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Use your hardbound Spell Codex  & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP  battles.
Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
1,261 backers pledged $195,101 to help bring this project to life.

Post Survey Coming Soon - Last Chance to Join Founders Closing

Greetings Founders!

Post-Campaign Survey Coming Soon

There will be a fairly extensive survey that all backers will receive soon. This survey will identify many different particulars such as:

  • The exact Name you want to be incorporated into the world of Serpents Tongue.
  • What sets and upgrades you have ordered. (Before campaign and post campaign).
  • What address you want everything shipped to.
  • If your rewards were purchased with others, who they are, and what rank division you want.
  • If you are having your order shipped with others, who they are and what the primary shipping address is.

In short, everything you need to tell us to make sure you receive everything you wanted, how you wanted.  We are taking our time with this survey because we would like it to be perfect the first time. (Some Kickstarter Projects have to send out over 6 different surveys to catch missing items.) 

Last Chance to Join the Ordo Principium Closing Soon.

We extended the ability to join the Ordo Principium for a few more days AFTER the KS campaign in response to the gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair by potential backers due to missing out on pledging.  This is closing tomorrow morning ( a little longer than we expected) Saturday May 19th, 2012.  So if you have friends you know who were considering Serpent's Tongue, this is their chance to join the original Founders and gain all the Exclusive Rewards available only to original Founders.This can currently be done by Paypal. Click Here for more Info:

Ordo Principium Upgrades

If you are an original founder, and you probably are if you are reading this, then you have plenty of time to add extra lines for life, upgrades, compendiums or other items to your original order at KickStarter levels. This can also be done through paypal anytime over the next 45 days. 

Progress Update - "Going Great"

We have seen a lot of changes and profound improvements to Serpent's Tongue made this week already. These new team members are rockstars! I was right when I said in my last youtube video that the game was going to improve in ways we had not even thought of yet. Our new authors, creative team members, conlangers, artists and graphics specialists are synergizing with each other wonderfully. Im really excited about the greater level of integration of these components in the gameplay and story of the world. 

We will keep you updated; and start releasing some of these specific changes soon.

Christopher Gabrielson

Lead Designer


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    1. Matthew Scott Shanklin on

      This is all outstanding news.
      Thanks for keeping us, and the KS, updated Christopher.

    2. James Yee on

      Yeah I'm moving as well Kelsey so I figure just get them the new address or put a note saying "Address will change" in the survey.

    3. Adam Winnett on

      @Kelsey Current estimated shipping is around October time, so if I were you, I'd use your new address. Having said that though, I'm sure you could contact the Sons of Gabriel with a change of address.

    4. Kelsey Karin Hawley on

      When will be receiving our cards & game? I'm going to be moving sometime in July/early August, which will effect which address I list as a shipping address....