sit and wait for all these video files to render out (for those not accustomed to editing lingo, rendering is an endless process of watching a little blue bar slowly tick so the video is usable) I decided to post a quick update. 

First off, we have some incredible footage. I don't know what Stacy was doing with that camera while we were running around hanging swings, but she did it well. There are some shots/places in this footage that definitely were not that pretty when we were there. In fact, you all should probably go to her website and tell her how good of a job she did, she's sick of hearing it from us.

Second, I'm still in the phase of just watching all the footage (and trust me, there is a ton of it) to see what we have. Once I start pulling out some choice scenes and moments maybe we'll put up another little sneak peak for you guys... beware though, your cute-o-meter is going to go bounce off the charts so be prepared. 

What else? Jeff loved Bolivia so much he's considering moving back there. I'm not even kidding. If it weren't for getting this movie edited I would be right there with him. 

Bolivia's Day of Skulls just passed as well, which if you haven't heard about it you should check it out, - it's like if Tim Burton got to run Halloween, and there was a prop department. 

Back to editing. Go outside and randomly do something nice for a stranger, I promise it will make you feel good. 



    1. Missing_small

      Creator Molly on November 15, 2011

      Great update, Drewberry. Stay strong--SI SE PUEDE.

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