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Help print the first volume of Unsounded, a fantasy-adventure comic about sorcery, hidden truths, and unconventional families.
1,275 backers pledged $43,383 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Five more watercolour rewards added

Posted by Ashley Cope (Creator)

Hey guys!

I added five more watercolour illustration slots. If you want one, this is your last chance. It's also the last chance to get a signed copy if you haven't already.


Thanks so much, everyone!

Posted by Ashley Cope (Creator)

The stretch goal was met and now the first volume of Unsounded will contain an additional, exclusive Duane and Sette story. It's going to be awesome! Thanks, guys!

I know there's still a lot of time left in the drive but I don't plan on adding more goals. Rather than stretch myself too thin I would much rather focus on the present content and do the best job I can do. Once the Kickstarter is over I'll start updating this space with progress art of the cover, of the prints, and check in with progress reports on how the book layout, printing, and shipping are going.

Later this week I will be adding five more watercolour illustration rewards. I will update this space when I do so, so stay tuned if you're interested in those.

Thanks again, everyone!


Posted by Ashley Cope (Creator)

I have no words.

Well, I have one. WOW. Not only did you guys devour the goal like Duane would love to devour a tour bus, but you practically had second helpings. Thank you SO MUCH, both for pledging and for helping to spread the word! I finally feel like Unsounded is a legitimate thing now! And I can't wait to spread printed copies of it to the far corners of the earth.

You may notice there have been a few reward changes. I nixed the top tier rewards (don't ask for them back please, they're gone) in favour of offering more watercolour illustration rewards. BUT! I won't be putting those up until next week for Reasons. I'll send out an update when they're posted.

For now, I want to announce a stretch goal. In lieu of adding bells and whistles to the physical edition of the print book, something I have never seen the point of, I want to add CONTENT to the book. So if we reach 25,000 by the end of the drive, I'll create and include in the book an exclusive illustrated Duane and Sette story to bridge the time between the end of the third chapter and the beginning of the fourth. I think you will like it.

In the meantime, thanks again for supporting the comic. It really means the world.