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Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
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Stretch goal and Full-set option

Posted by orange monkie (Creator)

1. Stretch goal : UPGRADE TO PLASTIC w/o ext cost.

Thanks for your opinions about stretch goal. We’ve been discussing a lot about foldio’s physical improvements.

Foldio is foldable and portable but we felt the necessity to raise durability in terms of the material, laminating paper. Finally, we checked the possibility of manufacturing FLEXIBLE PLASTIC Foldio through a consultation with a manufacturing company on this issue.

Upgrade : LAMINATED PAPER -> FLEXIBLE PLASTIC (w/o ext cost)

The new material has the merit of being strong, waterproof. Especially, it’s more durable than before. But the upgraded FLEXIBLE PLASTIC will be available only as white color for production problem(It can’t be available as black color). Hope you understand this.

We will send out a survey(White plastic Foldio / Black paper Foldio) after fund-raising. Then you can choose which one you want. We highly recommend white FLEXIBLE PLASTIC version for the quality difference. We are sure you will be satisfied. 

Actually, it will cost more to produce FLEXIBLE PLASTIC than the current version. But we decided to offer it without extra charge. It’s for all backers who support Orange-monkie team. So hope you will like it. 

2. full-set reward option

We’ve been busy to discuss various opinions about full-set. Most of backers agreed with that W(White)+B(Black)+G(Gray)+extra LED kit. Also some backers mentioned green sheet for chromakey, each color and LED add-on.

We finally set up the full-set rewards as follows. There are two options.You can choose full-set type(A or B) on the survey after fundraising.

Full-set A

- foldio original full-set reward

Full-set B :

- fullset = (foldio + main LED + W + foldio carrying bag) + B + G + ext LED and GREEN bg. without extra charge. 

- share the carrying bag with foldio.

We set up the Full-set B for usability. Some users might want another option, but we think this is the best solution for most of backers.

Our members are working hard but many options make us hard to control the project and push the delivery date out farther. So, hope you understand that it’s hard to choose each background sheet & LED. But we will make it available to purchase many options on our new website in the near future.

Also, we can’t offer the background carrying bag for the problem of cost. But the number of background sheets decreased to 3 from 6, so you can carry those with foldio more efficiently in the foldio carrying bag. We think it doesn’t inconvenience you.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ed Haas on

      Please change my option from A to B.

    2. David Hartman on

      I'm sure this had been discussed in earlier comments, but for those of us who backed your project early, when you offered 7 basic background colors (Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink) this is an unwelcome and unfortunate change in the reward.

    3. Marion Corbin Mayer on

      I think I accidentally deleted the survey. I would love flexible plastic and option N

    4. Dan Dement on

      Please change mine to Option B.

      Dan Dement

    5. Derek Chew on

      B for me thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Cordova on

      B! Yes! This is the combo I was hoping for

    7. Richard C

      B for me

    8. AdamDork

      Thanks Stephane!

    9. Stéphane Landry

      the two LED will be on at the same time.
      More light at the same time = less shadows, better picture

    10. Darryl Kang on

      Hi guys

      Option B looks great. But I won't mind adding extra money to get the complete A + B set. Do let us know if that is possible. Thanks! :)

    11. AdamDork

      Is the EXTRA LED a back-up or what would it be for?

    12. Rick Ong on

      FULL SET B for me : will take more LED lights than iphone app (or other apps) ... save the app development money and spend on better material / more background color, etc

    13. Missing avatar

      Rob Radencic on

      B! And I'm quite excited about it.

    14. Anish Shah on

      B all the way! You guys are doing a great job. Kudos to the team!

    15. Chris Mosley on

      B is perfect for me...excited

    16. Missing avatar

      John Downie on

      Change to plastic is a big improvement I think.
      Would choose B option, but not sure HOW to upgrade my pledge.

    17. Matthias Vandegaer

      Just like Ray Bans I'd like to add 18$ to my early bird pledge to get BOTH A and B, will this be possible guys?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sheila Shelton

      Option B looks great : thanks for all the hard work on the product can't wait

    19. Gwen.

      Upgraded my early bird pledge by $9 to have the set B. And also added $10 for the international shipping.

      Thanks for this new options.

    20. ray bans

      I am also on Early Bird, with the extra $9.
      can I add an extra $18, and get BOTH Full Set options

    21. Devon Huey on

      I am at early bird with $9 add on. Do I need to change pledges or am I fine there? I want set B. Thanks.

    22. Kelly De Luca on

      nevermind, just got my answer.

    23. Kelly De Luca on

      Is the B option available only to those who took the FOLDIO FULL SET or does it offer the option for those who just chose the FOLDIO SET (with white background) ?

    24. Phil Bales on

      Excellent update very fair and good options for all

    25. Alberto Mognoni on

      Set B will be my c'ho ice. Great idea, great options!
      Can't wait for product delivery!

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Gibson on

      For Early Bird backer can we still just adjust pledge by the extra $9.00 to upgrade to the full set?

      Set B with the extra LEDs is a huge improvement.

    27. Missing avatar

      Larry J Clark on

      I think you've pretty well hit the mark for most users with the B option.

      Adding the green chroma key background fills a need at little extra cost. One advantage of your small size is that you can find all sorts of backgrounds at craft/hobby/fabric stores. Compare this to the searching I need to do if I want to get different sweeps for my 30x30x30 tabletop light tent.

      The plastic construction also makes this handy for folks who want to shoot/document things they find away from home or office. Botany and geology come to mind.

      However, please run a check with the LEDs and the chroma key background. Probably not a problem, but LEDs are not full spectrum.

    28. Dave Jenson on

      Full set B is perfect, thanks for updating the options! I had assumed that the foldio was already made out of plastic, so I'm grateful that it has been updated too. Thanks for all your hard work and paying attention to the details. :-)

    29. Jonathan Vechmamontien on

      Switched over to the full set option, set B is perfect for what I need.

    30. Vanesa Ortiz on

      Cool! I'm happy you're not doing the app and are upgrading the products quality instead. Can't wait to get my foldio! Also going for the Full Set B!

    31. Missing avatar

      Gareth Clarke on

      That's great, full set B looks perfect. Can't wait. Thanks guys

    32. Don Balao on

      this update made my day

      thank you orange monkie team

    33. Chris Hiscock on

      Updated my pledge, thanks for listening.

    34. Brian Simon on

      I agree with Mike, I think most would go with the extra lighting and go with Full-set B.

      I can't wait to have this displayed in my cubicle space! Great product and thanks for the updates!

    35. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Ryan on

      Mike Koo is right. Options B, because of the LED strip.

    36. Joey Natividad on

      I'm in for the full set B option in plastic. That is the perfect combo for me. Looking forward to getting this!

    37. Missing avatar

      Mike Koo on

      It's easy to find the background sheet from other arts and craft stores, but I don't think it will be easy to get that LED strip. I don't see how A can be any better than B.