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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
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Gen Con Wrap-Up, Final Coupon Code + Bonus Rewards for KS Backers

Posted by christopher gabrielson (Creator)

GenCon interview with BoardGameGeek

Click HERE to View the Interview.

Click Here to View the Demo!

Above: Christopher & Greg run some reps from ChicagoLand Games and Daria from Black Monk Games through a sample round of Serpent's Tongue.  Sorry the sound is pretty rough!

Fantasy Flight sits down to Demo Serpent's Tongue.. and Love it!

Other notables were Dice Tower (who are creating a positive video review of Serpent's Tongue as we speak,)  John Zinser, president of AEG said he was "quite impressed".  Jordan Weisman (former FASA President and creator of Shadowrun and Mechwarrior) wished us well. Plus many other industry insiders came by to check out this strange new game. We were really honored by all the well wishes and compliments we received.  

KickStarter Backers to receive a GenCon Code & Additional Reward Sets.

GenCon visitors received a special glyph that gave them a hefty discount on any pre-orders. We are making these coupon codes available to you as well, because... well you are KickStarter backers and NO ONE gets a deal that you dont. So with less than 7 days left and just 200 Reward sets remaining if you have any friends that have been thinking of getting in, feel free to spread the secret knowledge. 

Also all KS backers that add onto their order during this last week will receive an additional KS Exclusive Reward Set!

Here is the coupon code, it should be decoded as a single word rather than individual syllables. Steal yourself a good deal. Keep it Secret. Good luck. 


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    1. James Yee on

      I'm good on extras, just want to get it already! C'mon October! :)

    2. Justin Fitzgerald on

      I haven't really read all the details but I went in big on the Kickstarter, so I hope any extra/promos come to me without buying extra stuff. I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this many cases for 2 players anyway!

    3. Alex Hobbit Sennert

      I am really broke at the moment but would like to try to get the extra KS envelope. Can I get a clarification on the definition of a "decent amount of inscription singles" so I can try to scrounge up some funds for it. Thanks.

    4. SD

      Christopher, if I don't need another Core Set, could I get the extra KS Reward Envelope if I ordered another Master Archives Case? It costs more than a core set... I'm going to guess yes because you said "if you grab a decent amount of inscription singles".... and the Archives Case is way more than that. :) Correct me if I'm wrong!

    5. Zach Wilson on

      Alright, you suckered me into upgrading with a master's set.

    6. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      Hello! More interest came from this than I thought! The coupon code accomplishes the same thing the GenCon coupon did, it brings the price of each item to about 25% off of retail. (actually a little more than 25% off) Right now, we are in the last week or so of the Pre-Order sale, so it just takes off an additional $5.00 PER item in your cart, to get it up to 25% off, bringing the CoreSets down to about $33.

      Since thats definitely going to be the cheapest price we will see the core sets and archive cases at for a while, we just wanted to give KS backers access to that pricing IF they were thinking about adding on.

      Also as a bonus and because we have gotten a lot of requests for extra KS Exclusive Reward Envelopes and because they are in limited in number KS backer that pre-order a Core Set or more will receive an extra KS Reward Envelope, (This has all the KS exclusive cards and stretch rewards.) I suppose if you grab a decent amount of Inscription singles we could add this to your account as well. We will be doing this manually to verify that its just KS backers.

    7. tofuji

      my original order already has 4 core sets, 4 cases of inscription packs, and 2 lines for life. i considered adding another case of inscription packs, but with the discount being less than the shipping, i couldn't pull the trigger.

    8. Glen Noctor on

      I've gone though the checkout process but it only shows a $5 discount for the coupon, and doesn't mention any rewards. Clarification would be much appreciated.

    9. Glen Noctor on

      Could somebody please clarify what we get with this coupon, and how we get it? I really want to use this offer and receive the extra loot and all that good stuff, but I'm not willing to spend more money unless I'm sure what I'm paying for. Do we need to order an extra game to avail of this offer? For $35+ I'm not willing to take a chance on this.

    10. Carolyn Ruth Moir on

      So does this mean us backers are finally going to get our game? Been waiting years at this point!

    11. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      What's your handle on the magi site so I can find you on there? Probably easier to talk through that then the kickstarter update :P

    12. Olna Jenn Smith

      My /suspicion/, based on similar phrasing in this update and on the site, is that the "KS Exclusive Reward Set" is the set of special cards and codex pages we unlocked as stretch goals. In which case...gimme. If it's something else? ...I'm sorta stuck at 'gimme'. >_>

      Fortunately I have a friend who wants in, and is short of cash, so in exchange for me placing the order for them, and letting them pay me back in a few weeks, they're giving me the SECRET STUFF.


    13. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      Yeah that's about where I'm at too. I really shouldn't be getting more but SECRET STUFF MAN. SECRET STUFF.

    14. Olna Jenn Smith

      ...*facepalming FOREVER* I looked at that in the dropdown, figured it was profile information, and skipped it entirely. Thanks again!

      And now to figure out if I can possibly justify ordering more. My KS pledge was ridiculous....but secret mysterious thing! I wants it! :P

    15. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      If you're looking for your original kickstarter stuff, go under the shop tab and click "my account". If your kickstarter account has been linked to that website, all your kickstarter stuff will appear there. The my order page only shows stuff you've ordered since then.

      If your kickstarter stuff isn't appearing, just shoot them a message and they'll help out. They're pretty good at responding quickly to that sort of stuff. Best results I'd say would be to send a pm on their main website, or making a topic on the boards there.

    16. Roy Romasanta

      Does the reward set appear in the cart? I only get the discount. :(

    17. Olna Jenn Smith

      . . . and now I guess I get to freak out. Logged into the site to see about adding something on, and I don't appear to have an order any longer. Can someone reassure me and tell me in small words where I should be looking?

    18. Olna Jenn Smith

      Thank you, AdvanceStart -- the link to the finalized key was MOST helpful.

    19. Greg Krywusha


      Yes, use single letters. That's what meant above by a single word and not syllables.

    20. SD

      Ok, what do we have to add on? Anything? What's in the KS Reward Set?

    21. Azuretruth on

      If a backer adds on to their order do we pay for the extra shipping? Just curious as I weigh my love for things I don't have and my love for not being beaten by my girlfriend.

    22. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Thanks for the links, but are we using the scripted code, like "Ta" or do we use "T"? I really don't understand

    23. Jonathan Yao

      Thanks, though I did figure it out by trial and error.

    24. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      For those having trouble decoding, here's a couple things to help.

      This is a picture of the final serpent's key.

      And here is a site that has the english equivalent of all those letters.

      If you need more help, you can talk to me on the Serpent's Tongue website. Just send a PM to me on the site ( @advancestrat). I won't just give you the answer, but I can at least give you more of an idea of what you're looking for if you still aren't understanding it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Are we supposed to decode it letter by letter and it makes a word? I'm a bit confused

    26. Glen Noctor on

      I've decoded it but I'm not sure how to use it. Do we have to order an entire extra game to be able to use the coupon? What exactly do you mean by "add onto their order"?

    27. wesley on

      At this point I would just be happy to finally have the product that was ordered. It has been over a year, and you have been GREAT at having updates but I know I am getting itchy feet. So from waht I can tell it is October that it is going to be finally shipped? Is this a FIRM date??

    28. Jonathan Yao

      I can not seem to find a clean current copy of the Magi Stone anywhere on the web. I did find an old one though a Google image search,, but some of the letters are mixed up. I did work out most of the code, but I can not read the second to last letter.

    29. Longeye on

      See, I'm probably doing this wrong.... but the key should be decoded with no spaces or capitalisation, starting at the circle and terminating at the intersecting line, no?

      Also what do you mean by "add onto their order"? As in if we preorder something else, we get another backer set?

      So hyped for this once more, bring on October!!

    30. James Yee on

      I'm looking forward to seeing these when I get home (work comp shows blanks)

      Though what I'm looking forward to more? Getting my hands on it myself! :)

    31. FierstArter on

      Don't I just look lovely. DECODEING HOOO!