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Serpent's Tongue Has Begun Printing! - Review Your Order

Posted by christopher gabrielson (Creator)

Greetings Magi,

At long last Serpent's Tongue has begun full production! The second installment of funds is being released to our manufacturer Lijia as we speak and they are cranking away on Codex Binder's which will be followed shortly by Cards. They understand the urgency in producing this game and are going to press production forward as quickly as they can without sacrificing quality. They hope to be able to provide sets as early as August 11th, a dozen of which we will air freight out to GenCon with the bulk following by ship. 

Its time to Verify your Serpent's Tongue Rewards 

All of your items, pledge rewards and your shipping address can be verified now at If you did not have an account there already, we created a new account for you.  

 You will receive an email within minutes of this update telling you your Login and Password. Check your spam folder if you have not received it, the email will be from Associated with this account is your shipping address and KS reward summary.


After you log in, click on “Store” and then “My Account” to see your reward summary and shipping address. If everything looks like you expect, you’re set! If your address is wrong, you can correct it quickly and easily on the site. If your rewards are wrong, please email

If you ALREADY created an account at BecomeMagi with an email DIFFERENT than the one you used on KickStarter, then please send us BOTH of the email addresses you used and we will merge your data. Email us that information at 

Why the MyAccount page at BecomeMagi? We needed to use our own system for tracking your orders because it is much more sophisticated than the Kickstarter survey program, and will allow us to integrate directly with our fulfillment partner. It will also be used to track your online ranks, badges and eventually Avak'Shar levels. 

Online Rulebook Now Available

Click here or on the image above to view an online flipbook of the final Serpent's Tongue Rulebook. (Okay this particular edition is a couple versions old as we made some last minute grammar edits before sending to China.)

Community Liaison appointed.

Lets face it, we may have been, arguably, prolific in our communication but not very consistent this past year. Master Borso has volunteered to be your liaison to UnBound Games during the final stretch, hopefully providing almost daily information to you every step of the way as we bring this project home.  He has already begun listening in to the bulk of our non-stop communication and disseminating inside information to the backer community. He will be posting at BecomeMagi, Facebook and Google+. I will link his updates on our KickStarter comments. Click on our update tab to get caught up HERE. Thank you Master Borso!

Much more to come.

We have a lot to show you and tell you over the next two weeks. Like revealing our Sacred Sites expansion, the first product photos hot off the presses, or the PVE system finally explained and showcased and much more. Although we lament that it has taken so long, we are very excited to finally be here!  We look forward to sharing the remaining steps with you. 

Christopher Gabrielson


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    1. Locrum on

      Just went to see if there was any updates on any of the product which was still outstanding. Looks like the website is down. Probably safe to assume no further product is coming.

    2. Margaret 'Vel' Armenia on

      I got the email with the update, but not the email with a username and password. I checked my spam too. I emailed, so I hope it gets sorted out soon. :)

    3. saiqlo on

      And, with real Internet, there appears to be no major problem accessing the account. Thanks ST team for being ON!

    4. saiqlo on

      Here's a question: With me living in Japan, and my stuff being shipped to me directly from China, would I be getting my sets a bit before it hits US shores? (^_-)v

    5. Stephen Rodger on

      Jeremy did get back to me within 24hrs - thank you. Did it sort it, no. I will work with him on that offline.

      My main reason for posting is that this update didn't pop into my mail box - it was just by chance that I found that there had been a KS update via G+. With that in mind and looking at the limited responses here for this game I am wondering if more people didn't get this update.

    6. Randall D on

      Which email address do we use if we have questions or problems with our Kickstarter Reward Summary?

    7. Michael Young on

      I have no account on I have emailed twice and have gotten no response.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex cargille on

      I backed this kickstarter (adept level) and I made an account for the magi website. However, I don't know whether or not I will actually receive anything. Help?

    9. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      Thanks Jeremy for fielding these even on the holiday. Yes we purchased 5 pieces from Karim Fakhoury last summer. Will double check on the stock art used for imagery in Surprise strike.

    10. Olna Jenn Smith

      I can confirm that using the support e-mail works, and quickly! Thanks again, Jeremy!

    11. Jeremy Scherer on

      It's going to be way easier for us to handle your problems if you email the requested information to the given email address. Here it is again:

      If you have ANY account problems, email your:
      Kickstarter email address
      Account name at (if you don't know if you have one or not, make one using a name you want)
      and a description of your problem to:

      we acquired a support system for exactly cases like this, so please help us help you by using it. Thanks guys n' gals!

    12. Josh on

      No Email for me either. Not in my inbox or junk folders.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brandon K on

      Hmm. I created a profile on your site using a different email from KS, but did not get a "new account" email. I already sent in to support about it, guess I'm not the only one with this problem?

    14. Static Brown on

      Oops actually, I was wrong! The "Judgement Card" is actually from artist Karim Fakhoury, "Human Disintegration"

      My bad!

    15. Static Brown on

      On another note, I'm wondering if Brian Gabrielson (a relative?) got permission from Pijecki to use "Rapture" for card artwork?

      Artist Wojciech Pijecki -

      Please believe me when I tell you, the end result is this, "Judgement" Card (Brian Gabrielson) --->

      I believe my own artwork was ripped off for the "Surprise Strike" Card -

      My own art - "Disintegrate." created 2011 -->

      I'm not trying to burst any bubbles here, but I just think it would be terrible to possibly get hit with a cease and desist or worse, copyright infringement, after all the hard work you did to get this game out there.

      For those of you submitting work that you know you didn't create, or submitting work that you copied and are now passing it off as your own, Chris will pay the price. As an artist and designer, I see this happen all the time. Except the people doing it, never understand what it's like to work on something for hours, weeks, months, or years at a time.

      So Chris, be careful! And those who don't possess the skill to create, so instead steal, think twice. It's a lose-lose for all involved.

    16. Jerpix, Inc. on

      Congrats, looking forward to it!

    17. Static Brown on

      Looking good! Way to go, Chris!

    18. Bendik Vedeler

      No e-mail sent to me either. Have checked spam-folders.

    19. Olna Jenn Smith

      No e-mail was sent to me. I have checked my spam; I did not receive an e-mail at all. I have also e-mailed your support account. Please address this promptly.

    20. Teamski

      Thanks for the update Chris! The game is going to look awesome!


    21. Stephen Rodger on

      Ok - so I have an account on your website/store but it's not with the same email as the KS. I cannot see how to edit my email or create a new account.


    22. saiqlo on

      Part of the problem may be that I'm using an iPhone, but I don't see a thing but the offer to spend money.

      My apartment gets Internet service tomorrow. Will check again then.

      But, in any case, no email has come yet. Maybe that'll shed some illumination.

    23. christopher gabrielson Creator on

      click the My Account tab in the dropdown under Shop. If you used the new account we sent you, your order should be in the Rewards Summary. If you already created an account using the same email as your KickStarter account your order should also be in the Rewards Summary.

      the only exception is if you originally created an account using a different email than KS. We can merge it for you but first check your Rewards Summary using the login and password we just sent you.

    24. saiqlo on

      What the heck is all this? (O_O)

      I log in and see choices to buy stuff... Where are all the things that are part of my pledge?

      Confusion, convolution, and auto shut down of my frontal lobe. (ーー;)

    25. saiqlo on