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Help print the first volume of Unsounded, a fantasy-adventure comic about sorcery, hidden truths, and unconventional families.
Help print the first volume of Unsounded, a fantasy-adventure comic about sorcery, hidden truths, and unconventional families.
1,275 backers pledged $43,383 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dheyrdre Machado on

      My book arrived today (Brazil), in perfect condition.

    2. Mariya Krutova on

      My book had arrived. =D That was rather fast, considering Russian post still had some post-New Year problems with delivery. Thanks a lot!

    3. Missing avatar

      June Romani on

      Got my book! Everything looks amazing.

    4. Missing avatar

      kotomikun on

      It's here, in one piece and everything! Thank you! It is, in the words of a certain milk damsel, "so awesome so awesome"!

      Those postcard thingies are pretty neat, too; I'm glad I ended up getting those.

    5. AliSaenz on

      Yay! My book arrived to me all the way to Australia, safe and sound :D

      Beautiful looking book! Hope to see a possible volume 2!

    6. Missing avatar

      Hayley Kyte on

      Got my book today! It is a thing of beauty, thank you so much!

    7. Eljee Javier on

      Just received my copy in the post today here in the UK. It arrived and was well worth the wait! As previously mentioned I love the online comics but having it in print, in your hands, is really something special! Many, many thanks!

    8. Mark Simon on

      I received the book today, and I must say, that although I know the world has gone digital (and I have really enjoyed the web comic!), I will always love having a real book in my hands. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help allow this work to be manifested physically...

    9. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      This book is freaking beautiful, and I love the large size. It does the art justice. Some of the pages in the crypt are a bit dark compared to viewing on a monitor, but overall the colors are spot on and vibrant.

    10. David D on

      Got my book with my Anadyne sketch! THANK YOU!

    11. Tabatha on

      Just got my book today and literally squealed when I opened the mailbox!
      Its the best!!

    12. James Flaagan

      Read through volume 1 in almost a single sitting! So glad I backed this, and I cannot wait for the next volume(s) to show up on kickstarter!

    13. Dana Lu on

      Got my book in Israel. Awesome work thanks!

    14. Rebecca J. T. on

      'tis a lovely book.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      I got my book today and just like everyone says, its totally awesome!!! :D

    16. Melissa Zayas on

      My book came today! It's beautiful! You should really be proud of this work, it looks amazing. Can't wait to read it again from the beginning in hard-copy form. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Ernest Plange on

      Got My Book In the Mail!!!!!!!!! Beyond excited!!!!!!

    18. Bethany Morse

      Got my book yesterday! Really lovely. Thanks so much for a great product!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bowman on

      Got my book! Well done! Great story and art! Too bad it is only book 1. Looking forward to future volumes. Thanks!

    20. Peter Knörrich on

      With updates like last friday ones, you keep us well entertained during any way perceived - but, smack them a bit about shipping cost for me, please.

    21. Ashley Cope 3-time creator on

      Hey Jeff, the printer messed up about half the books when they went to print when them two weeks ago, and they are only now reprinting this week. I pray they ship to me by week's end. Once I have the books in hand I will make another update... probably with photos of boxes and boxes and boxes of books and mailers, haha. Soon! And the second volume will not be undertaken until the latter half of 2012 at the earliest. I'll post updates on when that happens. Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bowman on

      I was just wondering if there was any update on a delivery date for the book. I had not heard anything lately, and just want to be sure that I didn't miss an email or something needing my info. to get the book delivered. Also, for those of us that backed this book, will we be able to get an email when your campaign for the 2nd book starts? Hate to miss it. It is very cool to see and what I have ready is fun and well done!

    23. Ben Taylor on

      Dang, 161 pages?! I had no idea how much content was in this! Please email us previous backers on your next Kickstarter so we can get the next volume, and also include a combo of the first and second for those of us who came in late and weren't able to get in on the physical rewards. I will get both (or a set of all of them) if you make it available.

      On a separate note, I'm proud to say I went to the same school as you. You're an amazing artist!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kenny Jackson on

      Congrats Ashley. I love your comic soooo much. I was hoping that soon after this campaign, and since you just finished chapter six, that you will do another kickstarter campaign to print the second volume. I know its a lot of work and stress and you are already mega-busy as it is...but a guy can hope! My ultimate hope would be that Image Comics publishes your comic as a monthly series and then it gets optioned and made into an animated tv series. A guy can dream big...can't he?

    25. Juraj Jurisin on

      Congrats can't wait.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Taylor Whittemore on

      Congrats on being officially funded!

    28. Jessica Laney on

      yeah super funded! I can't wait to get this comic, one of my favorite webcomics ever :)

    29. Ashley Cope 3-time creator on

      Thanks, Chris. And thanks so much everyone else! I'll have the coverart finished this weekend and posted for you guys to look at.

    30. Chris Corbett on

      Congrats on the funding and the super extra funding!!!! Can't wait to get my goodies!!! Take your time and do it right! I know you will :D

    31. Missing avatar

      ragter on

      First time backing something...don't regret it at all. I've always been interested in Unsounded.

    32. Ryan Saul on

      Pretty awesome response, I can't believe you made it to $42k! It sounded like you were keeping this really indie by printing on your own, are you considering finding a publisher after this?

    33. Matt Johnson on

      I really dig the character designs here. keep it up.

    34. Missing avatar

      Lili-mai Ashley on

      First kickstarter I've funded, pretty happy it's for a webcomic I love. c:

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Ashley Cope 3-time creator on

      They're going to be printed in the US but not on recycled paper. Just regular paper-paper. #70 digital matte, I believe is the stock.

    37. Rebecca J. T. on

      Hi Ashley, I wonder if you could talk a bit about how this book will be printed? One of the things I liked about the Order of the Stick drive was that the books were printed locally in the US on recycled paper made from not-the-rainforest trees. If there could be a stretch goals for better printing, that would be great!

    38. Silvernis on

      I've backed quite a few KS projects, but this is one of the few where I'm genuinely excited about getting the finished product in my hands. I "discovered" Unsounded last week and, to my surprise, ended up reading the whole archive in one night. I can't wait for the book, and for volume 2! ^_^

    39. Junik on

      how about adding some character profiles to the book? or a nice landmap over a double page, to see where the story happens?
      and maybe some bookmarks as "nice-to-have-but-low-in-cost"-stretchgoal? :)

    40. Elena M. Martinez on

      Gah, the artwork is so beautiful! I spent two nights reading through the entire archive and loved it....and then several other times reading through parts I really, really liked. I now she's a vicious little thief that would gladly steal your pants if it was worth her time and then conk you over the head with a bottle for fun, but it is still impossible for me to not like Sette. She's a tough little cookie with a streak of street-smarts creativity and that is AWESOME. Her and Duane make a great duo, albeit one where the balance of power is in a constant state of flux (hey, it keeps things fresh and that works), and while I have my suspicions about Duane's past....well, let's just say I'm really looking forward to hearing it from the author! =D Glad to see this thing has such a huge following! (838 followers counts as huge, right? Right!) Looking forward to Vol. 2+ as well in the future!

    41. Edward Gonzalez II on

      I didn't know anything about this comic until I saw it as one the three Staff Picks in the Discover section and I'm really glad that I decided to look at it.

      I don't really think of myself as too much of a comic fan, never had the money as a kid and really care to spend the money as an adult. So when I went to your site I wasn't expecting much. I started where noobs should and I was blown away at the level of talent. The integration of the art with the site design, beautiful! You go beyond just the page of the comic to submerse the reader in the world with wonderful visual treats.

      I have since upped my backing because I love what you have done. When you do get around to volume two you can count that I will be a backer of that as well.

      Thank you so much for this wonderful work.

    42. knucklekraken on

      DAMMIT! I wanted that watercolor sooo baaad...

    43. Ashley Cope 3-time creator on

      I want to wait until next year to print volume 2, Dheyrdre.

    44. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Hi Ashley, quick question.
      If you raise much more (and you will) it's possible print volume 2, too?

    45. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      Congats on the successful kickstarter! I can't wait to see what the book looks like. You a a truly talented artist.

    46. Disastercake on

      You're an amazing artist. I'm looking forward to reading your comic!

    47. juryman00 on

      Yeah, I got one too, lucky us!!

    48. Dheyrdre Machado on


      Did you get one signed?
      I get lucky, and got one for me.

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