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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
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Lijia Ships GenCon Sets

Posted by christopher gabrielson (Creator)

Lijia Ships GenCon Sets

But, will they get there in time?! We think so, but its going to be close! Lijia lost power to their factory multiple times this week, (as did most of Ningbo), so they packaged up 30 kg of Serpent’s Tongue goodness with whatever they could. They had expected to have complete core-sets coming off the line this last week, but those were pushed up a few days. The cards and punch-boards (which had already been printed but were now waiting for a coating process) were literally not dry, the varnish coating was still setting, and so they may have imperfections, but at least we will have the bulk of the game to show!

Codex Binders and Pages.

Codex binders are looking great and we will have 40 of them at GenCon. Are these Codexes the finest game component in the entire world? Im not sure, but I suppose its possible. Thanks KS backers for helping us make what could be considered to be the highest component quality game ever. 

 But the new Codex pages and POUCHES were delayed, they are sending those out tomorrow. Those are probably going to show up late so we will be making playtest pages to demo with the first couple days. These final pouches will be great to showcase, we got LUCKY on those. They turned out to be a tremendous, last minute improvement and solution to the old glued pockets which were falling off more than we liked. Your Codex and Codex pages will now be… oh… Id say 500% more durable? Maybe more. We knew we would get durability but we werent sure how ugly or off theme the solution would be. As it turns out it does not detract from the theme, and actually adds a certain attractiveness to the codex pages; I think just from the pouches being so high quality and professional looking.


Stay tuned to our world debut (Ropecon was our 'soft' debut') this week at GenCon. We will be posting images, articles and videos at becomemagi and on boardgamegeek. And of course if you are going, please come by our demo booth in the demo area, and check out your game!

Christopher Gabrielson


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    1. Alyssa on

      Looks like you forgot to hide the tracking numbers in the bottom of the image. On a side note, looks like they're on track for delivery today.

    2. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      We are planning on just setting up a live stream of our demo table on
      We should be able to embed it into our site as well.

    3. James Yee on

      I want to see video of people playing this at Gen Con!

      Also, Hurry up overseas factories and shipping! I want to play! With MY cards. :)

    4. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      We dont have a booth actually, just three Demo Tables in the demo hall, and Im not sure where yet. GenCon events staff really bent over backwards to get us into this heavily sold out convention.

      Because our ship date was ... uncertain for so long we did not reserve booths. (They're expensive! About $5k mimimum). . And, apparently you need to do it a year in advance. But we will post and update when we arrive and get all setup.

    5. Nancy Hutchins

      Where can we find you at GenCon? Booth#?

    6. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      I'm going to GenCon, and would love to play a demo game.

    7. Aron Clark on

      Great thanks for the update. Have a great show.

    8. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      This GenCon shipment consists of 20 cobbled together Core Sets. These will not be distributed or sold there. They are Demo Sets only. We MAY raffle one away or make it the prize of a tournament, but it will be an incomplete set now, so now Im not sure about doing that.

    9. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      As soon as they are done. They are estimated to be leaving the factory this month.

    10. Aron Clark on

      When do backer sets ship?