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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
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    1. Industrial Scribe on

      I would hope that anyone who made it through the "Ad Grind" would get the ranks.

      If not then I wasted a bit of time.

    2. Jason Stapleton on

      Hunh. I seem to have found 4 specializations revealed through the ads.

    3. Titus on

      Does everyone who answers the questions get the ranks, or will there be a drawing, or what?...

    4. Hunter Warburton on

      Thank you very much for the hint, Ville Pirttimäki. Incognito mode made for a much wider variety of ads (before about 80% were the same 3). It only took about an hour after your tip to finally stumble across the final piece of the puzzle.

    5. Ville Pirttimäki

      A hint for those like me, who keep getting the google ads. (Especially for the vertical ads.) Open the page in Incognito mode.

    6. Hunter Warburton on

      Well, I don't know if its a regional thing or what, but I've been through far too many pages today and I still haven't found the ad for question 3. If it's sheer dumb luck then it isn't on my side.

    7. Industrial Scribe on

      The Vertical Flash ad (Question 3) is back in proper rotation today and can be found on the site today :)

      I now have answered all 3 questions based on the flash ads and sent it in by Email.

      Wish I could help at GenCon but I'm stuck in the U.K.

    8. Hunter Warburton on

      I've been searching for the ads a bit today and have actually seen a few different ones, though they are far between, I have the answers to questions 1 and 2, though 3 is still elusive as others have said. There is a lot more variety of different ads today, but the ones we are looking for are pretty rare.

    9. Unisus

      Didn't get any ST ads today... :(

    10. James Worley on

      LOl.. I'm pretty much only getting Jay Mohr and Cadillac.. Some Star Wars thrown in to keep the appearance it's a game site. ;)

    11. Industrial Scribe on

      War Thunder and Star Wars seem to be really heavily loaded to come up and the front page should be avoided if you are hunting as it seems to have different rules for serving ads to the rest of the site. (Guess it is more money for the front page).

    12. Industrial Scribe on

      The 3rd vertical ad never showed.

      About 3 or 5 MAJOR ads show there and never really change much compared to the box and horizontal ads.

    13. Justin Wawrzonek on

      Wow...Out of Eden sounded pretty great when this campaign launched, but it sounds 100 times cooler now. You guys have really outdone yourselves.

    14. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      I am really really pleased by the evolution of Out Of Eden, alot of credit has to got Jere Kasanen our visual director who also has a continuous flow of ingenious game mechanic ideas. It must be all the omega 3's those northerners get.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ben Rhoads on

      Oh .... and the update featuring the "Out of Eden" story line looks fantastic. I am working myself in to a frenzy ;-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Ben Rhoads on

      I got five ads after 1.5 hrs and 2 different devices. :-) I really want those Avak'Shar points. On the bright side, maybe ST will show itself on the hotness list with all the refreshes.

    17. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      Yeah I had nothing after 2 hours of refreshing. Good to know there'll be a new one soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      James M on

      Thank goodness we can stop. After 30 minutes of solid refreshing I had the answer to #1, 1 of #2, and nothing for #3.

    19. Eternal Artificer Crux, the Mad Captive on

      Scavenger hunts are super FUN! I wish there was a way for us to team up. Group scavenger hunts are even more awesome.

    20. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      Oh and of course you have to know how many Specs are showcased huh': THREE.

    21. Eternal Artificer Crux, the Mad Captive on

      Death Touch cancelled...for now O~o

    22. Hunter Warburton on

      The ad I saw yesterday was the square version, that one seemed to have all the answers. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be coming back.
      I wrote a script for Firefox to auto-refresh the page everytime I get certain ads whose image title I have flagged (like an ad for Via Appia and t-shirt guy) then i look at the rest. After going through a full 1000 pages on desktop, plus a few on mobile, I'm going to hold off on looking anymore for today.
      Perhaps the specific ads could be hosted directly on the BecomeMagi site for those of us who have been trying unsuccessfully?

    23. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      But you can all stop refreshing we'll try a better more controlled scavenger hunt this week, that utilizes our site.

    24. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      The last question is from a single ad. The Magi are : [Location]

    25. Eternal Artificer Crux, the Mad Captive on

      This constant refreshing has annoyed me. I cast Death Touch ~~> "Net'usama An'khaifa Ozhaub!!!" and 3-finger swish!

    26. Unisus

      It still would be helpful to have at least a number for the second question, as even if i press F5 the next 72 hours straight through, i never can be sure if i got all ST ads - that's the problem with randomness

    27. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      jeez we have 60,000 ad impressions each day for the next couple days, thought it would be easier than this sorry!

    28. Wombat Sanders on

      I found five ads, one of which seemed unrelated, but I haven't seen any in a while, and never found a good answer for the last question. I assume we've used up their ad impressions by now. I also think it's kind of messed up to waste other people's advertising on this promotion and not even specify how many answers we're looking for.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ben Rhoads on

      Only getting the same two ads here as well. Did my 100 hits on ipad.

    30. Eternal Artificer Crux, the Mad Captive on

      Irksome just doesn't quite cover it. It appears iPhone users can not receive certain ads. My experience so far has been that I keep seeing the same two ads for ST, only one of which is useful. More often the top ad is blank...which of course is probably the ads for which we are supposed to be looking. Why do the iPhone users have to keep getting the stinky end of the stick?

    31. Jere Kasanen

      Thank you - our team is still sore throat and exhausted :D

    32. saiqlo on

      What Hunter Warburton said (^_-)

      But congrats in Finland! Looking forward to it hitting our shores!

    33. Hunter Warburton on

      This is becoming irksome. I saw the ad yesterday on mobile, but now that I am looking for it it wont show up. I've visited over 300 pages and mostly just get ads for CelestiCon. Is there a more reliable way to get the ST ad?

    34. Unisus

      "each" of course *smile*

    35. Unisus

      I had four ST ads so far, one with nothing regarding this contest, one with the answer to the first question, and two ads each showcasing one specialization.

    36. Schadrach on

      @Unisus: Two ads or two specializations? The ad I saw regarding the second question had three specs on it by itself, named with a sort of blurb description.

    37. Sean Howard on

      ST! You should have paid more for ad space, I'm getting a ratio of 1000 to 1 on Star Wars of the Old Republic to Serpent's Tongue. Curse you Disney money! Curse you!

    38. Unisus

      As the ads are totally random, is there a chance to get a number on the second question? I found two so far, but how can i know how many are still out there?

    39. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      Same. MIght just not all be up yet.

    40. Schadrach on

      I wonder how many relevant ads there are? I've seen one to answer the last question, and one to answer the second at least partially, but I'm having bad luck with ads.

    41. Missing avatar


      Never mind, I got it.

    42. Missing avatar


      I would like to get the Avak Shar points, but my BGG doesn't show any ads at all. I think I might have paid to have this feature ... :( How can I see the ads? Is there another way? Thanks!

    43. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      Now to see how long it'll take for those ads to show up. My computer seems to be blocking BGG ads, so I'm having to do it from my ipod. :P