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Use your hardbound Spell Codex & an actual language to cast 100's of incantations in CO-OP adventures & PVP battles.
1,261 backers pledged $195,101 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks for making us a Staff Pick

Greetings Magi!

All of you Backers have gotten us a sweet spot as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter! 

We are into our 7th day of  the Serpent's Tongue Kickstarter Campaign. Our Backers have really helped us gain some momentum! We really appreciate all the support, the comments, marketing ideas, and spreading the word.  We are over 50% of the way to our first tier funding goal - 25% of the way to our optimal., and we have 4 weeks left.  

Whats coming next:  

  • We are beginning an extensive BoardGameGeek campaign tomorrow.
  • We will be updating the website with more content, background, & gameplay examples this week.
  • Bonus SNEAK PEEK of an encounter from 'Out of Eden' posted this week.
  • After a lot of useful suggestions from all of you, we are beginning a forum campaign to build a Serpent's Tongue community right from launch.
  • Finalizing our secret marketing strategy negotiations... (this is the huge one, cross your fingers)
  • Continue our push to lower our international shipping costs!
  • Finalizing a live GamePlay Video.

Thanks again to ALL of you backers! We're so excited to make this game, and hopefully play it with you. 

- The Gabrielson Brothers

PS if you have not already, please consider visiting our facebook and giving us a like, and preferably even a SHARE of our kickstarter video.


    1. Creator James Yee on April 12, 2012

      Oh will you post a link to the Forum when it's up? I haven't seen one yet. :)

    2. Creator James Yee on April 12, 2012

      I stay away from Facebook for anything beyond a quick login, but I have been talking you guys up on G+. :)

      I look forward to seeing a gameplay video, THAT one I want to post everywhere. :)