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Use your hardbound Spell Codex  & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP  battles.
Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
1,261 backers pledged $195,101 to help bring this project to life.

$60k Achieved! New Tiers, New Stretch Rewards, New Forums & More...

We reached a major milestone when our supportive Founders brought us past the $60,000 stretch reward!

We have added new updates, improvements, stretch rewards and new pledge levels:

  • Founders Sigil The lapel pin of rank denoting you as a Founder of Serpents Tongue. This will only be available to you Founder's. Other pins will be developed over time, but no one else will gain access to this brass cloissone. 
  • Final Art UpgradesApproximately 14 more beautiful pieces, which will complete the artistic over-haul of the game we have wanted.
  • Signed Codex UpgradesAll US & Canadian backers will receive Signed Codices for all levels above Awakened. International Founders will either receive Signed Codices OR enjoy more affordable shipping from drop ship points in Europe and Asia. 
  • All Apprentices and above will receive all previously announced KickStarter exclusive bonus cards. This includes all four original KS Specializations & Artifacts, as well as the Eve Speaker specialization, and the two stretch reward artifacts: Dee's Pentahedron, and the Shroud of Nimith, 
  • Master level Founders and above will receive an obscure Master exclusive card, TBA. 
  • & possibly more.

After laborious effort and THREE website overhauls - Gunnar, web adept, has created the Serpents Tongue Community Forums.  They look great Gunnar, good job! He will continue to build more functionality into the forums like forming Cabals, this week. We hope you all stop by and register. We have a custom field for you to enter your rank, for now, until Gunnar implements a Founder level  tracking plugin.  FORUMS LINK.

We have added 2 new pledge levels: the Magi Officiant ($125) and  Inscriber ($495).  The Inscriber is a Speaker level rank who's name, background story and unique symbology is worked into the Codex itself.  They are powerful Magi, Casters, Researchers and Mentors that encode Codices to contain Incantations, and impart their wisdom for the Magi of future centuries, who sometimes turn out to be  themselves 

**We are also adding a single LINE FOR LIFE to the SACRED FONT pledge level.

A community interactive FAQ is now live on the new website. We have imported many key questions but now you can post your own questions that can be answered by the development team as well as the community. FAQ LINK

Remaining Updates:

Web revision. Its a brand new website that can take us all the way to launch and beyond. Content is still being transferred and updated. 

Sneak Peek Gameplay Video: 3 turn gameplay explanation with Brian Gabrielson introducing the walk through to new players. VIDEO LINK 

Ordo Principium page has been revised and will allow for faster updating (within 24 hours)

Rewards Page and Chart has been revised and is currently being updated. 

Thank you for all the great support. We are really falling in love with this community. 

Christopher Gabrielson


    1. Creator christopher gabrielson on May 7, 2012

      @Master Stephen, the reason for the either or option, is that in order to get the Codex signed it has to come to the US from the manufacture, but if it's unsigned then it can go directly to the drop shipment points we are still getting set up.

    2. Creator Stephen Rodger on May 7, 2012

      Quote: Signed Codex Upgrades - All US & Canadian backers will receive Signed Codices for all levels above Awakened. International Founders will either receive Signed Codices OR enjoy more affordable shipping from drop ship points in Europe and Asia. 

      Ummm.... so I could save on postage or have personalised Codices which don't weigh any more with or without.

      I think the crew better for the Greater World

    3. Creator James Yee on May 3, 2012

      *Reads what Michael said and what's written*

      DUR... so yeah I could technically get 6 players with that level.

    4. Creator Michael Russell on May 3, 2012

      core sets have 2 codices in them

    5. Creator James Yee on May 2, 2012

      Hmm.. I guess if I want four I'd have to jump to $155 anyway. :\

    6. Creator Bobby Allen on May 2, 2012

      Yall are evil that way :D. I had a hard time convincing myself to make the jump for 85 to 155. The jump from 85 to 125 I could justify. New day... The jump from 125 to 155 for an extra case I just could not turn that down.. My bank account hate you. Looking forward to this game.

    7. Creator James Yee on May 2, 2012

      Yeah but I would only have 3 core sets I'd still be short one codex?

    8. Creator christopher gabrielson on May 2, 2012

      Yes Correct. The Magi Officiant adds one more Core Set or Case of Inscription Packs to the Magi Level. We added this rank after a lot of feedback and requests for an intermediary step between Magi and Master. The Magi Officiant is a very SOLID route for setting up 4 - 6 player games. With 2 Core Sets you have everything you need for 4 players, PLUS a solid collection of Obscura Cards to supplement everyone's Codices with.

    9. Creator James Bryan Rodgers on May 2, 2012

      @James : I think Kyle is correct.

    10. Creator James Yee on May 2, 2012

      That's how I read it first but I wasn't sure. I'd like some clarification because the extra money isn't worth it if I can't keep 4 players. :(

    11. Creator Kyle McCullough on May 2, 2012

      @James Yee: To me it reads up to 3 core sets or inscriptions cases in any combination. Which means you can get 1 core set and 2 cases, 2 core sets and 1 case, or 3 core sets, or 3 cases. Your choice. I don't think that in addition to the core set and case from Magi. A forty dollar bump since comparable for an extra core set or case. That help?

    12. Creator James Yee on May 2, 2012

      Okay so the MAGI OFFICIANT level is confusing to me. Is it basically saying I can get up to 5 core sets and 1 case of inscriptions? OR up to 4 cases of inscriptions and 2 core sets? Am I reading that right? Because I might be tempted to upgrade my pledge (again) to get 4 core sets and 2 inscription cases. (Again assuming I read that correctly.

    13. Creator Chris Hinkes on May 2, 2012

      Hi! First, I am very excited for this project!

      I originally pledged at the Adept level. I then upgraded to Magi level because I wanted to get the exclusive KickStarter cards. Now those are available at Adept level, which is sort of incentive to downgrade to that. But, now you are going to have an exclusive card at the Master level. While I would love to have that card, that is just too much of a price jump. Would you consider giving the new exclusive card to Magi level supporters as well? That would give significant incentive to back at Magi level over Adept level. The inscription packs are nice, but they can always be gotten later.

      Thank you!