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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
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Video Opening of the Core Set + Archive Case Revealed

Posted by christopher gabrielson (Creator)

Greetings Magi,

We received Print Press versions of the majority of our components this week from Lijia. Here are a couple videos of Christopher Gabrielson opening the Core Set, showcasing the Archive Case, and explaining some interesting Core vs Inscription balance decisions and more!

Opening the Core Set

Missing from this set are Spinner Grommets and Focus Gems. Christopher also talks about the shift to punchboards, the 101 uses of the 6 ring binder and more.  

Archive Case Revealed 

Plus an In-depth explanation of Avak'Shar Wild Cards, Avoiding Power-Creep, and negating Pay to Win structures. (Most of the Archive case segments appearsin the last half of the video.)

What a long ride it has been. I am very pleased to finally be in the last couple weeks before Serpents Tongue rolls out of the factory. You have all made this process so much more pleasant and easier with your extreme patience. I can't say thank you enough!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      That sounds great. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my copy.

    2. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      yes. Actually the majority of playtesters switched over to Ecthelion's app because it was so tight and convenient. It already had some timers, die rollers, and energy tracking. It was nice since you could just press resonance roll and it would auto add resonance to everyone and subtract discord on overloads.

      At launch the final one will keep those features, add customizable sound effects, Encounter energy tracking and i THINK chip drawing. Its all pretty simple stuff.

      The question is whether at launch we will have 2 mobile devices sync up in the app, so that when I adjust my Essence over here, it adjusts YOUR app over there. That would be nice.

      Chip draws if you havent read some of the mini updates is PVE mechanic that I really like. Much more improved mechanically over die rolling and at least 3 times more thematic. ...Hmmmm... was about to launch into a large diatribe. I think I will save it for Master Borso to post : )

    3. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Just noticed, there's going to be an android app that's in the worksto do resonance rolls and time keeping. So, it sounds like in the long run, many of us won't need the timer anyways, still kind of disappointing that we're not getting a digital timer.

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      The lack of clay chips doesn't bother me too much, but the lack of a digital timer is a much bigger deal. As detailed in the debate over that previously, sand timers aren't as reliable as digital ones and tend to run faster and faster as they get more use.

      I suppose that I'll just look for my own, but it would have been nice to have had a digital timer included.

    5. Raoul Hagenbeek

      Wow... A lot better then I had hoped for, it looks really good.
      Can't wait to get my hands on the game and play it with the real materials...
      I especially like the magus device thingy, chips and stuff were always falling off tables and rolling around and being miscounted, you know how it works...

    6. KazuyaDarklight on

      @Mantichor Timer is vaguely disappointing but I don't really mind that much, a proper sand timer is a little more magey feeling anyway, the chips I feel, as is said in the vid, really did get swapped out for something more cool looking and useful in the end so I accept it.

      I gotta say all these updates the last few weeks and now these great videos, I'm starting to feel fresh excitement and am really getting re-energized for this game! :D

    7. Matthew Scott Shanklin on

      Something like the following might be worth looking into as a digital timer for Serpent's Tongue. It might not be visually appealing, but you can set two countdown timers and start them at the same time.…

    8. Mantichor

      No clay chips, no digital timer - you promised these when you collected our money. Am I the only one who feels being let down?

    9. Yass Fuentes on

      It looks really, really good.

    10. Cy Passley on

      Been waiting for so long for this! Can't wait for my set, and to see what you guys did with my Speaker Antagonist! :D

    11. Hunter Warburton on

      Mentioned by name, I got chills!
      Very excited to see what the final products are looking like.
      On to the focus gems, bags of holding, and founders codices!

    12. Teamski

      Sweetness defined!


    13. Lawrence "Saker" Collins

      It will be nice to get ST. As a Line for Lifer, I wish you ridiculous and prolific success.

    14. saiqlo on

      The vids are all OVER the place with your excitement, and that just spices them with awesome (^_^) Looking forward to digging in! (And kind of glad that I bowed out at the beginning of the "real development" because I don't have all of that middle development to unlearn!

    15. HPLustcraft

      I tried to write to the support email address on your website a few weeks back because I was never able to properly log on and confirm my stuff, but I never got a response.

    16. James Yee on

      Ah read on one of the versions of the video that the digital timer got dropped due to manufacturing issues. I really don't have a problem with hourglasses.

    17. Nick Carter on

      Packaging looks great guys!