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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
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The Awakening has begun.

Posted by christopher gabrielson (Creator)

Greetings O' Stalwart Magi,

The Awakening has begun! 

Magi's Chests are being sent out this week, throughout the new world and the old. Your property, as promised centuries ago, is being returned to you. (At least it feels like centuries doesnt it? ; )

This project took us much longer than expected. I personally want to thank each one of you for your tireless patience and enthusiasm. I am sorry it took so long to finish creating Serpent's Tongue. I hope you will find the wait was worth it! The community has been extremely supportive for the past 18 months. We received less than 12 refund requests throughout that entire time. Considering the delays, I think that constitutes an extremely determined and patient Magi community.

What is Shipping Now?

Good news and bad news: Serpent's Tongue, is technically NOT finished. We have received the Core Sets and Archive Cases in America. But we have been waiting for the Founder's Codices, Compendiums, Reward packets and more to be completed and air freighted to our 5 fulfilment centers around the world. We have chosen to wait no longer. We have elected to ship out the Core Set and Archive Cases to you starting now. Our primary fulfilment center guarantees delivery before Christmas. 

 We are working on a system to get tracking numbers uploaded to your MyAccount pages. We will send out the accessories and reward items when they arrive. We will cover the cost to ship these out to the US ourselves, so that you are not burdened by this strategy. (I hope and think that we can afford to do this.) We will attempt to cover the costs for the international follow-up shipments if we can as well, or at the very least subsidize them. Any kind and honest words you are willing to say publicly about Serpent's Tongue, once you receive your order will be appreciated and will probably help ensure our ability to do this.

Now its time to learn!  

Your next obstacle to becoming a Magi, now that your test of patience is coming to an end, is to learn how to play the game! Serpent´s Tongue is a deep and dense game. But based off the feedback from those who have already received their set and industry reviewers, "the time spent learning it, is well worth it." 

We shifted the walkthrough to an online format, again to avoid a potentially long delay, but there´s an advantage in that the Walkthrough has become more of a ´living document´and is much better than it would have been. We are working on more types of walkthroughs as well, such as a purely solo one. Also the Out of Eden  begins with a walkthrough. For now though,  be sure to start your journey into Serpent´s Tongue with the online walkthrough!

We are creating more instructional aids, new demo videos, a voiced over animated version of our primary walkthrough (and alternate walkthroughs), an interactive FAQ system online, and more. In the mean time, if you have any questions just post a question to us. We will be focused on answering any game-play questions throughout the holidays.

What comes next?

We have so much more to add to the world of Serpent´s Tongue. Our first priorities are, of course, to send out the missing accessories and the all important Out of Eden campaign. Following those we are prioritizing the Avak´Shar shopping cart (the code redemption system is ready however,) Cabal formations, and the Encounter Creation system which will allow you to create Encounters to share with the community. We will be continuing to create and publish online Encounters as well for you to challenge and post your results. This will create ongoing PVE content between adventure campaigns.

Thank you once again for taking this journey with us. You really did make Serpent´s Tongue possible, we could NOT have done it without you. We appreciate you, and love this community. I look forward to hearing your comments, questions, adventures and more.

Best regards,

Christopher Gabrielson & the UnBound Team


Greetings Non USA Magi. Most of you are in the same boat as America, (other than some in person pickups and some pre-paid shipping orders in mainland Europe you are waiting for your orders and rewards to be shipped.)

If you have been following the updates you know that our programmer savant, Artificer Jeremy ´Flare´ Scherer was working on a system in your myaccount page that would allow you to see your owed international shipping costs, pay them, or select a pickup location. Unfortunately Flare had to discontinue his work on this due to a medical emergency. He is currently in quite a bit of pain, and possibly largely due to his 60 hour weeks working on Serpent´s Tongue. (That doesn’t include his 40 hour normal job.) Get better Flare! We would NEVER have been able to make this game without him.

So, Brian and I are taking over and going to do all of this manually. SO, STARTING with Mainland Europe, we are going to be sending you a paypal invoice in the next 12 hours. If you pay this, we will be notified and out your order will go in the next 24 hours. I am SUPPOSED to get tracking numbers from Ludopakt, although they have not delivered on that promise so far with our pre-paid shipping orders last week. But I will push them for tracking numbers.

If you are willing to experience a slightly slower send-out then you have the option of going into your MyAccount page and selecting a pickup location. (Drop-point.) This will reduce your pick and pack and shipping costs, but not the Freight and Vat costs. We will allow 72 hours for people to select their drop points, reconfigure your totals and re-bill you. The more people that select a drop point the cheaper your share of Shipping will be.


We will do the same with you in a few days, I am waiting on a few numbers from Elite, which I expect tomorrow. Once we have them we will provide the same instant pay, or drop point selection option.

Delayed Areas

UK, Norway, Sweden – we are sorry your orders are still on a slow-boat from China, but we will be doing the same billing process for those of you that have not paid as the boat approaches. You are the largest nexus of non-US Magi, and I apologize that your orders are the last to arrive! I don’t think you are going to be able to pickup your sets in London, Oslo or Stockholm before Christmas but possibly very shortly thereafter.

AUSTRALIA & ASIA– we are sorry, we had a set back with our Chinese fulfilment Center, we have a backup strategy in place, we just need to complete the agreement. We will keep you updated. We hope it will not be too much longer.

So to summarize

Today we are invoicing Mainland Europe. Then later this week we hope to invoice North and South America, and if we are lucky shortly thereafter Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. UK will be invoiced and pickup locations can be confirmed as the boat gets closer.

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    1. delwyn

      It's been a week, any chance of an update on Australia & Asia shipping? Always seems like we're left to last

    2. James Worley on

      I have a question. Will we receive an email indicating when our orders are shipped along with tracking information? I know you indicated it will also be linked to our accounts but I would like to also receive other notification if possible. Thanks. (My apologies if this has been answered before but I can't find it)

    3. Echelon Game Design

      Okay, just checked my PayPal history and I don't seem to have made any payments for shipping, at least in the last year.

      However, I feel it important to mention that I'm in Canada. If the order gets split, right now it looks like I may be expected to pay for shipping each piece ("We will attempt to cover the costs for the international follow-up shipments if we can as well, or at the very least subsidize them" could be taken optimistically, I suppose).

      At this point I'm not in a hurry, if it means I only have to pay for shipping once rather than twice. If a second shipment to Canada will be covered and I pay the same

    4. Brian Gabrielson on

      @ Randall - Yep they are the same thing, sorry for the confusion.

    5. Randall D on

      Are the "Archive Cases" mentioned in this update the same thing as the "Inscription Cases" listed on my "My Account" page?

    6. Echelon Game Design

      Cutting it fine to make Christmas, but that is itself a good argument, I think.

    7. Brian Gabrielson on

      @Kelsey, yes that is the one that will be used.
      Thanks for updating!

    8. Brian Gabrielson on

      @Keith, Mantichor, Stephen: No worries, you will not be charged for any extra shipping. Also we really wanted to make sure people had the game to play by Christmas. The only things being shipped right now are the Magi's Chest (core set) and the Cases of Inscription packs. Everything else will be bundled together and set out once completed.


    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sekela

      I have a question about Out of Eden. "We have so much more to add to the world of Serpent´s Tongue. Our first priorities are, of course, to send out the missing accessories and the all important Out of Eden campaign." So does this mean Out of Eden is not shipping to KS backers with their core sets, but will ship separately later (with the founder's codex and other KS rewards)?

    10. Kelsey Karin Hawley on

      I just updated my shipping address on the magi site and want to make sure that is the one that will be used

    11. Michael Pedersen on

      Something to keep in mind when asking for one shipment: Storing something also costs money. If they're worried about the second shipment costing them too much, then the storage would also have hurt their bottom line. At least this way, the game *is* out there, and we can play it. I applaud this choice on their part.

    12. Terence Bowlby on

      If I can get some product at my Canadian drop point by Christmas, great! Otherwise I'd prefer to pay the least amount possible on shipping, even if it means waiting longer.

    13. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I have already received it.
      Thank you very much.
      I don't know if I will ever play it (because it looks more difficult now than at first) but, I must say that the job you've done is impressive.
      I don't regret having backed the project.

    14. Stephen Rodger on

      I too would rather have a one box shipped. I have lost track of what we are getting, the extra no cost KS material - is this also being shipped or is that delayed?

    15. Mantichor

      Yeah, if we could only get an estimate when the rest will be ready. I would also prefer to receive to full package and pay shipping once.

    16. Echelon Game Design

      At that, I would as soon wait until the entire package can be shipped. I've waited 18 months already (though I think of it as 12 months, since the original estimate was incredibly aggressive), a few more so it call comes at one time. This not only reduces the shipping I need to pay (I believe I've already paid the original amount requested, I don't want to be asked for more money for shipping), it may make it less likely something will be overlooked. I don't want most of what I am expecting, I want all of it. Splitting fulfillment lends itself to things being missed.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Crisman on

      Whoops, turns out I'm not very observant, I found the Account Info link on the main site. All is well.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason Crisman on

      How can I confirm/change where my order will be shipping to? In the time since the Kickstarter ended, I've moved to a new country, and although I think I was planning to ship it to my brother to keep it in the US, he has since moved as well, and I am not sure which address I ultimately gave. I'm worried after all this time my order will be lost in the void.