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Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
3,850 backers pledged $171,764 to help bring this project to life.

BLACK Background & LED suggestion

Posted by orange monkie (Creator)

1. BLACK Background sheet

As we mentioned earlier, a sample of black background sheet has arrived. It’s been delayed because we’ve tried to contact many manufacturing companies to find unplanned black sheet. As many backers want the black sheet, hope you will like it.

< picture with BLACK background sheet by iphone5 >
< picture with BLACK background sheet by iphone5 >

2. Other backgrounds & LED suggestion

- 3 favorite color
We've discussed the background sheet issue with photographer groups recently. As a result, WHITE, GRAY, BLACK background sheets are required in the most of the cases. There is a little chance to use other color sheets, except in the special photography.

< picture with other color sheet by iphone5 >
< picture with other color sheet by iphone5 >
- more LED strip

As some backers suggested one more LED strip in our last update, we agree that the additional LED Strip will be more useful with foldio.

- Dual LED-strips suggestion

We’ve discussed this issue, and we want to suggest the dual LED-strips for foldio full-set; offering an extra LED strip in place of infrequently used backgrounds. 

" foldio full-set : white + gray + black + ext LED strip "

Photography groups and our beta testers said it’s much more reasonable. 

What do you think ?

ps. Thank you for supporting and believing in us. You made it all happen, keep doing a great job. 


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    1. Steven DosRemedios on

      For those of you who got the second LED strip, I had an epiphany as to how to use it. Get four tiny super-magnets and attach one to each end of the second LED strip, then use the other two on top of the Foldio to position the strip ANYWHERE you want! Cool.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam K. Foote on

      I like, and choose this new option,
      " foldio full-set : white + gray + black + ext LED strip "

    3. R Dixon on

      My use is for quick shots of jewelry taken in for repair. Neutral colors (Black white & grey) are the only backgrounds I would require. More light is always a good thing = Extra LED strip!

    4. Alex Livland on

      I would like the full set please.

      could you post some photos with the extra LED strip

    5. Alberto Mognoni on

      Agreed. 100% agreed!

    6. Rami Nasra on

      Agreed. Extra LED strip in exchange for rarely used colors. Black white and grey sound perfect to me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lewis on

      White, Grey, Black, and LED for me as well, though having a green sheet that won't be in the retail pack as a nod to KS would be grand.

    8. Missing avatar

      Isaac Siaou on

      foldio full-set : white + gray + black + Green ext LED strip "

    9. Missing avatar

      John Downie on

      I'd support the suggestion of including extra (moveable?) LED strip at the expense of various coloured backgrounds. White, gray +/- black good for me.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      I guess i will echo the extra light strip and white, black, gray and green thing (blue would be good too.). stretch goal perhaps?

    11. Jonathan Vechmamontien on

      " foldio full-set : white + gray + black + ext LED strip " = Take more of my money!!

    12. Andrea Grasso on

      I am ok with the new full set composition.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tuija Ojala on

      Im ok with full-set : white + gray + black + ext LED strip. Specially if the other strip would be movable.

    14. Pete Wood on

      Extra light is always good.

      For backgrounds I think black and white are great, but also blue and green for chroma-key work. Perhaps a beige or cream would be nicer than a grey - a warm background to go with the cool white.

    15. Elisabeth Szentkereszty de Zagon on

      I agree with Wong Samuel. b/w+ one color (or more if you want!) plus extra LED. Though grey is great for B/W shots. Joshua's idea is gret too!

    16. Missing avatar

      Phat Si Lieu on

      Please include Black color background

    17. Justin Finamore on

      The gray, black, and white sheets with an extra LED strip sounds like an excellent idea. Count my vote for that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Wong Samuel on

      white, black backgrounds and extra LED lights sound perfect. i would prefer 1 colour background instead of the grey. but the extra LED lights is a definite yes!

    19. Joshua Fairbairn on

      I agree with Sonia:

      Reduce the number of background sheets -- from 7 to 5 to make way for the LED strips. The basic colors (black, white, grey) can be standard, then people can just choose what 2 other colors they would like. I personally wouldn't use the other colors as much, so I'd rather have the additional LED without having to pay an add-on.

    20. Rachel (LoveMyFire) on

      I would like either an addon for getting a 2nd LED strip or Stéphane's suggestion of a new pledge with the Foldio, 2 LED strips, all background sheets (I want them all!) and the carrying bag. Thanks!

    21. Sonia on

      For the FULL SET -- I think it really depends on the cost -- the full set comes with 7 background sheets. Can the additional LED strips be stretch goals? I think they are more useful than the app, since there are many photography apps anyway.

      Or just reduce the number of background sheets -- from 7 to 5 to make way for the LED strips. The basic colors (black, white, grey) can be standard, then people can just choose what 2 other colors they would like. I personally wouldn't use the other colors as much, so I'd rather have the additional LED without having to pay an add-on.

    22. Missing avatar

      Betzaida Alsindawi on

      Extra LED strip, black, white, gray, green and blue.

    23. Missing avatar


      I would greatly prefer ext LED strip over (infrequently) used backgrounds. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Nevin Ng on

      white + gray + black + green + extra LED strip would be the prefect combo :-D

    25. Stéphane Landry

      Or if you don't want to go with addons, add a new pledge :-)

      Foldio with 2 LED strip, 9 background sheets and carrying bag

    26. Stéphane Landry

      For me I will be really happy with white + gray + black + extra LED strip

      Other color background as addons could be cool if not too expensive

    27. James Watson on

      Im ok with the new path... foldio full-set : white + gray + black + ext LED strip

    28. Amir Khademi

      For me I like your suggestion: " foldio full-set : white + gray + black + ext LED strip "

    29. Ashley on

      Like most people here, I would prefer having 2 LED strips and the black, white, gray, blue and green backgrounds (Blue and Green if they work with Blue/Green screen). The others I might experiment with, but wouldn't usevery often if at all.

    30. Giancarlo Cusano on

      I would prefer the extra LED strip to other coloured backgrounds

    31. denise on

      I may only nee the extra LED strip as the background isn't that critical for me.

    32. Missing avatar

      Flying Buttonz

      I would love the extra LED. Lighting has always been an issue at my worktable and I think I would prefer having 2 strips and the black, white, gray backgrounds, perhaps the blue and green backgrounds but I'm most interested in the extra light strip

    33. Missing avatar

      Sherry London on

      I would love an extra LED strip. I would certainly use white and black backgrounds. If the green and blue backgrounds are suitable for use with the bluescreen/greenscreen software, I would certainly like the option to get both as I would love an easy set up for greenscreen of small products.

    34. Missing avatar

      whereisjudi on

      Hi There,

      I will only ever use white background - but would like an extra LED - what is my best play? I would also consider getting a second white background as a backup in case the first one gets dirty :) Let me know how I should change my pledge accordingly and if this is possible :D

      Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    35. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LeDrezen on

      I agree with others: black white gray + blue and green for chroma key would be perfection!

    36. Missing avatar

      Aileen Fuss on

      Having the black and grey and even green as an add on would be great- I only funded at white background level because I wouldn't use the brighter colors but would definitely add more to get the black and the extra lighting as options. Also the green- thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      Susan Shay Brugger on

      I'd love the extra light strip, but really need the chromakey colors for backgrounds - more so than the gray background.

    38. Robyn Affentranger on

      I do agree that the green might be fun to play with though.

    39. Robyn Affentranger on

      I like the idea of the base backgrounds and the extra light. I will mainly be using this for eBay and stuff so that works really well for me.

    40. Nathan Reed

      Will this be a separate and new tier, or do we need to back at that Full Set Level and will get a choice at the end of the KS?

    41. Wolfjaw

      I like the idea of the extra LED strip. What about offering the other color backgrounds as an upgrade?

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I think that the combination of basic papers and an extra led light would be beneficial. If I could I would upgrade to this.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bo Kaslund on

      I would like to keep the original pledge,suggest that ekstra LED and new backgrounds be made available as an option

    44. Joey Natividad on

      I totally agree! Adding the second strip in lieu of the less used backgrounds was exactly what I was thinking! I'm looking forward to this!

    45. Missing avatar

      Drew Saunders on

      For me, white/black/grey and an extra LED would be more useful than all the extra colors, so having that option fro the "full set" backers (which I am) would be a welcome choice. I presume some would want all colors and a 2nd LED for an appropriate increase in $.

    46. Missing avatar

      Gareth Clarke on

      Would love to receive the extra lights, but as mentioned by another backer, it would be great to keep the green background for chroma key. Would a choice of 3 backgrounds and the extra light be a possibility?

    47. Scott Spieker on

      I tend to agree with the other backers commenting here - either the additional backgrounds should be an add-on pledge or the second LED strip should be an add on. It seems to make the most sense to keep the original pledge amounts and rewards as they are and simply add the second LED strip as an extra option.

      With the kinds of things that are going to be photographed in this foldio studio will most likely require the additional lighting, and if not, then only a single led strip can be used - it would be up to the photographer to decide which is needed.

      I am happy to increase my pledge in order to capture all options being offered. I would like all of the colored backgrounds (as I had originally pledged) and add on for the second LED strip as it will be very useful for photographing miniatures and smaller items that I am planning to use Foldio for.

    48. Missing avatar

      Bernard Dulay on

      I agree with the new background colors but willing to add to get the original colors. The extra lighting is most welcome.

    49. Jan-Willem Ruys on

      A Blue or Green background for Chromakey would be useful. Happy to increase my pledge for that.

    50. Missing avatar

      eewk on

      Excellent suggestion. I'm also for the black, white, grey + 2nd LED but is it possible to add just 1 more Kickstarter green background like some of the others suggested? It's both functional for digital editing and still pretty symbolic of its Kickstarter origin.

      As for other colors, I agree that they should still be made available as add on for those who wants them.

      On a similar note, could the UV light LED still be a possible add-on at this point? Not trying to be pushy, just enquiring about the likelihood. Anyway, I don't see much interest from other backers so no pressure there I guess :)